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Strange, selective issues


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I can post again? I can post again!

So I may be having a phone-specific or cookies issue. I joined this forum very recently, and everything was fine.

Then suddenly, I could not post: when I clicked to Create New Topic or Respond to Topic, I could write a title but the space for writing text was missing. Same with personal messages - no text box. I also could see the number of Notifications I had, but I had no response when I tried to click on it (not even if I switched to Desktop mode). Finally, if I clicked to React to a post it instantly registered me as using a Thumbs Up reaction instead of giving the multiple options.

Something's changed now. Using Desktop mode, I managed to sign out and sign back in. Now I can post or start new topics again. My notifications icon, well... it doesn't work if I click on a link or thread within the website, but it starts to work again if I click to Reply or start a new topic... and it stops working once I click to a new part of the forum. I can still only React with a Thumbs Up, and I notice that I'm unable to quote anyone in my replies - I can report a post or edit my own, but the button to reply to a post isn't there.

Craziness, right? I'm excited to be able to post again, but I was wondering if this was a common issue. Thanks!

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