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Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game


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I'm still annoyed about the likely lack of SEGA characters, but after all the Mania info dumped earlier, I at least know I'm being catered to elsewhere. That, and when the teaser relies entirely on a cut from Sonic R, there's probably going to be a fair bit of the Sumo charm for me to appreciate regardless. 

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Great to see another Sonic racing game. Always have been a fan of the All Stars Racing series. Quite fun games. If in the chance Sumo Digital are making it, I wonder how they will do it now they are taking it in a non-Sega All Stars direction?

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Not a great teaser, but now that it’s confirmed to be “Sonic Racing” I’m hoping they can put as many cool and obscure Sonic references in the game as possible, including stages and characters (Sonic Spinball stage and Sticks the badger as a playable character?). Literally go ALL out! If they play it safe then I will definitely not be as interested. 

We will probably see more at E3. Hope it’s going to blow us away visually at least! 

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1 minute ago, SaberX said:

Since Aaron said its not a sequel, its kinda expected don't ya think?

Don’t see why they can’t just use it as his default staple car though. Where are the rules that say that car is only tied to the asr series?

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8 minutes ago, Stasis said:

Mighty and Ray could be racers ?

Seems like a real possibility if they want to go for the synergistic approach, but it depends on whether the game will be enforcing the Modern/Classic divide (which it probably will).

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11 minutes ago, SaberX said:


But hey...Riders had some Sega characters here and there. Who knows, they might add some for the sake of being like a Mario Kart.

yeh I wouldn't worry too much. Let's just hope they only add the good SEGA characters in.

such as:

Toejam & Earl


That guy from Comix Zone whose name escapes me

Danica Patrick

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28 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

Another teaser left right to the very last second - it appears that we're finally getting another Sonic Racing Game. They've confirmed that it is not a sequel to any of their titles so that means it's not apart of the All-Stars line and probably a Sonic-only racer.

That said, the car in the teaser does look Sonic's Speedstar from the All-Star titles. We also got a darkened out logo that empathizes the R, similar to how Sonic R did it. With that, I think it's fair to say that this is going to be a new racing title like it was leaked a few weeks back.

YES! I can't wait to see more!

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