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As I have been looking around the internet to find something to fill the hole that is my disapointment about the pre super genesis wave lacking a conclusion, i have found some rather awesome fan comics. Here are the ones I found:

Fan continuations:

Archie sonic Online ( y'all probably know this one)

Sonic retold ( Alot Darker continuation than Archie sonic Online)

Regular Fan comics:

Fallout new mobius (sonic but in the fallout universe)

The no zone archives ( stories about the zone cops in pre super genesis wave timeline)

Is there any other good fancomics that y'all would like to reccommend?

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I did topic like this once on Bumbleking forum

I'll just copy paste it, with small changes


Sonic: Child of the Green Hills - this is MUST READ. It's very short (30 min read tops. Unless it updates since I last checked), but very good. Adaptation of Sonic's origin (the one from Sonic Early Cannon, with Ovi Kintobor), but with references to later games. Very touching.

Not Enough Rings - comical strips about Genesis trilogy, kinda like off-panels to games. Very short, one comic for each act/boss. Good for small laugh.

Sonic Genesis - dark version of Sonic in something that I think suppose to be Final Fanstasy-like world. Art is more realistic, there is slight nudity, swearing etc. I'm not big fan, but some ideas are kinda cool. Look at Scratch and Grounder. They use characters from games, Archie and few other medias.

Sonic Eggs - fan continuation of Sonic X comics. Actually very funny, but it didn't moved in long time (so it's very short). Still, you MUST see this and this.

Ghosts of the Future - fan comics by Evan Stanley, one of comics artist. Again, a dark version of Sonic, but more classy then Genesis. No nudity and stuff, just trying to make dark story with Sonic. Focuses on main hedgehog trio and... I don't have much to say. Even Stanley draws its, so it looks awesome. Go Evan!

Sonic Satam Season 3 - another fan continuation. To be honest, I'm not big fan of Satam, but this feels very much in the spirit of it, just more a bit more serious (thanks Ancient Walkers, no annoying Antoine). Artwork is great, so I'm pretty sure some of you will love it.

Sonic The Comic Online - semi official continuation of "Sonic the Comic", a British Sonic comic published by Fleetway. This one is a biggy and while I don't think it's that good, I can definitely admire the work putted into it. And if you never read Fleetway, don't worry, there is a recap of all major events that happened in the comic. They even got few official artists from StC (plus Yardley) to draw them few segments.

Another Sonic the Comic Continuation  - I didn't checked it in a long time. Artwork is almost professional, but writing just didn't grabbed me.

Two Evil Scientists - Sonic/Megaman crossover sprite webcomic. Technically premise is that Eggman and Willy team up, but in practice it just loosely focus on two franchises interact. Kinda comedy, kinda adventure, mostly just having fun with two franchises interacting. Actually really fun if you're into this sort of things (definitely better then two Archie crossovers), but first pages are quite lame. So you know, for people with patience.

Lastly, if you REALLY stretch definition of Sonic comics, then Brawl in Family is really funny comics about Super Smash Bros character. Sonic is in... twenty strips perhaps? It's pretty mediocre at start, but get's better later on.

EDIT: Geez, I almost forgot about Other M - a fan comics made by Ian Flynn before he became a writer of Archie comics. In it Sonic lands in the much darker version of Archie Mobius, in which Knuckles is an evil dictator. I don't love it (even Flynn admits that it was flawed), but it's interesting to see how Flynn started. It was never finished, since Flynn had more important project to take care of (you know, writing your favorite Sonic comic).

Also, DON'T read Chaos Diamonds 3. I'm mentioning it due to it's size and being finished, but expect for that there is nothing good about it. It's a terrible story, being too dark for no reason, having everyone out of character and most annoying anime cliches. Someone actually told me that it gets better later, so I read it whole like a chump. Do yourself a favor and don't do it.


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24 minutes ago, ShadowSJG said:

Is BumbleKing forum still on?

No, dead for few year now.

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