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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS

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1 hour ago, Nina Cortex Jovahexeon said:

Why, pray tell?

It's not from a series tons of people have been asking to be repped in Smash. At least, I've never seen anyone talk about it. Compared to other Spirit events for series not represented in Smash already (Resident Evil, Astral Chain, etc).

I googled it and apparently it's pretty popular in Japan, so maybe it was more requested in that market? I dunno!

I have no interest in the game myself but it's always cool seeing new Spirits in Smash.

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IIRC, the card for the first Fighters Pass came out on December 6th, 2018, the day of Joker's reveal at TGA 2018.

Not to get anyone's hopes up, BUT do you think we'll get another reveal at or around that time for FP6?

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"Total blank slate after Ultimate".

Please yes, give the man a good rest! He deserves it.

I wouldn't honestly mind if Ultimate was the last game in the series, I mean, it's really hard to top it at the moment, the only thing I can think of that I would like is a smaller, more diverse roster with quality over quantity in it, but I doubt they can reduce the amount of first party characters to get more third parties, it's still a Nintendo game, so it can't be better than what Ultimate is doing, I'm not sure... probably a better Adventure mode/Single player, but outside of that, there isn't really the point for another Smash game, unless it's an Ultimate port, which would be cool, or a reboot of the series.

*IF* there is a new chapter, I don't think Sakurai will return.

At this point, for Fighter Pass 2... I am okay with any choices, I just hope they go all out with fan favorites, because it may be the last chance for the most asked fighters to get in as playable. So this last DLC better be worth it!

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At this point, Smash theoretically could branch out to other things outside a fighter. It’d be cool to see after Sakurai steps down, maybe Nintendo take the franchise to other genres. Or at least a different style of fighter game. But I kinda doubt Nintendo would do something that drastic 

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Rebooting Smash Bros would just result in a lot of missing content. There's nothing wrong with most of the movesets that couldn't be fixed with a minor rework and I imagine that even if you were to start from scratch with a lot of characters you'd end up where the team ended up with most of them anyway. 

A slimmer roster to accommodate a bigger variety of extra modes would be cool, but I notice things like Adventure mode and trophies aren't missed among most Smash fans so Sakurai might have just made the right call this time focusing on characters and stages. 

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I mean regardless the next Smash game, by Sakurai’s own words prob won’t be as big as ultimate, so content will be cut regardless. Seeing Smash start fresh, or do something completely different, like a Smash racer instead of a new mario Kart, would at least be a unique way to continue after ultimate. 

also while I don’t mind spirits, despite missing trophies, I still wish they had small descriptions about each spirit you get. Spirits just don’t completely satisfy me as much compared to earning trophies. Though I’ll admit, spirits allow for some creative battles that represent the characters 

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If there is a "Smash Racer", I still want Mario Kart, I mean, it's an extremely popular and profitable franchise, you can't drop it just to add the other Nintendo characters for a better roster, it would definitely be an improvement, but the focus should stay on Mario.

If they have a big roster in Mario Kart 9, they can include more Nintendo racers, I would love that as an extra, but I wouldn't get rid of a good chunk of Mario roster and feel of the series.

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I know I keep harping here about what could’ve been, but…I’m mostly throwing out ideas for fun. Here’s a list I made, using the current boss lineup, of which characters I’d have fight against which bosses:


Giga Bowser

-Mario (King Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3)

-Cpt. Falcon


-Zero Suit Samus

-Wii Fit Trainer

-Little Mac

-King K. Rool

-Incineroar (Round 6 w/Greninja)




-Dark Pit (team battle w/Pit)





-Mega Man (Round 6; Guts Man Stage)

-Shulk (Round 6)







-Bowser (Round 6)


-Pokémon Trainer (Battle! (Dialga/Palkia)/Spear Pillar)


-Duck Hunt

-Piranha Plant

-Hero (Round 4; Fighting Spirits)




-Zelda (Death Mountain)

-Young Link


-Diddy Kong (team battle w/Link)

-King Dedede (The World to Win)

-Toon Link





-Fox (team battle w/Falco)


-Dr. Mario (Tetris Type A)




-Rosalina and Luma (team battle w/Mario)

-Inkling (Calamari Inkantation)




-Mr. Game and Watch (Dwelling of Doom)

-Pit (team battle w/Dark Pit)



-Pac-Man (Dwelling of Doom)



Master Hand (and Crazy Hand)

-Donkey Kong (team battle w/Diddy Kong; New Donk City Hall Ω)


-Jigglypuff (Kongo Jungle 64 Ω; Final Destination - Super Smash Bros.)


-Ice Climbers



-Chrom (team battle with F!Robin)

-Meta Knight


-Greninja (Kalos League Ω; Battle! Steven)

-Bowser Jr.

-Ryu (team battle w/Ken on higher difficulty; M. Bison Stage Type A)




-Joker (Mementos Ω; Our Beginning)

-Banjo & Kazooie

-Terry (KOF Stadium Ω, team battle w/Ryu; Soy Souce for Geese - FATAL FURY SPECIAL)

-Byleth (Garreg Mach Monastery Ω; Code Name F.E.)


Crazy Hand only

-Dark Samus


-Mewtwo (Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia)




-Richter (Dracula’s Castle Ω; Dance of Illusions)

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