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Similarities with other franchises


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Have you guys noticed some similarities between Sonic and other franchises?

For example, in marvel, everybody is after the infinity stones, in Sonic, everybody is after the chaos emeralds.

Black panther (the most recent marvel movie) has a young engineering genius (Shuri) (comparison to Tails).

It also has a villain with a complex backstory, who wanted to take revenge on the world after the death of a loved one (Killmonger) (comparison to Shadow).

It also has a rival, who later becomes friendly! (M'Baku) (comparison to Knuckles).

And the crazy villain! (Klaue) (comparison to Eggman).


These are pure coincidences, but it was fun for me to see these similarities between 2 beloved franchises! :D

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These are pretty broad archetypes which you'll find used fairly widely in storytelling.  That doesn't diminish them, because they've emerged and survived as archetypes precisely because they resonate with people; but it might diminish a lot of the comparisons you could make.

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Top 5 reasons why everything is similar to Sonic! (Totally not made up, u guys!) 

1) There are collectibles, and there's seven of them! That's totally a Super Mario RPG thing! That had seven stars and Sonic has seven dragon balls!

2) There is a character who controls fire, just like Abdul from JJBA! Heck, Blaze even dies in 06 and comes back in Rush Adventure! 

3) The Burst aliens from Colors look like the aliens from Chicken Little! 

4) Infinite is SO MUCH similar to Darkrai from Pokémon! Just look at them! 

5) E-123 Omega likes to shoot things. Do you know who else likes to shoot things? Duke Nukem.

God, this is so stupid...

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In all seriousness, Sonic has so little originality in it's characters, setting and story, that you can draw parallels with ANYTHING and still find some similarities.

Like, let's get through the main "Similarities" 

  • Tails: Brainy kid who makes stuff
  • Knuckles: Dumb muscle
  • Amy: Yandere with a hammer
  • Eggman: A guy with no leadership skills who wants to TAKE OVER THE WORLD (Of Course!)
  • Rouge: A pair of boobs that's also a spy
  • Shadow: Dark Edgy Emo Kid
  • E-123: A robot who wants to kill stuff
  • Vector: MONEY! MONEY! 
  • Charmy: An annoying youngster
  • Espio: Ninja character who speaks like a stereotypical ninja

Now, sir, I don't wanna bring it to you, but... These character archetypes exist EVERYWHERE in media. I can draw parallels with anything, from Terminator to Scooby-Doo and still find some "Similarities". 

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6 minutes ago, Marco9966 said:

In all seriousness, I know these archetypes are everywhere, but I thought it would be fun to talk about it until you came along...

Fine. Let's do it your way.

So, am I the only one who thinks that Big the Cat and Barney the dinosaur are similar?

  • Both are purple
  • The majority hates them
  • They're creepy
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2 hours ago, Marco9966 said:

Many people love Big The Cat as he had sweet writing in the Archie comics post-reboot. And he has a great chance of appearing in the IDW comics too -__-

Eh, I personally don't find Big annoying as well, but I had to make these comparisons somehow.


Also, Robotnik from SatAM is literally dr.Claw, to the point where he has a pointless pet thing.

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1 minute ago, A person, that exists said:

Also, Robotnik from SatAM is literally dr.Claw, to the point where he has a pointless pet thing.

I agree with that, Robotnik from SatAM had all the evil archetypes in place, including the pointless pet.

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