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Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁


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3 hours ago, DarkRula said:

I really hope the SXSW panel gives us a decent amount of tracks to look at. We have the music for several of them, now is the time to see them in action. We see the tracks, we can see what possible links might be there for grouping them into threes. And if we could get the third track linked with the two Seaside Hills, that'd be great. But let it be something original and not another returning track.

I skimmed this post to see Seaside Hills and then looked down to see Future of MARIOKART.


On 2/23/2019 at 11:00 AM, Blue Blood said:

Link, timestamp and more detail, please?

I'll help with one of those things, but fuck if I'm going to watch a 12 minute video of jumbled footage video to see what you're on about.


Is that render of Infinite new?


On 2/23/2019 at 11:46 AM, VEDJ-F said:

In any case, I knew they weren't going to use the flag bearer for fanservice. 

Also, missed an obvious punchline here.


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7 hours ago, DabigRG said:

I skimmed this post to see Seaside Hills and then looked down to see Future of MARIOKART.

That must have been fun. Seaside Hill, Mario Kart, just a whole cup on Seaside Hill in Mario Kart, why not?

That's the crossover we need.

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I've didn't really think up a collective track list of my own picking and honestly never concerned myself over it. I was always more interested and gradually concerned in just being able to see and play as a bunch of the other characters in a spinoff again.

With that said, I suppose if there were somethings I would think could've been used for track, they would be:

  • Something on Angel Island, whether it be Lava Reef/Red Mountain or even Hidden Palace, the latter of which perhaps inclusion allusions to Chaos Angel Zone and Radiant Emerald.
  • That burning city from Rivals 2, with the Ifrit as a considerable feature and/or stage hazard. Perhaps they could have Iblis Creatures wandering around with the collective menu description implying that the dimension is being oddly perpetuated by time travel.
  • A track on the Lost Hex, perhaps an expanded version of Sky Road and/or multiple locales merging & unmerging with each other, due to the stage unlocking visuals and/or alleged illusion aspect.
  • Dodonpa's personal stadium/dimension/planet


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45 minutes ago, Your Vest Friend said:

We've known the roster for at least six months, I think people have had plenty of time to give thoughts. 


29 minutes ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

Yeah, I'm not sure why it would change. I still think the same now as I did when I first heard the roster was going to be 15 characters. 

I mean in terms of how they actually feel with the game out, but gotcha.

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