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Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁


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My character predictions are

Amy Rose - Speed

Zeena - Power

Cream - Technique


Sonic - Speed

Knuckles - Power

Tails - Technique


Shadow - Speed

Omega - Power

Rouge - Technique



Blaze - Speed

Silver - Technique

Vector - Power

Espio - Speed

Random Robot - ???

Eggman - Power


This game so far sounds like its going to be more balance with its stats then transformed.

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Since I’ve always enjoyed doin lists, I’ll give my 2 cents about it

I believe that the 15 characters mentioned will be those who will be part of the story, I expect some unlockables.

Team Sonic:

Sonic (speed) Tails (tech) Knuckles (power)


Team Dark

Shadow (Speed) Rouge (tech)  Omega (Power)


Team Rose

Blaze (speed)  Cream (tech)  Amy (Power)


Team Chaotix

Espio (speed) Charmy (tech) Vector (Power)


Team Eggman

Metal Sonic (speed) Fang (tech) Eggman (Power)

I strongly believe there will be 3 unlockable characters in the game, folks that might appear in story mode but are not playable.

My best bets are  Silver (speed), Big (power), Sticks (tech) 

there might be a couple of secret characters too, and my choices are

NiGHTS (tech)

Tails Doll (power) 

I put Tails Doll in because I think Aaron is referring to him whe he said that thing about a character not beeing playble for a long time. Another hint could be the “R” from Sonic R.

Also NiGHTS has always been the number one Sega guest in sonjc games.


Classic Sonic (speed) will be a Day one DLC or a pre order bonus of some sort.

then I can see at least 3 dlc packs of characters

Team Babylon : Jet (speed) Wave (tech) Storm (power)

Team Bad guys: Infinite (speed) Chaos (tech) Zavok (power)

Team SEGA: BD Joe (speed) Bayonetta (tech) Ryo Hazuki (Power)


For stages I’d like to see

new ones:

Planet Wisp (confirmed)

Apotos (Unleashed)

Rooftop Run (Unleashed)

Aquarium Park (Colors)

Sweet Mountain (Colors)

City Escape (Adventure 2)

Pumpkin Hill (Adventure 2)

Hang Castle (Heroes)

Frozen Factory (Lost World)

Sandy Hill (Forces)

Metropolis (Forces)

Studiopolis (Mania)

Radiant Emerald (R)

Lava Reef (S&K)

Mushroom Hill (S&K)

Chemical Plant (S2)

NiGHTS themed stage



 Sky Sanctuary

Casino stage fron the first Asr

Death Egg

Starlight Carnival



Windy Valley (Adventure)

Dolphin Resort (Free Riders)

Mirage Saloon (Mania)

Press Garden (Mania)




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@Fire-N-Space Why would you put Zeena in Team Rose? Last time I checked, she's very much in cahoots with Zavok and she and Ames have bad blood as a result of the events of Lost World. Like I said in another post here, I'd rather put Blaze in there.


As for Zeena, I'd probably group her with her co-Deadly Six teammates.

Zazz: Speed

Zeena: Technique 

Zavok: Power

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Just now, jgcatindig said:

@Fire-N-Space Why would you put Zeena in Team Rose? Last time I checked, she's very much in cahoots with Zavok and she and Ames have bad blood as a result of the events of Lost World. Like I said in another post here, I'd rather put Blaze in there.


As for Zeena, I'd probably group her with her co-Deadly Six teammates.

Zazz: Speed

Zeena: Technique 

Zavok: Power

Zeena didn't want any part of Eggman or Zavok's evil plans wanting to stay out of it to focus on her nail art. She has a lot in common with Amy like fashion, interested in boys, and being sassy. Seems like Blaze would go against Amy in a lot of ways but with Amy being a very kind person she can team up with mostly anyone.

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I'll do two lists, why not. First, the boring, likely list:

1-9: Teams Sonic, Dark, and Chaotix from Heroes, with their established types (swapping flight for technique). 4 of these characters are already confirmed racers, and all of them were in Forces, so they're still considered reasonably important characters and thus have a high chance of being considered.
10-12: Team Bad Guys. Metal's a likely choice as a speed type, you can hardly have a Sonic game without Eggman, and we've seen an Egg Pawn racing (the latter two could go either way regarding type). Or maybe they'll give us 3 Egg Pawns or something, who knows.
13: Amy, either speed or power.
14: Silver, technique.
15: Blaze, either power or speed (whichever Amy isn't). Even though she didn't show up in Forces proper she made it into the mobile game and was introduced in IDW Sonic way before anyone would've expected so she's still a reasonable candidate.

And then, the fun list. Grouped by type, because the fun list assumes that teams aren't fixed.

-Metal Sonic

-The Guy On The Boxart


And then Egg Pawn is the 16th character and can be selected as any type, because the fun list chooses to defy the stated 15 character roster.

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On 6/3/2018 at 4:07 PM, Pawn said:

've never been super fond of grouping everyone into threes, since it places limitations on interactions and pushes some characters into awkward roles where none really make a lot of sense (see Amy). That said, it's a racing game and I'm sure Sumo know what they're doing. One good thing that does come of this is that Rouge should be a lock for a team with Shadow. I just hope Blaze makes it in too. As for the entire roster, I would guess something like:

Team Sonic - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles

Team Fuck You - Shadow, Rouge, Omega

Team Pink/Purple - Amy, Blaze, Big (due to Sumo's fondness for him) or Blaze, Silver (since he's often been chosen above other ancillary characters), Amy

Team Chaotix - Espio, Charmy, Vector

Team Egg - Metal, Eggman and... I hate to say it but... possibly Infinite. I'd love it to be Chaos (since he's seen more prominence recently in Forces and Lego Dimensions) or just about anybody else, but... sigh.


Cream's possible, but along with Big, is one of the mostly likely to miss the cut. Charmy and Omega are lucky to be part of an established trio where any other character would feel wrong. I know Omega's been replaced before in Free Riders, but I don't see why a generic robot would be chosen again over an actual member of the cast. Unless Chaos takes his place, since he and Shadow are similar in some ways and the brand "Team Adventure" could work. Team Rose, on the other hand, had very little tying it together in the first place, so I could see Amy joining any of the remaining characters. Whether any of it matters really depends how much story there is.

I agree with you about Team Rose, though, Silver does not fit Team Rose in any way (just like Vector, though he has been placed in said team once so who knows), and Blaze only fits Team Rose because of her story in Sonic Rush, where she developed a friendship with Cream.

So I think that the only way Blaze could be part of Team Rose is if Cream is in it. If Cream is not in the game, Blaze will probably be in a different team with Silver and someone else (a team of Blaze, Silver and Amy would not feel like a Team Rose at all, it would feel more like a Sonic 06 team with Amy completely out of place in it).

If Omega is replaced, for sure it won't be replaced by the Egg Pawn, that would probably be part of Eggman's team instead (or just a story mode obstacle like other people already suggested). My guess is that Omega will be replaced by Silver in Team Dark, and Big will be replaced by Blaze in Team Rose, other than that, I think they will keep the Sonic Heroes teams + a new team with Eggman, Metal and Egg Pawn. This theory may be completely wrong because it would imply the exclusion of Big the Cat (a favorite of Sumo), and Infinite, who I really think is going to be in the game in some way. The only other option is that Infinite, Zavok and Chaos are added later as DLC, though there would be no luck for Big... Maybe Big is in the game with a different role this time? I'm sorry for him, but I don't see how Blaze could be excluded in favor of him, Blaze is a fan favorite, people at Sumo have their preferences but they also have to stick to the audience's expectations; I think it's more likely that Silver is excluded than Blaze is, if anything.

I also agree about the Chaotix, they are popular as a group but if you take them separately, they aren't that relevant, with maybe the exception of Vector; though this game is team based, so they will most likely take 3 slots, sadly (for me at least). I would love if they are all in the same car and only take 1 slot instead, leaving more space for other characters such as Big and maybe some forgotten ones such as Emerl (but this is not going to happen obviously :().

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I still don't believe Omega is in the game, for some reason... he was in Forces, but with the short roster, it seems like he's not relevant enough, I have my doubts about Cream and Charmy, Espio as well.

Team Hero (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles)

Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, Egg Pawn)

Team Rose (Amy, Silver, Blaze)

Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy, Vector) ???

Team Eggman (Metal Sonic, Eggman, Nack) ???

I'm not sure about Team Chaotix, but I would welcome them, Silver and Blaze are a sure thing based on that poll years ago, same for Nack, which explains why they said "forgotten characters". Plus a team made up of bad guys is really interesting. No Cream I guess, in this list.

About stages, I'm really hoping there is a mix of old like Planet Wisp and some brand new stages, like they did in Mania and Forces, it was balanced. Plus the Riders series had all-new stages, so why not here?

Edit: Omega is playable, I'm done with roster ideas.

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30 minutes ago, Bobnik said:

Welp, Famitsu posted a preview page about TSR and both Rouge and Omega have been confirmed for the roster.


Also 3 wisps are confirmed - Cube, Bomb and...Eagle. Huh.

Not sure where to post this, but I guess this fits here, considering it's about the roster.

That Rouge Kart is absolutely sexy,  like herself! 😍

Kinda expected Omega to be a tank-type of kart,  but this does well too. 

That's one more team confirmed. 

2/5 Teams confirmed

6/15 Characters confirmed. 

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So,  as it stands,  Rouge is the first femme character to be confirmed for TSR. 

Heh.  And here we are saying Amy is a sure bet. But then again, she is heavily associated with Shadow, so ita kinda bound to happen. 

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11 minutes ago, jgcatindig said:

That Rouge Kart is absolutely sexy,  like herself! 😍

Kinda expected Omega to be a tank-type of kart,  but this does well too. 

That's one more team confirmed. 

2/5 Teams confirmed

6/15 Characters confirmed. 

Don't forget Egg Pawn is confirmed as well.

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With Omega confirmed, I think I'm going to cross the Chaotix off my list now. We have Team Sonic and Dark, obviously there will be Team Rose, Eggman also needs a trio and Aaron hinted at older characters, i.e. a surprise team.

- Team Sonic

- Team Dark

- Team Rose

- Team Eggman

- ???

This also means either Silver and Blaze or Cream and Big are out.

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So Omega is confirmed... Then Silver is not in Team Dark.

The only problems are:

-What they will do with Team Rose?

-What they will do with the Chaotix? Stay as a team as always, or all in one kart?

-What they will do with the final team? Almost certain that's Eggman's team, so, Eggman, Metal Sonic, Infinite? Egg Pawn? Orbot&Cubot?

-What they will do with Silver and Blaze? Are they going to replace characters of other teams with them?

Why 15 characters? they could have added just 1 team and all the major characters would have been in the game without problems.

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Wait, I just realized this game is going to be released in Japan? None of the All-Stars games made it over there (except for Transformed, two years later). This means Sonic Team really do have more influence this time (inb4 Green Hill), and so far this roster reminds me a lot of Sonic Forces, Forces Speed Battle and Sonic Runners Adventure, only missing one common.. Team Chaotix. It might be too early to write them off, I just don't get what they will do with Amy and Eggman, unless Eggman is only an antagonist this time (which I don't buy) or teamed with the mystery characters.

I don't know why, but the cars also give me a bit of a Sonic Team vibe, in the sense that they seem more... restrictive than past games? Like all exactly matching their characters' colour scheme, no more mention of G.U.N. for Shadow, and so on. Almost like the Sonic Adventure 2 vehicles.

Was it ever explained why the Hooligans are fair game for IDW, while Mighty and Ray count as "classic"? Could they be in the game?

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As of yet, Ian has not answered that. The question has been put forward though, and the next BK is next Monday. 

Also I wonder if "playable in a long time" counts the mobile stuff given that Hardlight's publicity for their stuff has stayed mostly separate from Aaron's social media antics. 

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I don't know, I think he does count them, since he reacted to Big coming to Speed Battle, and most of the cast have at least been..hanging around. I can only see this alluding to Tails Doll/Metal Knuckles, the Hooligans or fine, the Babylon Rogues, since being in one event in the Olympics is a bit of a stretch to call playable. Also Wave had a model in Transformed, which I'm still trying to get a hold of, but then again Vector, Espio, Silver and Blaze were all planned for ASR, but are now not all that certain anymore.

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Another thought about the problem of the character slots...

I'm pretty confident that the Chaotix will be in the game separately, they will probably be 1 complete team as always.

I think Omega is in the game to provide a Power type character to Team Dark; if they would have replaced him with Silver as I suggested before, the team would have had 2 Technique characters and no Power characters.

Silver is probably a Technique character, Blaze is probably a Speed character.

Team Rose has a speed character (Amy), a fly technique character (Cream) and a Power character (Big).

There are no Power type female characters, so it's unlikely that Big will be replaced... unless they replace him with Vector once again (and exclude the other chaotix, but it's unlikely); the closest Power type female character would be Rouge, but she's already confirmed as Technique in Team Dark.

Both Amy and Blaze could be stretched as Power type, but it would be forced, ok that Amy fights with the hammer, though, she doesn't really feel like a Power character too much...

If you want to put Blaze in Team Rose, you should put her as speed type and change Amy to Power, exclude Big and keep Cream as technique; though for some reason, I don't see this working, the same way as I don't see Blaze-Silver-Amy working as well.

If you keep Amy, you can't put Blaze in the team, unless you force her as Power type (which she is not, does not look like). You may replace Cream with Silver, both technique characters... though, Amy-Silver-Big seems an unfitting team of random characters.

Another option would be to make Amy a Technique character, and Team Rose would become Blaze-Amy-Big... though there is still something odd in this.

At this point, I'm starting to think that Team Rose will probably stay as it has always been, Amy, Cream and Big, and that Silver and Blaze won't be part of the starting roster.

Blaze and Silver will probably be in the game as unlockable, or added later as DLC, though they need a Power type character. What character would fit in their team? I doubt a bad guy would fit. Maybe Chaos? Though it's completely unrelated with them...

Another similar issue is with a possible Eggman's team, and the Egg Pawn. From that picture, the Egg Pawn seems HUGE... it's possible that it's not a playable character, and it's just a CPU bot in some special mode of the game/story mode... though, if it's part of Eggman's team, this would mean that Eggman is Technique and Egg Pawn is Power. That would be strange too, since in the previous games, Eggman always had that monster truck thing shaped like the Egg Mobile, and that thing definitely looks like a Power veichle. Does this confirms Egg Pawn as NPC/secret additional character outside from the 15 characters count? Eggman's team makes more sense with Metal as Speed, Infinite as Technique and Eggman as Power.

As I already said, I'm convinced that the mysterious dude from the cover is the commentator or something, and it's not playable... but it may also become the Power type for Blaze and Silver's team, if nobody else is avaliable (super forced, not fitting at all, but who knows).

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4 hours ago, jgcatindig said:

2/5 Teams confirmed

6/15 Characters confirmed. 


Team Sonic




Team Rouge



Shadow (Probably)


And now for the complete speculation...

Team Evil


Egg Pawn

Metal Sonic

Team Chaotix




Team Rose



Someone else


And that's your 15 characters.

However I would not be surprised if Team Rose/Chaotix are replaced or merged so we get something like this.

Team Rose & Detective




Team Villain




...Since that would be more inline with who Sega currently states as being the active cast.


Incidentally. If Infinite does get added...



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2 minutes ago, Josh said:

This is the first time you get to play as Omega since heroes I think? So that's neat. Missed him

I think you could technically play as him in '06; though, there's still a sizable gap.

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