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Mightyray presents: Academy Chronicles: End of Delta.


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So everyone and their pets have probably heard by now about the SSMB Heroes RP right? Some of you may have dabbled in it or are still having a ball of a time playing. I used to be one such member... till anxiety decided to put me in the gogoplata and I needed to leave. Since then my brain being the ever bizzare lump of grey matter that it is, kept bugging me about giving the characters I played as in the RP some much needed closure, which this story will hopefully do for the two of us. 

This story is going to be pretty much a edgy, self indulgent, dumb as fuck story in which a buff, angry space marine dad and cute bright coloured critters unite to do some bloody pruning. I don't expect anybody outside of a few folks in the RP to know what's going on since it's set loosely around season 3 of the SSMB Heroes RP and thus will reference a whole lot stuff that happened in the RP mainly referencing all the dumb shit I did in the RP. Good times!

All I can hope regarding this fanfiction mess is that everyone has a good laugh and is inspired to write some better shit and once or if it is complete my brain can then pull one of those meme faces and be content.

Special thanks to @Failinhearts for allowing me to muck about with his characters for the first few chapters and pointing out the errors I made with them. Thanks again!

Here are the first three chapters and the intro.








“Hello! I’m Cyrus Borg, head of Borg industries and one of the pillars of the Future Foundation, an organisation to help keep people like you safe for threats like L.O.S.E. headed by a dangerous being known as Monokuma.

Now to take on such threats we have the Skylanders, headed by our Disciples, an elite squad of Golden Skylanders, Sayaka Miki a magical girl from the Madoka Magica universe and Sentinel Sonic, an alternate universe Sonic from a race of beings known as the Sentinels.

Many of our Skylanders are some of the best warriors the multiverse has ever seen! But some of them have sadly faded out of job, some due to their passions being elsewhere, some due to injury or illness, some due to being tempted by evil and some sadly passing on.

One such team faded out due to just not working as a team very well. They were known as Delta Squad. Now Delta wasn’t one of the best teams the Skylanders ever had if anything they were one of the worst. Their leader Marcus Fenix, a human man who was known to defy the odds, had the potential to be a great Skylander, but not having any real superpowers and being vulnerable to strong toxins such as liquid despair really held him back, not to mention the PTSD which many top brass believed he had but refused to seek treatment for.

His crew were equally troubling… His closest confident Ayna Stroud had far less combat experience and while a whiz with technology and communication was vastly out classed by the likes of Sentinel Tails and the ultimate programmer Chihiro Fujisaki, before her arrival the panda girl Yaya Panda was also in the same boat but since left to help The Misfits a rogue band of renegades that can be hard to trust due to their bizarre antics and behaviour.

Marcus’ other close confidant was Ray the flying squirrel who was described in one Miles Edgeworth report as ‘a walking WMD’ and ‘a ball of toxic anxiety with the potential to cause harm if place in extreme situations.’

His fellow team mates, Flame the dragon, Ember the dragon, Shademon, Ztar, Mog and ‘Dek Kid’ Mia all had trouble assimilating and overcoming their troubles with Flame a bright red dragon being described as obnoxious and too easily distracted, Ember a girly pink dragon also getting similar reports to Flame along with poor magical ability and being far too whiny to some, Ztar, a pitch black star from the Mushroom kingdom described as being an obvious thief and extremely uncooperative, Mog, a purple cat being described as too green to fight and needing urgent training, Shademon a black wispy like Digimon with strong hacking powers but was highly vulnerable to flashing lights and had very sketchy past and Mia, a dark skinned human girl receiving the least amount of criticism which amounted to being outclassed and not having any real powers to speak off, pretty much being in the same category as Ayna and Yaya.

There were a few other temporary members of Delta Squad which there is little data for and thus are total unknowns at this point. The most info that was gathered was on one Saffron Bee a small ‘Mobian’ honey bee with long hair and a pink baseball bat…and from what little info there was on her…none of it was good.

However, far worse people have gone on to overcome the odds and become something great and that’s what the Future Foundation needs from this team, for they are our best chance of beating a very dangerous and possibly overpowering foe. Our team needs to focus on L.O.S.E. first and foremost so to have this threat also rapidly emerge while our resources are dedicated to them could be a huge problem. I have asked Sonic and his crew to go out and find Delta and get them to reunite and work together for one last time.

I can only hope that this team can rise to meet the challenge and become a team that other skylanders could look up to one day.

Chapter 1.


“Huh, quite a nice house for a big guy like him?” Sayaka turned around, getting a good look at the destination her team arrived at. The house was run down but still had a gorgeous charm to it. Clay tiles neatly made up the roof with a couple of bits missing, the walls that made up the house had a nice cream colour that in its prime would have been simply romantic to look at, accompanying the front of the house was a short narrow veranda that you could fit a couple of chairs on and just rest your feet up on the railing and watch the sun set.

“Sayaka Miki, we’re not here to navel gaze.” A cold voice snapped Sayaka out of her daydreaming. The house was doing its best it seems to try and make Sayaka it’s guest… possibly a permanent resident.

Homura pushed open the rickety yet well welded gate to one side, in disgust she immediately dusted her hands off… the cream enamel paint was peeling off and bits of it was basically fine powder from years of enduring the elements.

“So, why do we need this… man again?” Homura turned to the Sentinel unimpressed. She didn’t care for ‘Sarge’ but she sure as hell really didn’t care for going out to the boonies, away from Madoka. At least the ‘dek kids’ won’t give her trouble. They damn well better not. Her love for Madoka had become much healthier since she got her act together but there was that part of her that come hell or high water she would not allow any fool that hurt Madoka to go unpunished.

“Future Foundation says he’s the key component to getting Ray and the others to co-operate. No, Sgt. Fenix, no Delta Squad.” Sentinel Sonic matter of factly stated to Homura.

“Of course.” Homura then flicked her hair allowing it catch a nice gentle breeze before settling it back down. Sayaka could only smirk. She was so melodramatic. The three walked up on to the veranda and knocked on the sandy coloured door… only to be greeted by a body scanning security camera and then another camera to take their photo. One that happened to have a really annoying flash.

“Charming.” Homura hissed rubbing her eyes.

“Who is it?” A voice could be heard from the other side of the door… it sounded like Mog’s.

“It’s us, your Skylander buddies!” Sayaka called out. “Can we come in?”


“Why not?” Sonic asked. Getting annoyed.

“Ayna’s sick, no visitors, go away!” Mog bluntly told them.

Homura was about to freeze time and find another to get inside when they heard Ayna’s voice.

“It’s O.K. Mog let them in, they’re not going to go away.” Ayna gently ordered. She had a strong gut feeling that sooner or later the team was coming to pay the Fenix house a visit.

The sandy door opened with a creak as a pouting Mog glares at the Skylander high command. “You do bad things in this-oof” With a good shove Homura pushes Mog out of the way and waltzes inside. In Homura’s eyes Mog was nothing but a bad joke, no need to take her threats seriously.

“Transfer student… knock it off.” Sayaka glared. The last thing they needed was Mog helping Marcus boot them out. Mog was a rookie but she was a part of the Misfits and apparently a part of their ‘suicide’ division which meant she could have something the crew would not see coming…

The sentinel just took a deep breath. Why was Mog so aggressive all of a sudden? It’s not like he and the girls were gonna loot the house. Normally Mog was really pleasant and easy going.

“SHREE SREE!” Centipeedle then showed up scurrying along at blistering speed, chomping at the two magical girls. Sayaka nervously smiled and waved at the bright green and black monster, Homura just cringed as her silky white mane brushed up against her legs. She ran around the two before greeting the Sentinel.

“Heh heh, welp, haven’t seen you in a long time huh Centi?” Sentinel Sonic nervously patted the corrupted gem. She stuck her jaws and eye ever closer to Sonic’s face. “Ah Ah no acid!” He told her getting Centi to give him some space. By then Mog got up and was able to grab the eager beast and carry her away. “No bad things in the house!” Mog demanded. “Ayna is sick!”

“Like you’re in any position to- “Homura was about to scold Mog but her gaze then turned to absolute shock. Ayna appeared out of the kitchen and into the front hallway where the team was.

She was heavily pregnant and didn’t look too crash hot either. She had a dark brown cane in one hand and cup of tea in the other, her gaze tired and weary which fit well, with her attire consisting of a long pale pink baggy t-shirt and some daggy pale blue pants, with her normally straight blond hair being unusually messy and frizzy.

“Well, looks like duty is calling for someone I take it?” Ayna smirked.

“Ayna, y-you’re p-pregnant?!” Sayaka gasped, trying to regain composure.

“Who’s the dad?” Homura asked out of concern. Her eyes darted all over the place, trying not to gawk at her round belly.

“Why Marcus of course, who else?” Ayna smirk widened.

Homura’s face was frozen… that man was going to be a father? And all Ayna would have for protection was Mog and Centipeedle if Marcus was called away?! Dear lord.

Sonic couldn’t bring himself to say a word. Never in a million years did he think that Marcus Fenix was going to have biological children let alone him and Ayna having one. They both gave the impression that they were very busy professionals and didn’t have time for love and babies. Obviously, he was proven dead wrong.

“If you’re looking for Marcus, he’s outside working, you three are really going to have to sell him on what you need him for.” Ayna then walked into the kitchen motioning the three to follow her. She used her cane to open the push door, allowing the three to go out and greet Marcus.

“Thank you so much Ma’am!” Sayaka blushed.

“Thank you.” Homura nodded.

“Have fun.” Ayna winked at the Sentinel. He noticed Ayna was wearing soft blue slippers and that more concerningly her ankles were swollen and red.

Sonic sighed… considering Marcus’ reputation of being considered one of the most stubborn men alive he and the girls were going to be in for a lot of ‘fun’.

The garden as usual was brilliant. Marcus in his spare time did up the HUB’s garden to the point even Edgeworth thought it was one of the best he’d ever seen. So many fruit trees and vegetable plants on one side while the other side was just brimming with flowers from roses to snap dragons it was all just beautiful.

“Sayaka Miki, you’re daydreaming, again.” Homura folded her arms.

“I can’t help it right now! It’s just- “

“I thought I told that damn cat no visitors!” Marcus had heard Sayaka’s voice and marched over. The three got a good look at those cold ice blue eyes.

Sonic and Sayaka counted their lucky stars that Marcus had practically no powers… cause if he had any real power behind that glare… bad things would be happening. Homura wasn’t the least bit fazed. She knew the pain and sacrifice Fenix went through and came out the other side battered but not broken. But she too was glad Sarge didn’t have any real superpowers. The man in her eyes would probably be a monster if he possessed anything more than what he had.

The glare faded as the Fenix let out a weary sigh. “Of all the fucking times you lot had to show up…”

“I know! Congratulations!” Sayaka quickly stepped in to shake the gear’s hand, looking awkward, god, he had a damn good grip for a normal human… he was normal…right?

“We’re so sorry, but it’s super important.” Sonic calmly told him. Usually he be out with the slang and palling it up but Sarge wasn’t that type of guy. Short, straight and to the point was the only way to get through to him. Don’t even bother bringing up forth wall refences…

“Future Foundation needs you and your team.”

“Something horrifying has come up.”

“Not going.” Marcus bluntly told them. “Ayna needs me and she and the baby come first.”

“Would it make you feel better if I stepped in to help protect your wife, child and pet idiots.” Homura then begrudgingly offered.

Marcus then sat down in the grass and had a think about it. “How bad is the ‘horrifying thing’?”

“Bad enough that Cyrus Borg strongly recommended you guys.”

“What, can’t your Danganronpa buddies breeze through it, gotta get some washed up asshole and his squadron of kids to do the job?” Marcus raised an eyebrow. The gear found it extremely sceptical that his squad which was classified as ‘D-list’ by Golden Skylander standards when he left was the only thing standing between hell and highwater.

“Yep, ‘your washed-up ass’ and your children are the last resort.” Sayaka sighed, swaying about, trying to lighten the mood.

“Look, if you’re still not convinced I can get Tails to come and beef up security for you, that way Ayna will well and truly be safe.” Sonic pleaded.

Marcus let out an exhausted sigh. “Fine. I’ll humour you lot. But if I come back and Ayna winds up dead- “

“It won’t happen… I can assure you of that.” Homura showed Sarge her shield, her ace in the hole.

“Damn well better not.” Marcus let out another sigh…there was no point being stubborn now, no point in stirring up drama when you’ve got two highly capable magical girls and the freakishly powered blue gumball pleading with you. “You guys go wait out front I just gotta go get ready.” Marcus then walked inside absolutely pissed off with himself.

“Psst, transfer student… what are you doing? I thought you didn’t care for him or the team.” Sayaka whispered.

“Have you seen the condition that woman is in? Not to mention her ‘protection’ is an idiot cat and acid spitting bug? There was no way in hell Sarge was leaving unless adequate protection was provided.”

Sayaka couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Homura? Protecting a pregnant woman for a man she’s not terribly fussed about for nothing. Yeah, she wasn’t fully buying it. The three walked around the house to the front entrance.

“That’s very good of you to do that Homura, when Madoka is finished with her mission, I’ll send her over so you and her can protect Ayna together. The sentinel told her in approval. She was getting better in his eyes. Homura let out a small smile in satisfaction.

Sayaka then had a very cheeky grin on her face… but didn’t say a word.

“Well, that was quick, they must have got through to you with something good.” Ayna joked as Marcus came down from upstairs in full armour. “Take care love.” Ayna smiled as she kissed Marcus on the cheek. “You too, especially.” Marcus gently clasped Ayna’s hand. He took a good look at his wife’s soft green eyes and hoped she’ll be fine.

“Mog, Centi, the Akemi girl is staying here until I get back. Do your best to help her and let me know if she fucks up, got it?” Sarge ordered turning to the two. Both simply nodded yes.

“Never had a magical body guard before.” Ayna sat down next to her half empty cup of tea. “It’ll be an interesting time that’ll be sure.”

“She gives you grief, you let me know.” Marcus gently told his wife.

“Good luck Marcus.”

“Bye Sarge!” Mog called out.

Marcus turns around to wave good bye before heading out to greet Homura. “Alright Akemi, ball’s in your court, don’t fuck it up.” He bluntly told her as she began to head inside.

She didn’t answer…like she needed to be reminded about taking responsibility. “Oh Sarge, Madoka will be joining Homura later on, you don’t mind, do you?” Sonic asked.

“As long as they do their job, I don’t give a shit.” Sgt. Fenix answered. He then summoned his do rag and put it on. “O.K. H.Q. we’ve got the birdie! Let’s get going.” Sayaka called out on her DEUS.

“Right! That was easier than expected, let’s hope summoning the sunshine goes well too.” A voice on the other side tells Sayaka.

“Don’t count on it.” Marcus mutters. He knew exactly what they were talking about. And they knew that the only way he was coming back was kicking and screaming…just like last time.

Within a spit second a beam of light pours down from the heavens and warps the three away.

Homura watches on with a deep look of concern on her face. “I hope they know what they’re doing, for their sake and ours.” She then flicks her hair out before going inside and shutting the door.

Chapter 2


“Here we are Sarge! Welcome to the Future Foundation!” Sayaka twirled around showing off the complex modern building. Both the Sentinel and Sayaka were extremely proud of the place, located in New Ninjago City. He noticed the sign Borg Industries on the tower and assumed this is where all the ‘elites’ work in their spare time.

“Looks like something my Dad would be working in.” He told the two in the most dead pan manner possible.

Sayaka and Sonic weren’t sure how to take that… was he saying it as a compliment or an insult… it was hard to tell with Sgt. Fenix since he could pull a damn good poker face.

“Is your dad a scientist or something?” Sayaka asked.

“Was, he’s dead.”

“Oh. Well, shall we get going?” Sayaka could feel a large comical sweat drop forming on the back of her head. She turned to Sonic who just shrugged.

They made their way inside going through a couple of scanners and elevators to reach their destination.

A long hallway modified with plastic chairs lined each side. There Marcus recognised many of his former team mates.

On one chair was Neptune sitting perched like a parrot, eating pudding, while perched on her head was the ‘miracle’ Digimon, MarineAngemon, who by the grace of the gods survived being purged due to having incomplete data, the removal of their holy ring ended up saving them. Marine then spent a very long time floating in cyber space barely clinging to life before being rescued by the ultimate programmer Chihiro Fujisaki in what could only be described as a freak accident a few weeks ago. When interviewed about how Marine stayed alive they were quoted saying that “Neptune was their will to live.”

Sitting next to them was Shademon, an evil Digimon turned good, they defected from L.O.S.E. and did their best to fight against them, freeing Digimon under their control. They appeared to be sound asleep. Marcus immediately looked shocked upon seeing MarineAngemon alive and happy as a clam on Neptune’s head.

“You’re probably wondering how lil’ Pinky made it, aren’t ya?” Sonic nudged Sarge. “Luck I’d take it.” He answered back.

A part of him was just happy to see the tiny pink pipsqueak. Marine look up and smiled at Sarge. “Long time, no see chief!”

“I’m just enjoying Nep-Nep’s wonderful company again, what an honour huh?!” They blushed. “Wish I could say the same for that kidnapper down there.” They pouted pointing with one of their little stubs at Shademon who then woke up.

“H-H-Hello Sargent, n-nice to see you.” Shademon yawned, waving in their own odd way.

“How is Ayna?”

“She’s doing O.K. Spooky. Thanks for asking.”

“Sarge, you made it!” A familiar goofy voice called out to him, before Marcus knew it Flame was already flying over for a hug.

“Easy kid, I’m not used to you getting in my face like that.” The Fenix warned.

“Oh sorry, I was just so excited to see you again! W-where’s Ayna? Has she had the baby yet?”

“Flame, you dummy, the baby isn’t due for a least another two months remember?” Following Flame was Ember, trotting along at her own pace with the most scowliest look on her face.

“Baby? Sarge! Why didn’t you tell me you had a friend who was having a baby!” Marine and Neptune then chimed in together. “We could have gotten you baby’s first video games!” Neptune urged Sarge.

“The kid isn’t even out of the womb and you’re already trying to turn them into a gamer… jeez Nep you could at least wait until they know not to chew a controller…” Sayaka thought to herself.

“Oh.” Once again Flame put his foot in his mouth remembering that he was told not blab about the baby that it was Ayna’s job, though to be fair Ember also contributed. “Where’s Mog and Centipeedle?” He asked quickly trying to change the subject. Mog wasn’t someone to turn down adventure and she’d usually bring Centi along if she could.

“The girls are looking after Ayna with Homura, you’ve got nothing to worry about big snout!” Sonic smiled.

“Homura?! You mean that cold, nasty girl?” Ember scrunched up her face in horror! Poor Ayna! Sayaka could only giggle. Ember lost none of her ‘Mother Hen’ qualities. She could remember her doting on Marcus and others when they weren’t feeling too well.

“Relax, she wanted to help and Madoka will be popping over to help out once she brings Mia in.”

“She better do a really super good job then or I’ll turn her soul gem into a smashed gem!” Ember snarled. “Please tell me Sarge, that wasn’t all these jerks said that they will do for you, at least tell me that they’ll buy some baby supplies too!” Ember pouted at her former superior.

“I’ll be getting Tails to help upgrade the house as well Ember, relax will ya?” The sentinel pleaded.

In response Ember just turned her back to the group and went back to her spot in a huff.

“Only the best will do for Princess Pinky, Sentinel, you should know that.” Marcus quipped.

“I have no idea how the heck Celestia was able to convince her without killing her and us having to resurrect her.” Sayaka joked, watching Ember take her seat before turning her head away from the group in dramatic fashion. Flame and Ember both wound up joining the Skylanders for different reasons, Flame out of passion to protect those from Monokuma’s killing games and Ember out of obligation to basically do the same thing since she was technically rescued by them.

“So… who’s missing?” Marcus then added.

“Mia, Yaya, Ztar, Saffron, Ray and possibly a couple of others that Cyrus will nominate now that we know Ayna, Mog and Centi can’t fight for a very good reason.” Sonic answered.

“Ztar?” Flame raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know if bring him along is a good idea, isn’t he, you know, a jerk?”

“He’s on the list and that’s good enough for the future foundation.” Sayaka groans. “Poor Monomi.”

“So, who’s here?” Marcus then asked.

“You, MarineAngemon, Shademon, Flame, Ember and Bandit.”

“Hello!” Bandit called out, waving to the group. He then sat next to Ember and placed his arm around her which seemed to cheer her up a bit. He was a round Sandy coloured armadillo who wore a cowboy hat and was armed with sling shot at long times.

Sayaka then notices from the corner of her eye. “Ah here comes Madoka!”

“Hi everyone, thanks for waiting! I brought Mia and her friend along!” Madoka smiled arriving with little incident.

“Madoka… why are you wearing elbow and knee pads?” The sentinel noticed Madoka in her civilian outfit along with a pink skateboard helmet and matching elbow and knee pads.

“I-I had to agree to ‘dek out’ if I wanted them to come with me, I’m sorry Sonic it was the only way.” Madoka blushed putting her index fingers together.

“She’s not too shabby you know, give it time and she’ll be shredding like a pro!” Mia winked, patting Madoka on the back in approval. Standing next to her was Xako, a red headed, pale skinned boy who was turned into an ugly monster by L.O.S.E., it seemed he’ll be joining Delta for one last ride. “Yeah, Maddy had a good rhythm going!” He smiled.

“Glad to hear you had fun Madoka, now I got a new mission for you, I need you to go help Homura, she’s got her hands full at Sgt. Fenix’s house. Here are the co-ordinates.” Sonic tells Madoka while giving her the destination numbers.

“O.K. see you later guys, hope we can catch up sometime!” Madoka smiled, it was hard to not like someone like Madoka, she was always so sweet and genuine. Little wonder why Homura was so obsessed with her at one point.

“So, Mia and err…” Sonic then rubbed his chin.

“Name’s Xako, what’s your name little dude?” Xako offered his hand for a shake.

“They call me Sonic.” Sonic smiled shaking the new recruit’s hand.

“But you don’t look anything like a Sonic dude… you kinda-“

“DON’T FLY AWAY YOU LITTLE PRICK!” A loud screechy voice could be heard as the larger group is quickly brought to Ztar’s attention. The black star hovered around the group looking either extremely smug or extremely angry…it was hard to tell since he didn’t have a nose or mouth only long white eyes.

“Nep-Nep who is that little black speck?” Marine asked her, they had a hard time having to get used to their kidnapper’s existence but now another shady thing was around…Marine was starting to get real scared now… “It’s not a L.O.S.E. spy drone is it?”

“Nope! Just Ztar, the smallest yet most annoying prick in the world!” Neptune smiled, thrusting her arms in the air! “Just make sure to keep your valuables to yourself at all times.” She then whispered.

Monomi then came running in before stopping for a second or two, those tiny, thin legs weren’t made for running long distances.

“I’ve brought that, that THING HERE SIR! Can I please go?!” Monomi begged, looking like she was about to burst into tears. Judging by how dirty and scuffed up she was, Ztar must have made her run a Tough Mudder* or something.

“Yes, Monomi, you can go back to your quarters to clean up.” Sonic sighed.

“Thank you so very much!” The white and pink striped rabbit did a quick bow before running back into an elevator to go to her quarters.  Ztar began to hover around Marcus almost goading him to try and chase him. He was very cocky at the moment.

“You really wanna play do ya?” The Fenix glared, issuing him a challenge of his own. Ztar then tried to get in Marcus’ face to hiss at him only for a POP sound to be made. Once again Ztar’s hubris got him punished, winding up in the dreaded orb capsule that Marcus summoned around him at the last second. “Just like old times huh?” Sgt. Fenix shared a smirk with Sonic and Sayaka. “That’s what you get for being an asshole to the bunny, you little prick.”

“He still does the hissing and shaking routine?” Sayaka looked on in disbelief as Ztar chucked a hissy fit from inside the orb.

“I don’t know how anybody puts up with his little stubby butt.” Mia rolled her eyes. She remembered Ztar’s thievery all too well.

“Well I guess on the bright side he and his little buddies did manage to steal tones of data from under L.O.S.E’s nose and give it to us for next to nothing, though I would have thought he stop with this nonsense by now.” Sonic sighed.

“Nah, he’s an attention seeking little prick, he loves trying to be a tough guy, don’t cha, prick?” Marcus tossed the capsule up and down for amusement waiting for the last of his team to arrive.

Suddenly AC DC began blaring out of another elevator heralding the arrival of Kyubey and Delta Squad’s ‘mini berserker’ Saffron Bee along with Yaya Panda and Pheobee sitting proudly on Yaya’s head.

“I live, bitch.” Were the first words uttered out of Saffron’s mouth as she greeted the group.

“What the fuck did you do to yourself kid?” Marcus asked in shock while nearly everyone else just had a ‘are you serious’ look to their face.

“She fought a transformer.” Pheobee cut Saff off before she could brag, “And nearly lost I might add if it wasn’t for Kyubey and everyone else stepping in.” Yaya then added, face palming afterwards

“It was awesome! Skipper and I had a lot of fun!” Saffron smiled showing off her new bat to everyone, a pink baseball bat with thick long nails all though the top curved half, the others noticed one of her teeth were chipped and that she was covered head to toe in cuts and abrasions. “O.K. Furiosa, time to get you healed up, I don’t think Cyrus would be eager to see you looking like road kill.” Sayaka stepped in to heal Saff.

“Not even badass road kill like me?” Saffron asked in earnest.

“He likes his visitors clean.”

“Well, that seems to be everyone and then some.” Sonic noticed, “I’ll go tell our good buddy Cyrus we’re good to go.” Sonic smiled.

“Can we come in?” Flame asked eager to get going.

“You’re just going to have to wait a few more minutes. Trust me Red, it’ll be well worth the wait.”

*Notes: Tough Mudder is a type of endurance contest located in Queensland in which people are expect to go through 16-20km of mud track and navigate obstacles along the way! 

Chapter 3


“How are we doing Kaede?” Sonic popped in closing the door behind him.

“Absolutely terrible Sonic.” Kaede Akamatsu answered, slumped on her piano, she had been on and off at the piano for at least 2 to 4 hours trying to summon Ray and yet they’ve failed to make him appear.

“Out of all the songs we’ve used on this portal Cyrus and I programmed with A.E.’s help… we’ve summoned about 4 people that aren’t Ray in any shape or form…” Chihiro Fujisaki then chimed in, typing away. He points the four out to Sonic over in the bottom left corner of the room. None of them look too thrilled to be here nor care that they’ve landed in Borg Industries and could be a part of something special.

“On top of that we’ve nearly used up all of our possible songs to summon Ray with.”

“How many songs you guys came up with?” Sonic asked.

“Shuichi came up with 300 songs that could potentially summon Ray, we’ve used up 298.” Kaede then took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes.

“The little guy is like a needle in a hay stack.” Shuichi Saihara fiddled with his hat looking disappointed and anxious.

“Come on guys, you can’t give up now, you’ve still got two songs left!” Makoto Naegi pleaded. “Don’t give up hope!”

“Makoto is right, we’ll find Ray one way or another.” Cyrus smiled, wheeling himself over to others.

The determination was temporarily postponed by an annoyed question.

“Can we go home now?” In one of the chairs that normally would be reserved for a Future Foundation member sat a troll with huge wavy dark purple hair tied into two pig tails pointing up on either end. Her whole outfit screamed goth or punk it was hard to tell and her demeanour was that of a typical pissed off ‘teen with attitude’. “Well, can we go or not?”

“I take it she is one of the four that was summoned?” Sonic asked.

“Yep.” Shuichi sighed.

“What’s your name kid?” Sonic asked.

“Onyx von Trollenberg, not that you really need to know, you weird gumball.” Onyx then put her feet up and tried to put herself in the foetal position in order to keep her distance from the Sentinel. She quickly realised she wasn’t going anywhere and thus opted to brood.

Realising that Onyx was just probably going to give him more lip he turned his attention to the other three. One of them looked rather odd from the outside he looked like a plain brown cricket but the energy he was admitting was all weird… like they were stuck between life and death.

“What’s your name?” Sonic asked.

“Zapper… you could say I’m one really wicked cricket.” He smiled and opened his eyes, one of them was black and red… like Monokuma’s…

Sonic became nervous and turned to Cyrus and the others for an explanation.

“Apparently when we summoned him he said he was an omen from the underworld.” Shuichi nervously gulped.

The other two were more normal affairs, a plain old cream duck named Charlie and a long tall fairy lady named Khadija.

“Sonic, now that you’ve gotten acquainted with everyone why not bring in Delta, see if they can help us summon Ray, I think they’ve waited long enough.” Cyrus asked.

Sonic nodded and opened the door where everyone was mingling and waiting.

“O.K. folks come on in, come say hi to some of your old friends!” Sonic called out.

“About time, we’ve waited long enough!” Flame rushed in shoving Sonic aside.

“Flame! Manners!” Ember yelled. “He’s such a moron!” She chided.

“Weren’t you calling Sayaka and me jerks a little while back?” Sonic smirked. Ember didn’t answer, she just waltzed in looking very sour at Sonic’s gotcha moment.

Once everyone made their way in and took a seat Cyrus introduced himself.

“Hello, I am Cyrus Borg- “

“Holy moly a LEGO dude!” Before Cyrus knew it, Flame was already looking at him a bit too closely.

“He’s got claw hands and a plastic chair with wheels!”

“Can I push it?! Please!”

“Flame!” Sgt Fenix bellowed. That was more than enough for the red dragon to quickly rush straight back to his seat and keep his mouth shut. For the moment.

“Ahem, as I was saying, I am Cyrus Borg, leader of Borg industries and one of the pillars of the Future Foundation. I believe you lot are familiar with Makoto, Chihiro, Kaede and Shuichi, yes?”

Delta nodded yes in agreement.

“And of course, Kyubey, Sonic, Sayaka and Neptune?”

Again, everyone nodded in agreement.

“Great, we can skip the pleasantries and dive right in to our first problem. As you can see we’re missing Ray who has not been since he departed to the underworld. We have tried to summon him using strong music and a rift that Chihiro and I with A.E.’s assistance have made and maintained for the past few hours, sadly we are running out of songs.”

“Play the second last song guys to show them how the portal works, please.” Cyrus asked of Kaede.

She begins to play on the piano a Nickelback song which nearly all of Delta begins laughing at.

“Photograph! OMG Ray, you absolute dork!” Yaya snickered.

And yet…

Energy begins to rapidly emit from the portal, all eyes on front as Kaede keeps playing away hoping that the team has their flying rodent in hand.

“No way that can’t be his summoning song!” Mia face palms trying not to laugh too loudly.

Lucky for Ray it turned out not to be his summoning song at all… only summoning a rather odd looking brown bear in sunglasses.

“Where am I?” He asked very shocked by what he saw. He looked like he popped right out of some kind of very dated 90’s product, what with his backwards cap with the word NO! embellished on it…

“You’re in New Ninjago City, inside the Borg Industries tower. Why don’t you have a seat over there with the other nice people in the back-left corner.” Cyrus Borg suggested.

The bear complied and quickly huddled over and took his seat, scared out of his mind.

“O.K. Kaede play the last song.”

Kaede took a deep breath and played the last song. One that wasn’t much better. “Simple Plan, you can’t be serious?!” Ember screeched.

“Have hope guys!” Makoto yelled. “This might be it!” The energy was pouring out but alas it was not meant to be…

Once again instead of Ray it was another completely different being, a bright pink horse with huge hooves.

“No, you don’t what it’s like! Welcome to my life…” The horse stopped singing and stared at everyone before using her magic to remove her earphones…

“Why am I not in my room? And who are you people?”

Once again Cyrus took full control and guided the pink horse to a seat.

“As you can see Delta we haven’t had much success, perhaps you guys can change that?” Cyrus smiled.

“So, let me get this straight you’ve been playing bad music for ages trying to get Ray and all you’ve managed to get were a bunch of other people who have nothing to do with us?” Sgt. Fenix stepped up.

“Correct!” Neptune yelled in excitement!

“Hey, it’s not all bad music, thank you very much! I help Shuichi pick most of it! Though I don’t know how the last two got in… not my cup of tea.” Kyubey chimed in eyeing Shuichi who in turn gave the reanimated ‘mascot’ a disapproving look.

“Well, allow me to fulfil your hope quota… but I’m warning you lot now, he has not been happy since Aku made us take and fail that test.” Marcus began to walk over to the piano.

“Wait, you know the song? He never told me or Flame that, he’d just pop up out of the blue when he visited!” Ember pouted.

“Only Ayna and Mog knew of the song before I did, since he was worried for Ayna and the baby’s safety, he then convinced Mog to live with us to help out since she wasn’t getting anywhere with the Misfits and got lost trying to take Centi home, again only because he was worried for their safety as well. As far he’s concerned with you two, you’re safe so there is no need to tell you how to call him.”

Flame and Ember then looked at each and made a silent agreement to give Ray hell for not telling them his summoning song.

“Here you go Kaede. That’s your ticket to summoning the pest.” Marcus gave Kaede a small scuffed up piece of paper with the title of the song.

“Human Leather Shoes for Crocodile Dandies.” The blond hair girl’s fuchsia eyes gazed at the title as she slowly read it out loud.

“You’re kidding? Right?” She asked… that was one really, really off kilter title for a summoning song.

The other disciples and Danganronpa characters looked in complete bewilderment as Kaede showed them the paper.

“Well folks, we can’t waste any more time, we’ve got the key, now let’s get the squirrel!” Makoto smiled.

“Hell yeah! You heard the man Kaede, give it a whirl!” Kyubey added, ready to see the magic finally happen.

“I’ll join you Kaede, with my magic and your talent we’ll have Ray here in a flash!” Sayaka grinned.

The girls opened the bit of paper to reveal the notes to call Ray forth, then begin to play with no hesitation. The sounds that came forth were old and nostalgic yet new and fresh at the same time. To the girls’ surprise Marcus then joined in with a little chant.

“Ain’t no use in diving.”

“What’s the use of diving?”

“Straighten up and fly right!”

“Straighten up and do right!”

The energy got really intense! The entire room began to turn black and white as sparks came flying out followed by ghostly hands! Shuichi and the newbies got one hell of fright as hands zoomed passed them leaving through the walls! Others watched on in shock or awe with Flame and Saffron both tried to high five the hands as they whizzed past.

Then finally, finally as everything eased up a hooded figure holding a silver staff with a familiar pair of angel wings on either side appeared out of the storm of energy and fury, hovering high above in the room.

Slowly he floated down and landed gently on the ground, pulling his hood back to reveal the last member of Delta.

Ray had finally arrived.

“I believe you have summoned me for comfort I shall provide-“Ray stopped in mid-sentence realising where he was once he opened his eyes. His demeanour went from peaceful to plain old pissed. Then in a moment of pure frustration he uttered a word few thought they’d hear from his little mouth.


I should have chapter 4 done sometime in the future. Anyway thanks for reading and feel free to check out my drawing thread!

Have a lovely day!

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Looking good and very interesting. You've captured Failin's characters pretty well too. There is one tiny little thing I feel the need to say for some compulsive reason... ^-^;

1 hour ago, Mightyray said:

“Nope! Just Ztar, the smallest yet most annoying prick in the world!” Neptune smiled, thrusting her arms in the air! “Just make sure to keep your valuables to yourself at all times.” She then whispered.

It's nothing major, I just don't think Neptune would ever openly insult somebody. She tends to joke around, tease, give playful nicknames or just pronounce names wrong, but she never openly insults anybody. Not even the bad guys. At least, I don't think so...

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On 3/10/2018 at 11:14 AM, DanJ86 said:

Looking good and very interesting. You've captured Failin's characters pretty well too. There is one tiny little thing I feel the need to say for some compulsive reason... ^-^;

It's nothing major, I just don't think Neptune would ever openly insult somebody. She tends to joke around, tease, give playful nicknames or just pronounce names wrong, but she never openly insults anybody. Not even the bad guys. At least, I don't think so...

I tried to capture a bit more playfulness with that one since Nep probably thinks by now that's Ztar's nickname at this point, that and she was genuinely excited to see the little guy. She's not meaning anything rude by it, unlike Marcus who is 100% being a dick and came up with the nick name in the first place. I will admit I do know not a great deal about Nep-Nep so I do appreciate you bringing this up with me. :)

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Here's chapter 4! I just had to make a few adjustments to this one. :)


“What hair brained scheme has Aku got us into now?” Ray asked, looking shifty eyed at Sonic and the others. He sat at the far end of the room away from practically everyone except Sonic who made sure to sit next to him. He wasn’t having Ray bail on everyone, not after the hard work the Future Foundation put in bringing him here.

“Mr Squirrel I can assure you that Aku has had nothing to do with what is going to be discussed in this room, now please relax and enjoy your glass of water.” Cyrus urged.

“Come on Ray relax and take a deep breath, I’m here and so are your friends, nothing and I mean nothing bad is going to happen.” Sonic rubbed Ray’s back to get him to unwind.

“Ah Sonic, I’ve checked with the machines and they have found replacements for Ayna, Mog and Centipeedle.” Chihiro notified the Sentinel.

“Good, get A.E. bring them here as soon as he can.” Sonic nodded.

“O.K. now that everyone is here and ready, let’s begin with your mission briefing Delta.” Cyrus clapped getting everyone to pay attention.

With a wave of his yellow ‘claw’ hand the wall behind Cyrus parted to the sides, revealing a large flat screen monitor loading a series of images and text.

“Your mission is to -“

Immediately the reaction was of shock and disbelief tinged with panic.

“Holy shit is that Dark Oak’s mother base?!” Saffron blurted out pointing to the image taking up the most space on the screen. A huge dark purple cylindrical tower shrouded in fog and covered in thorned vines oddly enough if one squinted hard enough you could just make out an Eggman logo near the left side of the tower at the very top.

“Yes, as I was about to say your mission Delta is to permanently shut down Dark Oak’s operations and have him arrested.” Cyrus collected himself and plainly told Delta.

“NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, toy man please don’t send Mia to that place, it’s messed up man!” Xako pleaded holding Mia tight in distress. Mia in turn looked kind of freaked out by how clingy Xako was being.

“I second the dude with god awful haircut, don’t send anybody there, that place is cancer, like, you’ll probably come back with literal cancer if you live to escape.” Onyx added looking disgusted from her chair.

“I, err, third what the others, were, like saying, I too have been there and it was, like, super awful.” Kahidja sheepishly added in agreement, awkwardly raising her hand up as if to gesture that the mission was a bad idea.

Yaya then immediately threw in her two cents.

“I-I’m sorry but have you people gone insane?!”

“That’s something that, that freakin’ elite Skylanders should be doing, I’ve gathered intel on this, this Dark Oak thing and he’s beyond twisted! He’s been turning people into literal disfigured monsters and those he can’t corrupt he feeds into vines that break down every part of you!”

“Yeah, you might as well just line us all up, say thank you for your service and then shoot us all in the head.” Pheobee cut in. “You’ve gone full potato if you think anybody you’ve recruited is going to last let alone get the job done, they don’t call it the Devil’s greenhouse for nothin’ you know.”

Marcus took a good look at Ray’s reaction while everyone was freaking out to see what his expression was. Blank, his expression was completely blank with beads of sweat beginning to form over his head.

“Question to the Lego man… do all the people you have summoned with that homemade portal thing have to join these people or can we just stay put?” Charlie asked raising a wing to get his attention.

“No, you don’t have to go with Delta, Mr Duck nor do the others in the bottom left corner if they do not wish to.”

“Cool, cause that mission sound’s scary.”

“Please don’t send me there Nep-Nep, that place is a Digimon graveyard!” Marine cried clinging on to Neptune’s head like a seahorse clinging on to a piece of seaweed. Neptune could only feel sorry for the little pink critter, they only spent a few weeks enjoying their life again and now it could be ripped right from them. There wasn’t much to say really.

“Please everyone, calm down! I’m sure you are more than capable of succeeding, you gotta believe in yourself and have hope!” Makoto pleaded.

That struck a nerve.

“What?! Are you kidding me? Believing in yourself and having hope, dude this isn’t a final school exam, your boss is asking a bunch of people including my sugar plum to put in all on the line in the slim chance the head honcho of group of mess up mutants gets taken down! Clichés mean jack all when people are getting killed left and right, you moron!” Bandit scolded Makoto.

“Bandit…let’s not get too upset…he’s been through some awful stuff too.” Ember poked, holding her boyfriend with her wings.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want anything bad happening to my sugarplum.” Bandit tried to hold back a tear. “You just hear the hard things Ember went through and you just feel terrible not being able to help.”

“I-I understand, but please try and regain some composure. O.K.” Makoto nervously smiled…he understood where Bandit was coming from, heck if anything happened to his girlfriend Kyoko he’d be devastated.

“No one is going to be abounded here, come on people! Nearly all of you are acting like we’re going to throw you to the wolves, there is no freaking way that Sonic and I would ever and I mean EVER let that happen to you.” Sayaka then interjected, getting frustrated. 

“I wasn’t whining, I was actually going to say that this mission was going to be awesome before everyone went dumb.” Saffron folded her arms looking mighty annoyed.

“The reason why we’ve brought you all here despite your D-List category is that during your time away we’ve observed that in one way or another all of you have either improved your abilities in rapid fashion, take for example your ‘Spooky’. Since their departure they have been able to slink into high security areas that L.O.S.E. owns which some of our Skylanders have had trouble with and assist them in retrieving items and or rescuing people. For a long while we didn’t know who it was till Chihiro figured it out.” Borg smiled. If Shademon blushed they would be a very strong shade of black…

“Ember and Flame both seeming have gotten along a fair bit better, Yaya has dramatically improved her inventing skills, Sgt. Fenix has become more compassionate need I go on?”

“You lot have also dealt with Dark Oak either through his minions or by passed his influence in one way or another since you left as well much more than the other Skylanders have.”

Cyrus then took a deep breath and adjusted his glasses, this was going to be the make or break part of the mission briefing. It’ll either make everyone swallow their fears and want to pitch in or run for the exit.

“There are sources from some plant elemental Skylanders that have been spying on Dark Oak and his last two co-horts Black Narcissist and Pale Bay Leaf and they say that he is building a WMD strong enough to corrupt and mutate at least 50 to 80% of all plant matter in the multiverse.”

“Wait a minute? What happened to the red and yellow guys, I thought there were five of them?” Flame cut in.

“Ah, you must be talking about Red Pine and Yellow Zelkova.” Chihiro answered. “They’re both dead, Red Pine was killed by Dr Finitevus in an effort to overthrow the Metarex order. We’ve since heard that he was beaten and has not been seen since and thus is also believed to be dead.”

“Dark Oak has since reversed engineered Finitevus’ tech and plans to use it to complete his WMD. As for Yellow, you’d be better off asking Yaya that question since our records indicate she was the one to end his’s life.”

Everyone immediately turned to Yaya looking gobsmacked and that included Marcus.

“IS that true? Cause if so you’re officially in my awesome book!” Saffron smiled with absolute glee.

“Um... well I’d rather not bring that up right now…” Yaya said hesitantly.

“Right… panda girl, what else are you hiding? Here you were screeching about people being insane to send you in and yet you’ve apparently already taken out one of the five, possibly by yourself.” Mia smirked.

“O.K. back on track now, let me get this straight if we don’t stop Dark Oak’s crack botanical plan, 50 to 80 of all plant life is going to turn into the stuff of horror movie nightmares, correct?” Pheobee asked sensing that Yaya was getting really upset and stressed out by Mia’s ribbing.

“According to our data, yes.” Cyrus nodded.

“Delta, I know this is going to be hard and I can assure you that you will be well rewarded if you succeed and that like Sayaka said earlier, we will step in if things go wrong but we really need to know if you are fully committed to the cause if not then we have no idea who to turn to.”

“So, who’s in?”

For a while silence permeated the room, everyone including the six-accidental summons had a long hard think about the mission. The disciples and Future Foundation members began to worry that everyone would bail and they would be back at square one.

Much to their relief Marcus was the first to agree.

“I’m in. I’ll take him on and bring him down, Dark Oak’s got away with enough bullshit anyhow.” He spoke calmly. A part of him however was still thoroughly pissed off for getting roped into this mess in the first place especially when Ayna needed him most.

“I’m in! I’m still mad that I got robbed of my chance to prove myself in Aku’s test so I gunna jump in!” Flame cheered, eager to go.

“Bitch is getting his just desserts so you know I’m in!” “I’ve been dreaming of the day his metal ass gets dragged off his perch.” Saffron then chimed in, whipping out Skipper for show.

Ztar then tapped on the capsule before showing Cyrus his keychain ‘weapon’ indicating he was tagging along.

“Looks like the prick wants a piece of the action.” Marcus smirks.

“Then if he’s coming I suppose I should too.” Shademon hisses. “Maybe I can liberate a few more Digimon along the way while keeping him safe.”

“Well if Spooky’s goin’ and Red’s goin’ I’m in then.” Mia smiles. “Gotta look out for these goofs or no one is going to get anything done.” She joked.


“Xako, you’ve done such a good job with everything man, but I’ve grown attached to these doofuses just as much as the Dek Kids, duty calls as they say.”

“Well then, there is no way I’m leaving you! I ain’t letting you go to hell by yourself!” Xako hugged his girlfriend tightly.

“Are you sure Xako? You not considered a member of Delta in our databanks so this is optional for you.” Cyrus asked.

“It ain’t optional if Mia’s puttin’ herself on the line man.” Xako replied.

Ember and Bandit then looked at each other before turning to the others, Bandit’s hand clasping Ember’s paw. “We’re in.” They both said in unison, both feeling sick to their stomachs about this.

MarineAngemon had a long hard think about what could happen while the Digi-World was still recovering and thus probably won’t be affected, they then thought about Neptune’s world being covered in horrible leafy nightmares… like giant horrible plant like doggoo’s harassing Nep-Nep! Oh, they would feel so, so guilty if they didn’t do anything to help and for it to turn out Nep’s world was one of the places affected.

“I’m in but I’m doing it for Nep-Nep first and foremost!” They said trying to pull their bravest face.

“D’aww you’re such a cutie-patootie! Big hug!” Nep plucked her tiny companion off her head and gave Marine the goofiest hug, rubbing her cheek against theirs. Marine got a slice of heaven at that moment. “If anything, bad happens to you, Purple Heart will help O.K.”

Little Marine’s face started to turn a much stronger shade of pink. Right now, the little mon felt invincible!

Yaya and Pheobee both looked at each other… this was pure madness but then again if they had to do it, they were doing it on their terms.

“We’re in but on one condition, my team will be tagging along.” Yaya sternly told the crew.

“Of course, the more, the merrier as far as I’m concerned…wait, you have a team?” Cyrus paused.

“Yeah, she leads a team of goobers around to all sorts of wacky adventures.” Pheobee smiled a smug grin. Yaya just took a deep breath.

“O.K. then… I guess that can work, Sonic? Sgt. Fenix is that all right with you two?”

“Works for me, I trust Yaya to bring the pain.” Marcus approved.

“Sounds fine to me.” Sonic added.

“Well, that leaves you Ray, I’ve noticed you’ve haven’t said much throughout since your arrival.” Cyrus paused, look at the yellow flying squirrel deeply concerned.

“What’s it going to be kid? You going to help your friends?” Sonic asked. His heart was hoping for yes, but his brain was saying Ray’s gonna run.

So it had come to this… Ray felt like the world was on his shoulders, everyone else in his little circle has said yes so if he ran now he figured no one would want anything to do with him after that… but…but then there was the huge risk that everyone in that same circle would wind up dead and he’d be alone in a nightmare hell scape fighting to the bitter end...an end he nearly succumbed to himself after comforting so many that perished.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to end it all? Shed all the dead weight you’ve been carrying and finally move on? This is it. The beginning of the end.” A little voice whispered to him inside his head.

Taking a slow deep breath, he hopped off his seat, tilted his head up and made eye contact with Sarge before looking at his staff and then looking at Sarge again.

“You’ve said that we’ve all improved since we’ve left, tell me Mr. Borg what did you see in me that made you need my help…” Ray gently asked.

“Why don’t you unleash the ‘freak’ and show everyone how much progress you’ve made?” Cyrus smiled.

Everyone including the folks in the bottom left corner were waiting. Freak? Was he talking about Ray’s Monster Form?

With hesitation Ray held the ‘pointy’ end his staff and ‘stabbed himself’ with it, the staff disappeared and Ray’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. Darkness poured out of Ray forcing Shuichi to cling on to Kaede while everyone else was amazed or distraught…

Out from the darkness Monster Ray appeared, dispersing it all away. His yellow fur was now various shades of light browns and where his patagium was, an extra set of maroon upper limbs appeared. Not to mention a thick chest plate cover his upper half with deep holes and his head was almost covered in the same material only with thick spikes. He then looked at Sonic who looked a bit shocked at Ray’s new transformation process and spoke.


The road to hell was now paved. Now all Ray had to do was walk.

“Holy crap Ray… you can talk in your monster form?!” Marcus walked over to Ray who had grown a good three feet taller in his transformation. He was honestly very surprised to see this development happen since Ray never transformed in front of Marcus after they left the academy behind.

“Y-Yeah… it was really hard but this is a part me, it wasn’t something I should be afraid of anymore.” The beast smiled.

“I’m still scared Sarge… I really don’t think I can come with you to fight Dark Oak…” Ray’s voice wavered. “All ways the shit closest to home that hits you the hardest, right?”

“He… he hits too close to home for me.”

In a rare moment of compassion and tenderness Marcus clasped both of Rays top hands. “Kid, I don’t blame you if you wanna run and not look back, but don’t you think Dark Oak has taken enough from this multiverse?”

“He took Mighty, he took Saffron’s friends, he’s taken countless others lives away and those who left behind were broken and had to rebuild…just like you kid.”

“Now I don’t know about you but I don’t wanna live in a world where my kid has to fear trees and plants because they could become sapient and eat them…”

“Don’t you wanna prevent more of the same bullshit from happening to others? Save the ones that can be saved and comfort the ones that can’t, letting them know that the future is safe and they can rest easy? I reckon deep down you’re getting real tired of running and taking him down would make things so much easier for you, huh?”

“You know when shit hits the fan I’ll be your rock.” Marcus looked deep into Ray’s eyes… he could see the doubt slowly clear away. “I’ve screwed up with you in the past but I know I’ve tried to keep you safe.”

“And you know I won’t leave you behind kid. I made a promise to you when I was in your head that I’d be here for you. And I’ll help you, if things go wrong out there I’ll be there for you O.K.?” Sonic smiled.

The monster smiled before turning back to normal. The time for running was pretty much over.

“I can’t make any promises but I’ll try.” Ray smiled back.

“Let’s do this.”

Chapter 5 may take a while since I've been having trouble with the nerves. See you soon!

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  • MightyRay changed the title to Mightyray's SSMB Academy Chronicles story closure thing.

Here is Chapter 5.


“Oh boy of all the things to get roped into, a final battle was not one of them.” A tall humanoid woman folded her arms looking stern… her pastel blue skirt gently swayed in the breeze, turning to the sky she gazed upwards and smirked.

Redoing her long pony tail, she then looked on her right shoulder to her ‘boss’ a magical cartoon lead pencil whose grin was madder than the Cheshire cat’s.

“Come on Jade, you knew sooner or later we’d be in the biggest fight of our lives! And this is going to be the mother lode, Misfit H.Q. will surely promote us to a slightly better position once we come back with all of Dark Oak’s junk.” The pencil smirked curling his fingers in an attempt to look cool.

“Rrrright…sure thing Woody, you keep dreaming and I’ll keep your big eraser butt out of trouble.”

“You guys are aware that any stuff you guys salvage is going straight to the Future Foundation as your job is to arrest Dark Oak first and foremost?” A small blue haired, goggle wearing boy chimed in leaving the pencil to glare back at him.

“Hey! Don’t you go all Dreamworks on me Saint! A misfit’s job is first and foremost- “

“To rescue the forgotten and steal everything from the enemy that isn’t bolted down…I think I know that by now.” Saint quickly spoke cutting Woody off. That wasn’t not a good decision.

“Know it or not I don’t care so don’t cut me off ROOKIE!” Woody screeched, loud enough that most people in Borg Industries and the immediate area could hear him.

“What was THAT?” Saffron scrunched her face up.

“Ah… sound’s like the replacements have arrived…” Cyrus nervously shuddered.

Back on the ground the three Misfits found themselves started at making Saint feeling awful and leaving Jade thoroughly annoyed.

“Not in my ear, you dork!” Jade cringed covering her ears.

“Would it kill you to learn some freaking volume control?”

“Not everyone needs to hear you, O.K.?!”

“Gotta teach the new kid some manners somehow.” Woody shrugged.

“Yeah, but, making your subordinates deaf is probably not the best way to go about it…” Tails quickly raised a good point albeit rather cautiously. He heard Woody from the basement and probably thought it would be best to get these guys to the top A.S.A.P before Woody started screaming like a parrot.

“I guess you guys were asked to come along on Delta’s missions so I’ll take you lot to the top, follow me.” Tails smirked before getting the three to tag along.

“Umm…sir, I gotta ask how dangerous is this mission that we’re going on?” The boy fiddled with his halo hoping to the high heavens above it wouldn’t be bad.

“Buddy, you’re on our crew, we go on other missions Misfits can’t be bothered to go on! Ones that could guarantee in death!” Woody grinned.

“And we’ve been roped in to one big guarantee.” Jade turned to Tails smirking.

The kid’s pale face began to turn almost white as the three went through security, up the elevators and walk through the hallway where the meeting was taking place.

“Knock, knock I found your replacements.” Tails yelled out tapping on the door.

“Come in Tails!” Sayaka replied.

“Ah good! The replacements are here! Now we can get into the nitty gritty.” Cyrus smiled.

“Wild Woody, you son of a bitch, how did you get roped into this?” Marcus smirked.

“The only way a Misfit knows how, saving smucks and getting fat loot!”

“In other words, I’ve been itchin’ to do some sketchin’ and she’s coming with me!”

“Woody, you’ve been giving your trainee hell, again haven’t you? I don’t know how you put up with him Jade.”

“I don’t either Sarge but he’s saved my butt enough times to avoid the wood chipper that’s for sure.”

“O.K. guys I don’t mean to interrupt but the sooner we get this meeting over with the better as we don’t have much time to waste here.” Sayaka stressed.

Everyone then took their seats and allowed Cyrus to explain some details. He clapped his hands again changing some pictures around and making others bigger.

“The best course of action would be first to send in the Digimon, getting them to deactivate the security and firewalls as well as persuade any Digimon to join the Future Foundation cause. This will be happening while the rest of the team is getting equipped.”

“Once the Digimon deactivate the security Delta will be able to get in the base.”

“The best chance of getting into the base is through the sides, going underground or above is too dangerous as the tops are heavily armed and manned by organics and the underground is full of absorption vines to prevent escapees.” Shuichi added. 

“Security according to our sources is weak on the sides and only guarded by laser devices and Digimon still loyal to the Metarex.”

“Once inside you guys are to rescue anyone still left prisoner, shut everything down and get Dark Oak. Dark Oak will be found in his lab near the very top of the building. The fight will be a hard one so give it all you got and don’t be afraid to call for backup.”

“O.K. Spooky, Marine, I got the portal rewired and ready to go to send you to the insides of Dark Oak’s net.” Chihiro motioned the two Digimon to come forward. Marine gave Neptune one last hug before following albeit reluctantly Shademon to the portal.

“You double cross me and you’re gonna regret it.” Marine whispered, trying to look as tough as possible. To the untrained eye was hard to take a Digimon like them seriously since they were tiny, pink and looked like a baby but Shademon knew that Marineangemon were full of tricks… lots of magical tricks. It was amazing they were even able to kidnap and take them away to L.O.S.E. in the first place.

Shademon just gave polite nod that they understood, they didn’t blame Marine for being angry. But now was their chance to prove themselves to Marine that they aren’t an evil Digimon anymore.

“O.K. we’re clear, A.E. has opened the other side!” Chihiro ordered the two to jump in. “He also wishes you guys good luck and to stay alive.”

“Take care Spooky! Kick lots of butt for us!” Flame yelled.

“Go get ‘em guys!” Saffron added, fist pumping.

“You’re going to do great Marine!” Neptune grinned, giving a thumb’s up.

With determined looks on their faces the two jumped into the portal diving into the deep net below.

“As for everyone else you are to follow Tails to the Dreamcast, since where Dark Oak is located is very difficult to warp you in, we opted for the more old-fashioned way.”

“There won’t be any need for us to come with you, gotta get our own team and all.” Yaya cut in.

“Yep, if we’re dying, they’re joining us.”

“Pheo! Really?!” Yaya screeched in embarrassment.

That earned a few raised eyebrows…

“Ah yes, before I forget do any of you new comers at the far-left corner wish to help Delta or stay here and help us?” Cyrus asked.

“We’re good here thanks.” Khadjia spoke for the group.

“Right, well then, I’ll warp you back to your H.Q. Yaya, so you and your wisecracking assistant can make last minute preparations…”

“Here’s the co-ordinates for the mother base” Kaede gave Yaya a chip. “Best of luck getting your crew ready to go.”

“Thanks, we’re gonna need it!” Pheobee smirked.

“See you soon 42!” Woody waved.

“You too 234” Yaya waved back before warping away with a slightly bizarre look on her face.

“Let’s get a move on people, don’t wanna keep the big guns waiting.” Marcus motioned everyone to follow him.

“Good luck you guys! Remember bring him in alive O.K.?” Kaede waved.

“Have hope guys! You’ve got this!” Makoto cheered.

“Ray… if, if anything bad happens to them… you’ll comfort them, won’t you?” Sonic asked. His face looked pained, like it was a struggle to even bring up the question.

All Ray did was warmly smile back. That alone was enough to put Sonic’s fears to rest.

“Stay strong O.K. we’re here with you in spirit.” Sayaka then told the little guy.

“Good luck Delta, much of the Multiverse is counting on you.”

And for the hell of it here is Chapter 6. Both aren't very long.


“So… Delta is back together for one last ride, this is either going to be amazing or the greatest train wreck slash pileup the multiverse will ever hear about for years to come.” Pheobee smirked as she and Yaya left Borg Industries. The two warped their way back to Misfit H.Q. a tiny dwarf planet that floated about through space, powered by its own bizarre energy.

The place for better lack of a term was a mess, dated 80’s and early 90’s design ascetics and downright weird futuristic or cyberpunk architecture mashed together with no regard for taste nor appeal. It was loud, brash and in your face, where ever you went. Didn’t matter if it had moss growing out of the cracks or the colours faded with rust building up on the metal parts. The planet was 100% Misfit owned and operated. And most of all they were proud of it.

“Welp, time to get our crew together… that’s if they haven’t ditched us for some other team.” Yaya sighed half joking. “Eh, if we can’t find them, screw em’, we’ll just go on our own.” Pheobee smirked.

Yaya swiped the cards in the security clearance, one for Pheobee and one for herself and went in inside.

“On the bright side you get to surprise Sarge with your ‘new’ armour.” Pheobee smirked.

“Our new armour, you helped me a lot with it, remember?” Yaya smiled back.

“Oh yeah I forgot about that, though you’re going to have a hard time selling it to the others.”

The two walked through a huge hall jammed pack to the brim of characters from long forgotten media, TV, Film, Books, it didn’t matter, the misfits took anybody in and make them work. That’s how they survived for so long even after their first base was blown up to kingdom come. Everyone pitched in and helped out no matter what… though some had to be nudged.

Quickly without hitting anything Yaya navigated her way through the market place occasionally waving to the odd seller or doctor. Finally, she found the announcement desk and the one person she wanted to speak to.

“Good evening Loz.” Yaya smiled at the old slug woman. Loz looked like your typical bitter old woman but she was extremely tough for age, she quickly adapted to her new life long after others struggled to even understand how big the multiverse was.

“Hello 42, I take it you want me to round up your crew for you?” Loz slowly asked with a toothy grin. Yaya was one of the few she didn’t mind, mainly that she didn’t waste time trying to sweet talk her for things and she wasn’t overly obnoxious.

“Yes please, and could you also ask for a pilot for a ship, the mission we’re going on is a doozy.”

“So, you’ve said yes to your old crew. Tisk tisk tisk… you need to move on girly or your gonna end up dead. Well, I suppose I’ll humour you then.” Loz shook her head slowly before moving sluggishly to the P.A. system.

“Attention, all team members of team 42 and the pilot of Pestbox 8 you have been ordered to meet Miss Yaya at the hanger as soon as you can, failure to show up will go on your record and you may be demoted. That is all.”

“There you go hun, that’ll get them going.” Loz smirked her toothy grin. “Try and come back in once piece kiddo.”

“Will do, thank you ma’am!” Yaya grinned, rushing off to her dorm to get ready and gather supplies. Sticking her card in the warp elevator she was quickly warped to her room in less than a few seconds.

“O.K. time to get everyone’s armour and goods and we’re good to go!”

“Oh man the look on everyone’s faces… I’d would not be surprised if at least one of them doesn’t try and punch you for this.” Pheobee sighed, plugging herself into the desk top to finish up any last-minute updating. Once complete she yanks out the cable no wider than a fingernail and flies over.

“Betting it’s Cindy.” Yaya groaned, gathering the last of her stuff into hammer space.

“We good now?” Pheobee asked summoning her armour and putting in on.

Putting on a chunky wristwatch Yaya quickly did some tai chi styled motions before posing allowing the energy to settle and form into armour that looked near identical to a gear’s.

“Yep, let’s go.” Yaya smiled, swiping the cards into a large box and warping the two to the hanger where her team was waiting… and extremely upset.

“HOW COULD YOU!” Cindy screamed. It was always the folks from the ‘shovelware’ games that were the most emotional about having to do things. She rushed up, trying to take a swipe at Yaya only to wildly miss.

“Cindy, stop.”

“NO! YOU ARE, LIKE, THE MEANEST PERSON ALIVE RIGHT NOW!” Cindy continued, tears in her eyes.

“What if I-I never see Kate and Diana again?!”

“I DON’T WANNA DIE!” Cindy screamed, falling to the floor bawling her eyes out.

Normally Yaya would be trying to console someone if they were like this but Cindy didn’t earn that… not after spreading rumours about her being in a relationship with Sarge.  Her friends having to be transferred due to how terrible they behaved in combat after they decided to listen to Cindy and try and steal poisonous minerals didn’t help matters. Made worse that Cindy once went A.W.O.L. and nearly got Pheobee and Princess Za killed and Yaya booted out until evidence of proved her innocence popped up thanks in no small part to Sig’s team…all because she didn’t get to hang with them anymore after the mineral incident.

“Cindy, enough… need I remind you that you’re already in scrub monkey 2nd class? One more strike and you’ll be homeless and the multiverse is not very forgiving.” Yaya bluntly told the ginger hair human girl.

“Need I also remind you that you’ll also lose all contact privileges with your friends if this happens?”

Cindy froze… her only lifeline was hanging by a thread. And this panda was holding a pair of scissors, ready to cut it.

“This also applies nearly to the rest of you, don’t think you’re all exempt because Cindy and I don’t get along, I’ve read your reports and you know things are bad when even Wild Woody of all people doesn’t want you around, except you Za, you’re O.K.”

Staring back at Yaya were a bootleg Sonic clone but in the form of a generic red devil who called himself Sonix. Sonix routinely screw around and never did what he was told unless his life depended on it. He’d rather be goofing off. He quickly got belted up by Misfit management and was ultimately transferred to Yaya’s team as a deal for Yaya to have more time building a weapon she promised and ultimately delivered. Sonix didn’t mind Yaya that much but he didn’t like it when she got serious.

The twins Cookie and Bread, two ragdoll looking humanoid characters that were barred from all Misfit kitchens after causing not one but three different food poisoning outbreaks leaving many Misfits sick and vulnerable.

Billy the wizard, a reckless boy who nearly got his team killed by ramming his broomstick at high speed at the enemy, also taking out their only method of getting home. He, like Flame had a habit of running his mouth off but unlike the dragon didn’t care about much aside from racing whereas Flame cared a lot more about the people around him.

Last but not least was Gracie, a penguin that was just too damn scared to do anything, anything at all.

The only bright spot was Princess Za, one of a handful of characters that were rescued by the Skylanders when they were monsters. At first, she and Yaya didn’t get along but quickly changed her tune and became fast friends when Cindy went A.W.O.L. leaving her and the rest of the team behind.

From out Yaya’s hammer space, she pulled out a huge box and opened it to reveal everyone’s armour. Watching above was the pilot Bunnie Rabbot who had a grin from ear to ear watching the drama unfold.

“Now suit up folks, we’re going to hell.”

Chapter 7 will come eventually. Once again thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!

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  • MightyRay changed the title to Mightyray presents: Academy Chronicles: End of Delta.

And here is chapter 7. The action starts to pick up a fair bit and the road is going to get bumpy! For the record this chapter is quite long compared to the others. 


Shademon and Marineangemon arrived in Dark Oak’s network with little incident and no ‘Digimon security’ to be seen. In fact, there seemed to be no Digimon presence felt at all. They quickly wasted no time in scouting the place, looking for any trouble to take out while de activating security protocols in the process allowing Delta a quick and easy access to the Devil’s Greenhouse.

It all felt too easy… like the two were being baited in by something or someone. Heck, all Shademon had to do was copy some floating files and move them to another location via a thick grey pad like device thus easy access. All was quiet, hardly a noise or voice to be heard for miles, just dimly flashing lights and the feeling that one was being stalked and observed.

“This, this isn’t right, why is this such a cake walk as Nep-Nep would say?” Marine fiddled with their new collar. They looked around the latest room they were in… a dark grey box, barren and empty with only a soft white light to keep the harshness at bay, the only thing of note was thick grey pad holding some files. “They said that security was weak…but I didn’t think it would be this weak…”

“I had noticed that there were a lot of areas we past were empty as well…Dark Oak must have decided to clean the place up…”

“Or just purge everyone.” Marine cut in looking rather upset.

“That is what I was sadly implying- “


Both Digimon went on high alert as the sounds of something very large approached. “Oh no.” Shademon could sense a familiar presence as the sounds got louder.




Shademon’s many eyes darted about quickly trying to think of a plan, both Digimon were caught in the open and if Shademon was right about the Digimon lumbering towards them the two were in huge, huge trouble.

“Quick, hide!” Shademon hissed to Marine.

“Where? There is nowhere to hide!”

“Behind me!”

Marine quickly yet begrudgingly took Shademon’s advice and hid behind them as the black Digimon got ready to fight.

“Papa Titamon, when are we gonna leave?” A soft voice was heard behind the front wall.

“Quiet, little one! I smell INTRUDERS!”

Shademon froze in horror as a gigantic green, bulky Digimon lumbered into the room they were in wielding a huge sword made out of bone and metal. His glare pieced right through Shademon’s many eyes making the shadow Digimon feel very weak and vulnerable.

“T-t-t-titamon!” Shademon gasped before being grasped by the beast’s ginormous armoured green hand, Marine clung to Shademon’s back for dear life hoping not to be noticed. Of all the Digimon to still be around Titamon was one of them Shademon was hoping not to see. They had heard many, many things about Titamon, the “One Man-Division” and that’s what he was… tonnes of noble Digimon fell to his sword and his hatred for all who opposed ‘the mission’ ran deeper than many other Digimon.

*sniff sniff*

“You smell very familiar to Titamon… are you a TRAITOR?!” He roared at Shademon who at this point froze completely.

“Answer Titamon or I will end you with Zanjintou!” He thrusted his blade towards Shademon eager to strike.

“I-I-I am Shademon! I am a free Digimon who came to stop Dark Oak hurting other-“

“You speak lies!” Titamon wasn’t having any of it. A Digimon like Shademon claiming to use their freedom to help others? What next? Finding out that Deviwoman and Angewoman got along really well? Right…

The bestial Mega Digimon then violently tosses Shademon into the wall only to be saved at the last minute by Marineangemon’s powers.

“Please! I beg of you, stop! I mean no harm!” Shademon pleaded trying to talk reason with the ogre like Digimon.

“No! I will crush you and take your Digicore to Dark Oak in exchanged for the little ones’ freedom!” Titamon roared, swinging down Zanjintou barely missing Shademon by millimetres.

Shademon quickly scurried away as fast as they could with Marine clinging on for dear life.

“Come back cowardly traitor! Titamon will never give mercy to those who flee!”

The hulking green behemoth made a beeline for Shademon and Marineangemon, his footsteps leaving indents in the floor.

“Papa Titamon wait for me!” Their ‘little one’ realising that Titamon was on the move, quickly followed in pursuit.

“What are we going to do?!” Marine screeched!

“I don’t know if my Ocean Love is going to work on him!”

“H-He mentioned something about little ones…maybe we can talk to them? I-If we can find them…”

“You mean like that little kid following the big guy?” Marine barely making out for the corner of their eye a much, much smaller Digimon struggling to keep up with Titamon’s speed.

“Forgive me.” Shademon muttered under their breath as they suddenly got an idea. Doing a U-turn they made a bee line for not Titamon but the tiny Digimon trailing behind them. This was a very risky plan that could blow up in their faces and get them both killed… but if it worked they would have a very powerful ally on their side.

“What are you DOING?!” Marine screamed Shademon whizzed right under Titamon’s legs, scooping up the tiny Digimon just as Titamon turned around roaring in a fit of rage.

“No! Leave little one alone!” He boomed, swinging Zanjintou around wildly, smashing it into walls and the floor leaving huge indents and cracks.

“Where are you taking me?!” The kid cried. They were no bigger than Marineangemon and were all green… like a weird fruit with long round feet and not much else. Like most baby Digimon they only had two small black eyes and mouth.

“Yeah, where are you going?!” Marine yelled.

“Someplace safe…” Shademon nervously hissed.

“Cowardly traitor and a kidnapper too! Disgusting! I WILL END YOU!” Now Titamon was fully enraged if they weren’t already before.

On instinct Shademon went to the darkest place they could find one where Titamon would struggle to see or move in. Their eyes frantically darted about looking for somewhere to hide, in an instant Shademon spotted what looked to be a trap door.


Speeding up the shadowy Digimon raced as fast as they could, reaching into their hammer space for a tool they urgently needed.

“He’s coming! Do something!” Marine pleaded.

“What’s going on? Are you gonna hurt my papa?!” The tiny Digimon asked, any second now and they might just start crying.

“Found it!” Shademon pulled out a flat circle and threw it down on where they could sense the trap room.

The three Digimon dive into the circle before Shademon closed it and put it back in their hammer space. Immediately after they cover the tiny Digimon’s mouth as Titamon stomps around looking and calling forth his friend.

“Little one?!”

“Little one?!”


The tension was thicker than what any ordinary knife could cut through as the three patiently waited for the green storm to pass… seconds turned to minutes until finally, finally Titamon stomped away.

Shademon, sensing the Digimon had long past left, let go of their tiny ‘prisoner’.

“You guys are mean!” They squeaked pouting, quickly jumping away from Shademon.

“I’m so sorry! Did that mean old shadow hurt you?” Marineangemon asked in earnest.


“Is it O.K. if we talk… we mean no harm we swear.” Shademon bowed, trying to show some respect to the little guy.

“You guys are weird Digimon.” For a baby they seemed very smart and rather with it. “Who are you guys?”

“I’m Marineangemon and that Digimon is Shademon.”

“What’s your name if you don’t mind us asking?” Marine sheepishly asked.

“Pipimon, you guys aren’t going to hurt Papa, are you? I won’t let you if you do!” They changed their tune from cautious and upset to very brave.

“Never! In fact, we want to help you and your Papa leave!” Shademon tried to look friendly but it was a tall order since they were a very sinister looking Digimon to begin with.

“Believe it or not… they’re telling the truth. We came from a wonderful place called the Future Foundation. And they sent us to save you guys!” Marine smiled.

“Save us?” Pipimon pouted a little.

“Yep! But we can’t do it if your Papa is trying to hurt us.” Marine pressed their stubs together looking sad. Pipimon couldn’t believe Shademon but they could maybe believe Marineangemon, they did seem very concerned and looked like they were roped into this mess.

“You see we have some organic friends coming to help but they can’t save you or your papa unless we get him to stop being mean and shut the nasty lasers down. Do you think you could help us convince him that I’m not a meanie at least? Pretty please?” Marine pulled out all the stops to try and look as cute as possible.

“I don’t know… Papa really likes the place even though all his friends are gone now.”

“I keep asking when we can leave but he gets upset and tells me shush.”

“There used to be lots of Digimon here and papa said he and his friends liked working under the good doctor but he went crazy so the metal men got rid of him and then everyone started disappearing.”

“Papa said they left him alone because he was a good Digimon but… I think they’ll, they’ll hurt him…nearly all of my friends are gone too. Papa was only allowed to keep a couple of my friends since the metal men needed the rest of them to go to the great room beyond.”


“I-I don’t want Papa to go.” Pipimon tried not cry, their lip began to quiver as the tears started falling. “I don’t wanna go to the great room beyond!”

“Then it’s all the more reason for you and him to leave. Your Papa’s loyalty will soon be rewarded with betrayal, I’ve worked under these people too… they are cruel and will hurt everyone they don’t like.” Shademon hissed determined. They offered a hanky for their hammer space to Pipimon so they could wipe their tears away.

“I’ve seen their madness at work… they help raid the Digiworld and turn it into a wasteland with little to enjoy. They used eaters to invade and conquer and strip everything bare… I helped by kidnapping Digimon and have them turned into raw data, something that brings me great shame and disgust.”

“I don’t want to see your Papa share the same fate. He deserves a free life.” Shademon bowed their head in shame.

“Please if you can, could you help us?” Marine then asked. “What Shademon is saying is all true, I barely survived because of them… they, they even threatened to release the D-reaper if they didn’t get what they want!”

Pipimon let out a loud gasp.

“Oh no! They’ll hurt Papa for sure! I-I try and help but Papa might not listen to me.” Pipimon looked very upset. They were now convinced for sure they were in trouble.

“Can you take me to my friends? If you tell them they can talk to Papa too! And then we can leave together!” Pipimon smiled.

“I can show you the way!”

“Yes, of course, it’s the least we can do for you after the shenanigans I pulled.” Shademon hissed, allowing Marine and Pipi to hop on their back, they whipped out the circle again and placed it over the trap door allowing them to escape with no trouble.  

“Which way is it to your place?” Marine asked.

“Umm… down this hall and then you turn a left and then a right and down the stairs a lot.” Pipi told the two.

Being careful Shademon quickly went from one side of the hall to the next in a zig zagging motion before taking a left down another long hall.

“O.K. turn right here.” Pipi told them.

“But, but that just leads into a straight wall!” Marine gasped. “I don’t wanna hurt my head!”

Shademon did as they were told and went straight through the wall.

“You can open your eyes Marine, it’s O.K.” They hissed.

Marine opened their eyes to see a never-ending stare case that was tinged with darkness and a foreboding sense of dread.

“I don’t know if I like this…”

“Umm… just letting you know that Papa also might be down there too…” Pipi spoke up.

“He might of came back here to tell the others to stay put since you guys kidnapped me…”

“Now I really don’t like this!” Marine squeaked. They looked like they were ready to break down crying.

Shademon froze for bit. They were no match for Titamon and Marine was not a Digimon evolved for combat so the odds of getting the other children to be on their side was in freefall, but they then remembered that Delta was counting on them, they needed to shut the lasers down and save what was left of the Digimon here.

“Here we go.” Shademon quietly hissed before slinking down the stairs.

The stairs seemed to go on endlessly as the trio went down deeper and deeper they noticed that some of the stairs had huge cracks or indents in them, the walls huge scrape marks and the safety rails was bent out of shape in some places, an uneasy smell of fried electronics wafted in the air as well as some other much less pleasant smells.

“W-we should be getting close…” Pipimon quietly told the two.

Marine began to feel sick to their stomach… they got the most awful feeling that this was a trap and that Pipi was going to hand their Digicores to Titamon on a silver platter. Oh, how they wish they were still in Nep-Nep’s arms right now.

Finally, after what felt like eternity the trio arrived at what appeared to be a huge metal door with Monokuma’s face on it. Both Shademon and Marineangemon glared at the door with putrid disgust. The door looked very worn down and had numerous dints all over it. Like someone or something tried their damnedest to get inside.

Marine gulped a huge gasp of air and adjusted their collar a bit.

“Um… can you guys turn around and wait over there? I need to open the door by myself.” Pipi asked trying to motion to the two to look behind them.

Both Digimon did as they were told as Pipi blew some bubbles high into the air triggering a security camera to come down and scan them back and forth.

“Welcome… test subject 111, you may enter.”

The door opened up slowly allowing Pipi to walk inside. “Wait where you are O.K., I’ll let you guys in in a bit, I just gotta convince my friends!”

The door then slowly closed leaving a huge crunching sound. Then nothing but silence.

“S-Should we call the others…” Marine asked.

“I think this is a bad idea.”

“It’ll be O.K. I trust the child.” Shademon hissed.

“We just met them through you kidnapping them and confessing that you helped screw over the Digiworld! What makes you think they won’t rat you out to Titamon?”

“If that’s the case then I must accept my punishment for my sins.”

“My ultimate goal is atonement.”

“I understand if no one forgives me but I must continue my path for I have sinned.”

Marine in turn just cringed by pulling the most garbled up expression as if they were made to chop onions while Shademon was stink farting next to them. They truly were a strange Digimon.

Time then slowly passed, once again both Digimon felt like they were frozen in time and constantly wondering when not if they were going to cop it from Titamon.

Suddenly the door reopened with Pipimon popping out checking if they were still where they were told to stay put.

“O.K. you guys can come in now!”

Not wasting anytime Shademon and Marine rush inside eager not to be sitting ducks any longer in the dark.

“Um… these are my friends, Vitium and Rhythm, Titamon protects them just as much as he protects me.” Pipimon smiled. “Viti, Rhythm, um.. this is Shademon and Marineangemon… they say they’re here to help.”

Marine and Shademon turned to each other looking perplexed. These two looked nothing like Digimon at all. Vitium looked like a jumbled mess of data with pixel cubes floating off their tail, their body was black except for some odd markings on the sides and front of its body. The side markings and eye colour were blue while the front markings were an orange reddish colour, Rhythm however just looked like a human girl with pink hair and eyes, a white puffy hat with long flowing purple ribbons attached to one side by a pin, a brown choker necklace, a green coat was worn over the top of aqua sleeveless dress with bike pants worn underneath the dress and white and purple shoes.

“Viti wants play!” Vitium bouncing up and down looking at the two Digimon.

“Play with Viti!”

“Err… we can’t play right now little guy… we have to- “Marine tried to tell the little critter only to be bluntly told off.


“We’re very sorry please don’t be too upset.” Shademon tried to coax Vitium in being quieter.

“O.K.! You play?”

“Actually, we’re here to take you to a new place, one where you can play with lots and lots of people!”

“Really? So, you two are the ones who are going to help us leave?” Rhythm asked picking up Vitium.

“I’ve always wanted to leave this place, Dr. Finitevus kept the two of us here for a really long time and then when he went away Plotmon stepped in. She left Titamon in charge when she disappeared.”

“Everything is cramped and stinky…We’re all tired of living like this.” Rhythm pointed to their beds looking annoyed.

The two Digimon got a good look at the place the ‘little ones’ were staying at. It was rather small and cramped with a giant computer taking up most of the space. Make shift beds were seen in one end of the room with very crude looking toys and left-over food scattered around. Everything felt like it was all made out of solid Chrondigizoit a type of virtual metal.

The other side was all scuffed up and scratched it was where Shademon and Marine guessed that Titamon slept there.

“We haven’t been allowed to see the outside in a long, long time so when Pipi told us you guys could take us somewhere else I said yes.” Rhythm grinned. “Papa Titamon has guarded us for so long, he must be getting tired, I’m sure he’d like a rest away from the bad men Dr. Finitevus warned us about.”

“That’s the problem… Titamon won’t listen to Shademon and I doubt he’ll listen to me so maybe you can persuade him?” Marine sighed.

“We’ll try but I don’t know if he’ll-“




“Papa here! He play!” Vitium leapt out of Rhythm’s arms and happily bounced around waiting for Titamon to show up

The thuds got louder and louder picking up speed before huge slam sound could be heard. The thick metal door was then thrusted open with Titamon bursting inside leaving Shademon and Marine no time to hide.

“You…” Titamon hissed through clenched teeth.

“I KILL YOU!” Titamon screamed raising Zanjintou in the air to strike Shademon down.

“No! Papa don’t!” Rhythm jumped in front of the blade forcing Titamon to stop on a dime.

“Please don’t hurt them Papa!” Pipi chimed in, rushing in front of their Papa.

“They, they told me everything! About what the metal men did to our home and stuff!”

“Lies! The shadow has brain washed you!” Titamon roared.

“Then why would a shadow be friends with a being of light?” Rhythm countered pointing out Marine to him. “You said once that holy Digimon and evil Digimon aren’t allowed to be friends.”

“Tiny pink speck is a holy Digimon?” Titamon paused before crudely grabbing Marineangemon for a closer look. He took a good whiff of Marineangemon’s scent for good measure making the tiny Digimon feel very, very uncomfortable.

“You, you smell holy… but Titamon is not convinced!” He began to squeeze Marine tightly forcing them to gasp.

“If shadow is not liar then they must fight Titamon!” Titamon demanded.

“We don’t have time for this! My team mates need Marine and I to complete our mission, to stop Dark Oak and set them free!” Shademon angrily hissed.

“Shademon, help! I can’t breathe!” Marine gasped.

“Let them go.”

“Then fight Titamon and win, only then will I obey you.”

“Please Papa no!” Pipi started to cry… “I-I don’t wanna be here anymore! Nearly all my friends are gone and, and I don’t want you going into the great room too!”

“The Shadow didn’t brainwash me! They just wanted to help and so did Marine please let them go, please!”

“Please Papa Titamon… we don’t wanna be here anymore! The doctor and Plotmon are gone and there is hardly any food left!” Rhythm pleaded trying to get Titamon to let Marineangemon go.

“I-I wanna see the sun Papa!”

“Viti wants to play with new friends!” Vitium added.

Titamon paused for a bit before releasing Marine from their grasp. He looked down on the ground slightly despondent before looking at the huge computer.

“Titamon saw you fiddle with security.” He glared at Shademon. “I still think you are liar but the little ones don’t… If you set them free you will earn Titamon’s respect. But if you fail. I. Will. Kill. You.” Titamon walked up to Shademon making sure to strike fear into all of their red eyes with his large imposing body. He then gives Shademon a pink and black key.

“That will turn the machine on. It will shut everything security wise down so you don’t have to waste time.”

Taking the key Shademon nervously slinks up to the computer getting a good look at it. The keyboard was tiny compared to the everything else. Just above it was where the key went, gently inserting it Shademon turned the machine on.




“WHAT?! How could that be?! Did Master give Titamon the wrong key?!” Titamon freaked out as sirens and alarms started blaring. Everyone in the room immediately panicked.

“A-A self-destruction device?!” Shademon hissed in panic.

“Don’t just stare of into space Shady do something!” Marine yelled shaking them with their stubs.

Immediately a little voice popped into Shademon’s head…” Don’t be afraid to call for help!”

Summoning their DUES Shademon called for help. “Shademon to H.Q. I need some assistance, come in over.” They nervously hissed. “Please come in we’re trapped over!”

“This is Cyrus Borg, how is security coming along? Delta is heading your way in about 10 minutes.”

Shademon and Marine both froze… both of them were internally screaming and losing their minds. “Um…we found a super computer of Dr. Finitevus that has now gone haywire and some Digimon that need to be urgently rescued over.” Marine then jumped in

“You did? Wonder- wait, wait, WHAT?!” Cyrus gasped. “Chihiro! They need help! Something has gone wrong!”

“Shademon! This is Chihiro what’s up?”

“C-Can you warp us out of here immediately?” Marine screeched.

“No, I can’t, the only place I can warp you guys from is where you were… due to how tight the firewalls were… what’s going on? I’m detecting a huge spike in energy across the entire complex.”

“We’ve shut down security but we are accidently going to take everything with it!” Marine cried.

“Then you need to leave now! You have no time, if the system is purging its self you gotta go and get yourselves to safety!”

“I’ll hold the warp for you and see if I can delay the process as much as I can but I can’t promise any miracles here!”

“I’ve sent a direct link to where you need to go, now go!”

Not wasting anytime, the Digimon quickly leave the room, Titamon using his brute strength barges down the door splitting it wide open so that the others can make a run for it. Racing up the stairs the group begins to notice huge cracks appearing in the walls and floor below.

“Faster, faster!” Viti cheered as they were being carried by Rhythm. More and more cracks appear as bits of debris fall from above.

In what felt like record time the group finally race out of stair case hall… only to end up facing a huger threat. Vines. And lots of them. All of them were light blue all most see through and were covered in thorns. They burst forth from the walls, the floor and the celling, zeroing on their targets.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” Rhythm screams as some of them make a bee line for her and Viti.

Swoosh! The vines land flat on the ground as Titamon steps up to protect his little ones, moving along at a furious pace he begins to cut down as many as possible giving everyone time to regroup.

“Run, little ones RUN!”

“I’ll catch up, now protect them!” Titamon ordered as he began to be overwhelmed by vines. “I will keep my word if you fail coward!”

Heading Titamon’s word Rhythm raced on a head with Shademon following behind, Marine and Pipi hanging on the Digimon’s back for dear life.

“Ocean Love!” Marine screamed at the top of their lungs dispersing little blue love hearts in all directions any vine that came into contact would automatically retreat for a short while.

Shademon holding both Pipi and Marine managed to squeeze and squirm through any vines that tried to block their path.

“Keep spamming your attack Marine, it’s working!” Shademon hissed.

“I’ll try and help Rhythm!”

“Got it!”

Shademon picked up speed as fast as they could, soon enough they had caught up with Rhythm who was beginning to run out of breath.

“Ocean Love!” Marine yelled dispersing more hearts to keep the vines at bay.

“Rhythm! Lend me your hand I’ll help you!” Shademon hissed.

The girl did what as she was told and held on as Shademon sped up for just a bit. Everything was so overwhelming and on edge, they didn’t want to die here failing to save others but it was starting to look that way…

Through the halls and the corridors, the group fought through with all their might against the vines purging everything and trying to purge them, the only thing keeping them all alive at this point was their will and their drive. On and on it went until at long last there was the exit waiting for them!

“There it is! We’re on the home stretch!” Marine cheered. They spoke too soon.

Out on nowhere a vine ripped through the wall aimed straight at Rhythm! Shademon on instinct yanked the girl and friend away and towards the portal getting snagged in the process.

“YYYEARRRGGG!” Shademon screamed in agony as more vines seized the chance to rip the Digimon to bits until everything core and all was absorbed.


Rhythm froze for a bit before rushing into the portal tears streaming down their face.

In vain the shadowy Digimon tried to fight back using their ‘Kill Me’ technique but it had no effect. They then tried ‘Free Death Fall’. It only made the situation worse.

“Let go of the shady Digimon now!” Marine yelled dispersing even more hearts but it wasn’t enough. Pipi joined in too blowing acid bubbles.


“No! I won’t leave! I wanna see papa! I wanna help you guys!” Pipi pleaded.

“ARRRRGGGGG!” Shademon agony continued soon there would be nothing left on them. Marine refusing to at least leave Titamon behind did their best to try and keep the vines at bay.

“So… this is my punishment for all of my sins…I-I understand now…thank you Delta for giving me one last chance.” Shademon began to fade as everything began to blur in and out. Their body was reaching their limit.

“SOUL CORE ATTACK!” A mighty war cry was let loose as huge

The shadowy Digimon found themselves freed by the mighty power of Zanjintou, Titamon’s powerful blade. The vines recoiled in terror as Titamon swung his blade around with ruthless efficiency cutting back as many as he could.

Marine looked on in shock… they noticed that Titamon was fighting on sheer willpower… their body was covered from head to toe in huge gaping wounds. More and more vines burst around the group lunging and attacking Titamon chipping away his life.

“PAPA!” Pipimon screamed in terror, watching more and more vines plunge and wrap around their caretaker’s body.

Fighting through the pain and injuries they sustained Shademon struggled to get up and move.

“Shademon are you there this is Chihiro! You are running out of time, fast! Are you at the exit?!”


“Then grab who ever is with you and go, NOW!”

“What are you waiting for Pipimon?! You must go or you’ll die!” Titamon roared before fighting back. He wasn’t going to drop dead in front of his child, like hell that was going to happen. “Be strong child! Your freedom awaits!”

Shademon wanted to desperately fight and save Titamon but one look at their own body said otherwise… huge parts were expose with what appeared to be binary code all distorted, it was the Digimon equivalent to someone ripping off bits off an organic’s flesh.

“F-Forgive me!” Shademon yelled before grabbing Pipimon and Marine and diving in the portal, leaving Titamon to fight to a grizzly end.

Up the portal the three went, Marine and Pipi both looking down to see nothing but blurry colours all over the place. They had survived but at a huge price.


Shademon just closed their eyes upon approaching the exit, the portal spitting the three out right next to Makoto and Chihiro. Chihiro then closed the portal and rushed to Shademon’s side.

“I-I s-s-s-orr-y-y I-I f-f-f-ai-led.” Shademon gasped.

“You didn’t fail… you helped rescue some people trapped in the system and that’s good.”

“B-b-ut t-t-th-e s-s-s”

“It’s O.K. the entire network is down. The Metarex won’t know what’s going to hit them.” Chihiro smiled.

“You did good, just rest now O.K. we’ll take it from here.”

Unfortunately for Chihiro the Metarex had caught on to the Future Foundation’s plans and were all the happier to let Delta come to them.

“Sir, parts of the network have crash and are unable to be fixed, we have also detected a Skylander ship heading our way.” A small robot turned to Dark Oak who was relaxing on a metal throne painted completely solid black. He rose out of his seat undeterred by the announcement. If his face was visible he would have the smuggest villain grin around.

“Let the ants come, they can climb for the nectar as much as they like but it’s far too late to stop the seeds of destruction being sown.” Oak clenched his hand into a tight fist.

“Soon the multiverse will know what true war is like…”

Thank you for sticking around this far! Here's hoping I'm doing O.K.

See you later!

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And here is Chapter 8. Woo progress. At this point things are only going to get darker from 9 onwards so yeah... also spoilers one of the characters in this chapter takes a level in badass.


“Are we there yet?” Flame nagged again. It had been the third time in the past 15 minutes that he had asked.

“No, I told you we aren’t there now quit asking!” Sentinel Tails snapped back. Marcus just gave the dragon a sharp glare to make sure he didn’t ask again.

The ride in the Dreamcast felt like an eternity to Flame and probably some of the other members of Delta. Ray just gazed vacantly out the window, Mia and Xako were listening to some music together, Ember and Bandit were both sleeping and Saffron was looking at her locket. Flame had no idea where Ztar was, probably with Marcus, still upset in his capsule.

“Flame, it’s just going to be another 10 to 15 minutes before we get there, it won’t be long O.K.?” Jade then reassured Flame. Woody was sound a sleep on her shoulder. Saint meanwhile was just nervously fidgeting about with a warp ring trying to calm himself down.

“Hey newbie, you ever been on a mission before?” Flame asked.

Jade then tapped Saint to get him to pay attention. “He’s talking to you.”

“Uh, err, no, not of this scale before.” Saint then adjusted his scarf.  “To be honest I just got roped in at the last second, I’m actually meant to do maintenance missions, you know, fix things.”

“That sounds boring.”

“I’d much rather go out and save people.” Flame told Saint, leaving the boy to take his halo off and polished it while look up exacerbated.

“Tails, come in, this is Chihiro.”

“Come in Chihiro.”

“I have good and bad news.”

“Good news is that the Digimon were successful in shutting down the security, bad news is that the plan has hit a detour and that Shademon is badly injured as a result and can’t continue.”

Muttering was heard in the back.

“We’re planning on sending Marine and the newbies with some more warp rings straight to your ship, these will warp the injured to your ship should anything get bad, since things are getting weird energy wise regarding the Devil’s Greenhouse.”

“Wait, how weird?”

“I don’t know but since Shademon shut things down the energy readings for the building are going haywire so Delta might not have much time to get in and arrest Dark Oak. O.K. I’ve locked on to your ships signal. Sending them in now.”

In the middle of the ship appeared MarineAngemon and the six rookies that were dragged along.

“Heh…so much for optional.” Zapper smirked.

The warp then quickly closed behind them as the all quickly found some seats or in Marine and Zapper’s case some heads to glomp on. Marine landed on Marcus’ head much to the Gear’s chargrin and Zapper landed on Ray’s.

“I thought you guys were staying? What made you all change your minds?” Mia asked looking bewildered.

“Revenge I guess?” Onyx shrugged.

“Seeing little kids cry when someone gets belted up tends to move you into action.” Khadija then added feeling a tad guilty for not coming along in the first place.

“We’re all going to hell eventually, better to do it when you’re living than when you’re dead, ain’t that right reaper noob?” Zapper smirked looking down at Ray from on top.

Ray didn’t answer.

“So, who are all you new guys anyway? I think I only know like two of you?” Flame then asked.

Onyx in response rolled her eyes.

“My name is Rose, I’m a unicorn and I go to a school called Funtasia.” The pink unicorn waved.

“I’m Wally, I try and stop folks from doing drugs.” The bear soon followed.

Wally then turned to see Zapper and Xako snickering. “What? What’s wrong with stopping people from doing drugs?”

“Nothing, man! It’s just the way you said it made you sound like a stuffy old man!” Xako grinned as Wally gave him the stink eye. He then put his sunglasses on in a huff. “I’m Xako by the way nice to meet you all!”

“So, Woody… where is Meru and Crystal… I would have thought you’d be bringing them in not some fresh face rookie.” Marcus asked curious. Woody was rarely if never seen with out his full crew which Meru the ghost and Crystal the horse were members of.

“We would have if it wasn’t for two dumb chefs giving them and loads of others food poisoning last week.” Woody sneered.


“Um hmm… not impressed to say the least, hopefully you won’t meet them.” Jade then responded.

The crew then got around to introducing each other bit by bit slowly breaking some of the ice, allowing everyone to breathe a little. The Dreamcast at this point felt like a clown car full of goofs going on a bad ride to hell. He looked back and got a brief glimpse of everyone talking and showing stuff off. When you didn’t think about it too hard this team almost looked a group of friends going on holiday…until you quickly realised that this was formally a Skylander team composed of some of the more unstable people around. He noticed Marcus was glaring at him and quickly turned back to pilot. Something about that glare made him feel rather uneasy, ally or not Tails had heard rumours from others about how vicious he could be when he was in the training sim with Undyne. She’d usually beat him one on one but he’d never roll over, never.

“Come in Dreamcast, this is Pestbox 8 from the Misfits coming in, how ya’ll doing over there?”

Tails begins to snicker. “Please don’t tell me, you guys call your planes Pestboxes?”

“Of course, we do it’s the Misfit way!” Wild Woody yelled out in the back. 

“Did I just hear Woody in your ship, oh my stars, you poor soul!”

Tails blushed as he rubbed the back of his head, goofily smiling. “Yep, I’m sure am hehehe.”

“Anyway, I’m just letting you know that Yaya and her team of goobers are with me and are ready to roll. We’ll be catching up with you guys very soon.  Also tell Woody, Bunnie Rabbot said hi and to turn the volume down O.K.?”

“HI BUNNIE!” Woody screeched back making everyone covered their ears.

“We truly are in hell.” Zapper grinned holding his antennas in slight pain.

“Damn it Woody!” Marcus yelled back.

Bunnie had a slight chuckle. “You folks take care, Bunnie over and out!”

Tails just had a slight chuckle to himself. “Man, the things I do for the team.”

*beep, beep, beep, beep* Tails quickly looked at his radar and noticed up ahead that many dots kept popping up. “Oh shit.” Tails muttered. “Brace yourself everyone, enemies have been detected!”   

“Sarge, Mia, anyone else, man the turrets cause the bogies are coming!”

With no hesitation Marcus, Mia, Jade and Bandit get up to man the turrets.  On the horizon a large number of robotic Paradactyls quickly make their way around the Dreamcast and the Pestbox 8 that was trailing behind.

“Um… to any of you Misfits who been in those things? How good is the defence in those ships?” Tails asked in concern. “Cause those machines look lightning fast.”

“Kind of O.K. I think.” Saint answered.

“Guys, take them out as fast as you can, if Pestbox 8 has poor defences Yaya and her team won’t stand a chance!”

“You don’t have to tell us twice.” Jade told her self as she activated the turret and quickly opened fire.

“Hey Sarge! First to shoot down 10 of these fucks gets a free meal from the loser!” Woody yelled out.

“You don’t eat you splinter, you’re made of totem magic!” Jade retorts as she shoots down one of the robot Paradactyls that got near the ship. The robots began to circle around the ships trying to fire off lasers from their heads while also firing sharp electric beams from the front of their wings.

“How the heck did they find out about us so soon?! I thought the Digimon deactivated security?” Tails nervously asked as he out manoeuvred the robots with incredible skill. “Hold tight everyone!”

Many members began to cling onto their seats as Tails did a nose dive before ascending up again, barrel rolling away from enemy fire. Marcus quickly began taking down robots from the back while Bandit and Mia started taking out robots from the front.

“Come on Jade step it up! He’s out gunning you!” Woody urged.

“That’s cause he’s a solider!”

“You are too! Right?”

Jade could only roll her eyes before taking down another two robots. The rest of Delta was beginning to feel on edge as the robots got a couple of hits in on the ship. One crack the window where Ember was sitting forcing a high-pitched squeal out of her. In retaliation Tails cranked up the force field and began shooting some lasers from the cockpit.

“Sugar Plum?! You O.K. down there?” Bandit asked very worried.

“I-I’m fine just keep shooting Bandit!” Ember answered climbing back in her seat.

“You Jurassic Park knock offs can fire all the cheap lasers you want but you’re going to be in for a real surprise now that you’ve scratched my ship!” The sentinel’s smirk had an almost sadistic look as he opened fired upon several robots taking them out of the air in one hit.

“Alright, lets assist Pestbox, can’t believe they called themselves that and get to our destination.”

Marcus was having a show of a time, any robot that was in his line of fire at least took a hit and some were just pelted with lasers until they crashed. The gear was laser focused on his mission and nothing else. It was all muscle memory at this point.

“Why did I say yes? Why did I say yes?!” Charlie cowered trying to look as small as possible. This was all getting a bit much for some of the rookies as air sickness began to take hold for a couple of them. All the dodging manoeuvres and barrel rolls weren’t helping.

Meanwhile Pestbox 8 seemed to be a sitting duck slowly putting along allowing the robots a good swipe. Until Yaya appeared from the top of the ship holding her wrench chucks.

“What the FUCK IS SHE DOING?!” Marcus gasped in shock. Not only was she all on her own on top of the ship it appeared she had nothing to secure herself to said ship.

“Wow, she actually looks kind of badass, hey wait a minute is that Sarge’s armour she’s wearing?!” Saffron pointed out causing the others to get a good look at her through the windows. Yaya then made a running jump onto a Paradactyl quickly subduing and sabotaging it making it hers to command. The panda then proceeded to use her new toy to take out as many robots that ventured way to close to the Pestbox.

“Am I seeing what I’m seeing here? Has our panda girl been taking lessons in badass?!” Mia looked on in shock with a wide-eyed grin on her face.

“You sure are Mia! This is so amazing!” Flame cheered! “Go crazy panda girl go!”

“OMG This is so scary to watch!” Ember closed her eyes as most of Delta gawked at what Yaya was doing. Marcus was ready to chew her out for being so reckless and Ray just watched on blank faced.

“Aren’t you worried?!” Marine asked. “Nep-nep said you used to be really nervous.”

Ray didn’t answer, he just watched, clutching his staff. Zapper and Marine then turned to each other and looked concerned. Neither knew Ray at all but both seemed rather concerned or perplexed at the lack of reaction Ray was giving.

“My goodness gracious you people are nuts.” Rose muttered to herself. By this time the Dreamcast began tearing through the robots like paper allowing Yaya and Pestbox 8 to get a move on.

“Keep it up people we’re all most there so they’ll be more of these cheap knock offs coming!” Tails told everyone on the turrets.

“Aye aye capt’n!” Bandit saluted before opening fire again on a few stray Paradactyls off in the distance.

“You slimy robots aren’t getting out of my sight!”

Yaya quickly rode around Pestbox 8 steering the Paradactyl’s body with amazing grace and movement. Her glare was laser focused firing on any enemy that was in her line of sight. This ride how ever wasn’t going to last long as she and the crew noticed a large land army stomping towards them, they were extremely close to the base, Delta could smell it.

“Great, more Jurassic Park knock offs, I bet they’ll have freaking rocket launchers and- “As if right on cue several of the larger t-rex models began firing their rockets at both ships while the small ones tried to extend their tails to grab and drag the ships down. One of the rockets headed straight Yaya giving her little time to escape. Her Paradactyl was blown into pieces as she successfully jumped off and landed on the side of the Pestbox clinging for dear life.

“Me and my big mouth.” Tails muttered.

Ray realised that now was the time for action, he slowly got out of his seat and sauntered along to the front of the ship, he didn’t even bother to remove Zapper from his head dragging him along for the ride.

“Hey Ray what are you doing?” Flame asked.

“Taking care of business.”

“Can I come?” Flame asked.

“Not just now I just need to fix something.” And with that Ray disappeared down a black hole.

“The hell did he go?!” Tails gasped as did a few other members.

Landing gently on the cold barren earth Ray saw loads and loads of machines heading ever close to the ships. It wouldn’t be long and both would be brought down and ripped a part killing all on board.

“What are you going to do?” Zapper asked. Sure, he was an omen but omens feel pain like any other organic being. “You can’t take all these robots out it’s impossible without- “

Ray transformed with his staff…putting an end to Zapper’s statement.

“You, you’ve been waiting for this for a long time, haven’t you?”

Ray just smiled for bellowing out a scratchy war and letting loose a ferocity rarely seen from him or other members of Delta that weren’t wearing a gear’s uniform. Zapper clung on for dear life as the monster zoomed along, his tail had a huge eyeball on the end that had the power to shoot out a huge orange yellow laser. It didn’t take long for Ray to use that as a means to propel himself in a straight line in any direction…or use it to blast holes in almost anything.

Take down the big guns and the rest will fall was what the Burning Man and Marcus by proxy taught him and boy was he applying it with full force. WHAM! A giant marron T-Rex robot roared out signalling that it was in trouble. Ray had punctured a nice sized hole in its leg. Monster Ray using all of his brute strength proceeded to rip out as much of the inner workings as possible, several smaller blue clamp T-rex came running to its aid only inadvertently destroy the very robot they were trying to save by crushing them, trying to get to Ray. Ray proceeded to blast a hole in the abdomen of the larger threat before spin dashing his way through the smaller ones.

By this point Zapper was getting a very clear picture in him mind that this reaper was worth keeping an eye on. Saffron couldn’t hold back the urge to smash anymore and want in on the ground action.

“Hey gumball I’m going down town to clean up with Skipper so let me out!” She demanded. The sentinel not wanting to find out how violent Saffron could get and trying to focus on shooting down as many Paradactyls as possible just opened the hatch and let Saffron loose.

“Can I go too?” Flame asked.

“Sure, I guess, just come back alive. I kind of don’t wanna deal with your boss at the moment.” Tails sighed noticing Marcus getting very good with the turret… to the point he was throwing the odd one liner out.

“O.K. see you soon! Jeronimo!” Flame dived down to assist.

“Hey big nose! Aim for the orbs!” Saffron ordered.


“Takes them out faster, it’s their weak point so smash it in as hard and fast as you can!” Saffron beamed with joy. Revenge was looking sweet right now. The two fly down dodging missiles, lasers, flame throwers and clamps as they worked together to smash and destroy any T-rex that got too close. Yaya watching on from above sighed. “Bunnie I’m going to need you to lure another Paradactyl to me.” Yaya asked.

“Sure thing, sugar, I’ve got a couple heading your way in just a few secs, just be careful O.K., your friends are getting really trigger happy now!” Bunnie noticed that Delta was shooting down Paradactyls like it was fish in a barrel.

“Roger!” Yaya began to swing back and forth once again lunging at another Paradactyl and taking full on control again.

“Yaya’s doing the take over thing again!” Xako points out.

“Holy moly a second time?! She’s gone crazy!” Saint gasps. Everyone remaining in the ship that isn’t in a combat role can only watch on in awe or shock. What a ride!

“O.K. Delta I’m detecting far less Paradactyls at this point so we’ll clean up the rest and then help those on the ground to finish of the rest of fossils.”

“Then I’ll find some place safe to land and let you guys take it from here.” Tails told everyone.

On the ground things were starting to get messy for the Metarex forces as Saffron lead the charge swinging wild left and right at cores of any T-rex or Paradactyl in her path. Flame followed suit distracting the robots with his aerial manoeuvres causing them to collide into each other trying to get him. Ray saw his friends coming to his aid and just shook his head in disappointment. The monster unfortunately allowed himself to get distracted for a moment allowing a clamp T-rex to nab him and slowly put the squeeze on him trying to crush his abdomen. Zapper just hung on at this point. If he used his electric attack they might be a risk that he’ll end up shocking not just Ray but possibly the other fighters since there was so much metal around.

The robot seemingly not satisfied that Monster Ray was writing in pain already decided to squeeze him harder making the beast cough up blood… the capillaries in his eyes began to show as Ray got more and more pissed off before Yaya put an end to the robot’s torture with a clean head shot via laser beam. Ray then hitches a short ride in the air wiping away blood from his mouth.

“The heck were you doing?!” Yaya nervously asked. Ray ignored her question, leaping off only to spin dash his way though more T-rex’s. “O.K., you’ve changed a lot since I’ve left.”

The panda then turned her attention to Saffron and Flame who seemed to having trouble taking down another maroon T-rex.

“Time to get some revenge.” Yaya gritted as she saw Saffron and Flame getting knocked away by it’s spike club tail. She made the machine fire on its brethren and any other T-Rex regardless of colour in order to keep Flame and Saffron somewhat safe. By this time the Dreamcast had finished off any remaining Paradactyls that were flying around and had begun to focus on getting rid of the T-rexs blocking their path to the Devil’s Greenhouse.

“You leave those friends of mine alone!” Bandit yelled letting lose a fury of lasers upon the robots. Unfortunately, he got a bit carried away and one of the beams got Yaya’s robot putting a nice hole in the wing leaving smoke and sparks coming out. Yaya was left with no choice but to crash the robot into another and fight on foot. Ray at this time had made some considerable progress demolishing as many robots as he could, if there was any fear in his eyes he did a damn fine job hiding it.

Most of the T-rex quickly turned their attention to the bigger threats, the Dreamcast and Ray leaving a woozy Saffron and Flame alone.

“You guys O.K.?” Yaya called out as she ran to the two in an almost zig zag like motion.

“Yeah, I think?” Flame shook his head, Saffron just pouted in annoyance.

“Let’s just hurry up and get this over with.” The bee grumbled rubbing her sore muzzle.

The three quickly picked up speed and rushed off providing some distraction “Tails, it’s Yaya, I’m with Saff and Flame, we’re going to try and distract some of the robots so you guys will have an easier time clearing them out, over.”

“Sure, just try not to do anything crazy O.K. we’d like to see you alive.”

“I know, I tend to do crazy stuff these days when I’m nervous and on edge…” Yaya laughed it off.

“Yeah, well try and tone it down will ya? It’s bit ridiculous calling folks insane for sending you on missions only to then see you hijack a sentient robot moving at high speed.” Tails quipped.

“Roger that…”

“And here you were being a big baby bitch during the meeting…” Saffron then added salt to the wound…

“Let’s just focus on getting this done, please?” Yaya glared. The three-started getting in the crosshairs of the robots, letting them chase the group around.

“O.K. Sarge we’ve got a plan; you and your crew need to mow down any robot that gets near Yaya and co as they’re providing a distraction to keep the ships from getting damaged so clear out the park A.S.A.P.” Tails ordered.

“Like you need to tell me what I need to do.” Marcus smirked. “Alright you lot, you heard the gumball, shoot down the robots that are chasing the kids and Bandit, try not kill Yaya alright?”

Bandit just gave a salute out of embarrassment… he didn’t think anyone would have noticed but somehow the Sargent did…

The Dreamcast began mowing down robots left and right leave them no room to retaliate any left over Paradactyls that were lurking at the last minute were soon taken down leaving nothing but scrap behind.

But the end the last of the T-rexes were slowly being shot or if not belted down by the eager fighters of Delta Squad and the Misfits. Once the coast was clear Tails found a safe place to land and let everyone out.

“Thank you for flying on the world class Skylander Air lines we appreciate your time as loyal guests.” Tails quipped feeling rather proud of himself.

Yaya, Saffron and Flame finally managed to catch up. All three of them were beginning to get out of breath from whizzing about at high speeds.

“Who knew the Crash Dash would take so much out of ya?” Yaya panted. Saffron began feeling around for any bits of shrapnel that may have gotten caught in her hair or stuck in her flesh. She plucked a long thin piece out of her arm, still rubbing her muzzle from the wack she took earlier.

“So, when’s the pestbox landing?” Tails asked looking slightly annoyed at Yaya. “I noticed that the pilot didn’t seem to do anything except be a sitting duck.”

“Yeah… you’re not going to like the excuse she’ll be showing you when she lands the big lug.” Yaya cringed.

“Show? Oh god.” Tails grimaced. That sounded awful to his tech ears.

One by one everyone got out and looked around there in the short distance was the base waiting for Delta to come meet their maker.

Marcus immediately walked up to Yaya looking unimpressed.

“The hell are you wearing?” He asked. Her armour was almost one of one his on built to fit her not him.

“Um… plagiarism.” Yaya nervously smiled before hanging her head in shame. The joke fell flat it seemed.

“You’re a worry.” Marcus told her scruffing her head. “Hey, quit it!” Yaya quickly then tried to fix her hair up.

“You should be wearing a fucking helmet by the way missy!”

Yaya wasn’t sure what to make of that… was he angry or just toying with her. Like so many others it was hard to tell what Sarge was feeling or thinking. Finally, Pestbox 8 landed with a slow and steady crunch giving Sentinel a good chance to look at the ship. Immediately his eyes boggled. It was a bright green box with odd looking boosters on the back and the flimsiest wings he had seen in millennia. The best description was a cargo crate fused with a rocket and a tank. And they were all OLD.

“What the hell am I looking at.” Tails gasped pulling a ghastly face at the rickety old machine.

“The finest transport oily rags can buy, lemon drop!” Woody and Jade walked up to him, the pencil showcasing the pestbox.

“My god…”

Thud! The side door opened becoming a ramp for Yaya’s extremely reluctant team to walk out on. Marcus turned to see not only Yaya wearing Gear armour but them as well. He really wasn’t sure of what to make of that.

“Everyone this is Team 3.42, Sonix the devil, Billy the wizard, Cookie and Bread the chefs, Cindy, just Cindy, Princess Za, Gracie the Penguin, our pilot Bunnie Rabbot…”

“Howdy ya’ll!” Bunnie then popped out of one of the windows to wave at everyone. “I’d love to join but I gotta stay and make sure these goofs have a getaway!”

“And you’ve all met Pheobee.” Yaya sighed.

“Damn right.”

“So, um… I don’t mean to be rude but where’s Ray?” Ember asked looking around.

Right on cue a massive explosion roared through the area forcing everyone to pay attention.

“Looks like it’s your cue to get going Delta, I’ll keep the ship around so that if you guys run into trouble I can summon help.” Tails told the team.

“Good luck guys, you can do this.”

Marcus nodded. “O.K. DELTA, MISFITS, YOU’RE WITH ME, MOVE OUT!” Marcus bellowed his order forcing everyone to follow his lead. Whether they wanted to or not.

Heading in a brisk pace the crew saw yet another explosion followed by another and then another. This was beginning to get alarming so Marcus picked up the pace and rushed over forcing everyone to do so as well. The huge team soon found themselves confronted by the beginning of dark things to come…

Dozens and dozens of ripped up robot corpses littered the field many of whom exploded from the heat. What followed was a very battered Monster Ray with Zapper clinging on to the top of his head for dear life walking out of the flames looking almost zombie like and covered in scratches.


Ray then de-transformed turning back to normal with a few patches of white and black cracks here and there. Marcus just glared angrily… he could have gotten himself killed! The hell was he doing? Bad enough that he bailed on everyone and now he’s decided to try and be a badass after years of crying and screaming and panic attacks?

“I cleared a path.” He quietly told everyone.

Marcus glared at him before yanking him up and carrying him under his arm.

“You’re sticking with me.” He bluntly told Ray, upset that he ran off again doing his hardest to try and keep a lid on his temper. “Run off again and you’ll be posted back to the underworld in bits.”

Ray didn’t answer. He just laid limp in his arm.

“O.K. let’s go pay Dark Oak a visit, shall we?”

Trudging along the colourless cold dirt the team formed out of a need to either prove themselves, gain some kind of control or just escape other responsibilities were now stuck on a course to hell. A course that some may not make it back.

Anyway thanks for sticking around this long. I'm just trying to at least get this done so I can feel some sense of accomplishment. It's fucking hard and I probably royally fucked up but at this point I'm just doing this for me and that's it.

Thank you again and have a nice day!

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