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Character and Circuit Discussion for Team Sonic Racing 🏁


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7 hours ago, Iko said:

I agree with you about Team Rose, though, Silver does not fit Team Rose in any way (just like Vector, though he has been placed in said team once so who knows), and Blaze only fits Team Rose because of her story in Sonic Rush, where she developed a friendship with Cream.

So I think that the only way Blaze could be part of Team Rose is if Cream is in it. If Cream is not in the game, Blaze will probably be in a different team with Silver and someone else (a team of Blaze, Silver and Amy would not feel like a Team Rose at all, it would feel more like a Sonic 06 team with Amy completely out of place in it).

If Omega is replaced, for sure it won't be replaced by the Egg Pawn, that would probably be part of Eggman's team instead (or just a story mode obstacle like other people already suggested). My guess is that Omega will be replaced by Silver in Team Dark, and Big will be replaced by Blaze in Team Rose, other than that, I think they will keep the Sonic Heroes teams + a new team with Eggman, Metal and Egg Pawn. This theory may be completely wrong because it would imply the exclusion of Big the Cat (a favorite of Sumo), and Infinite, who I really think is going to be in the game in some way. The only other option is that Infinite, Zavok and Chaos are added later as DLC, though there would be no luck for Big... Maybe Big is in the game with a different role this time? I'm sorry for him, but I don't see how Blaze could be excluded in favor of him, Blaze is a fan favorite, people at Sumo have their preferences but they also have to stick to the audience's expectations; I think it's more likely that Silver is excluded than Blaze is, if anything.

I also agree about the Chaotix, they are popular as a group but if you take them separately, they aren't that relevant, with maybe the exception of Vector; though this game is team based, so they will most likely take 3 slots, sadly (for me at least). I would love if they are all in the same car and only take 1 slot instead, leaving more space for other characters such as Big and maybe some forgotten ones such as Emerl (but this is not going to happen obviously :().

Keeping the Heroes teams only works if the cast of characters lines up with those SEGA wants to include. Cream may not be one of them. Besides, "Team Rose" doesn't necessarily have to be a thing in this game, as Mayor D suggests. She might join Vector and Espio or Blaze and Silver (since he's had on-screen history with both girls) to make up a new team. Amy could end up with anyone in the story because she's a very cooperative character. Thinking about it, I don't know how else Silver fits in and I can't see SEGA leaving him out (unless they're confident enough in his popularity for DLC). I worry more that Blaze's best hope is DLC, though, as she didn't show up in Forces...

On a happier note, I'm glad to see Rouge confirmed already, despite there being very little chance of her absence in Shadow's team.

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10 minutes ago, Mayor D said:

Because Big is more active a character than Cream is.

How so? Sure, he's often referred to with memes, but he hasn't been in a canon game since Heroes, and was added later than Cream was in Forces Speed Battle.

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1 hour ago, RedFox99 said:

How so? Sure, he's often referred to with memes, but he hasn't been in a canon game since Heroes, and was added later than Cream.

Forces Speed Battle.

Canon has nothing to do with it, it's all about who is active according to Sega and who isn't. Big has been more active in recent years than Cream by a good way.

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1 hour ago, jgcatindig said:

I wonder how they will execute the Team Ultimate? 


1 hour ago, Diogenes said:

Isn't Cream in that too, though?

I dunno it's a mobile game I don't play them, just keep getting all the promotional material on my Facebook feed and have seen more of big recently than any other character.

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With Team Sonic and Team Dark already established, I assume a Team Evil will be the Eggpawn, Metal Sonic, and Eggman himself. Presumably the rest would follow Heroes and have Team Rose and Team Chaotix, but then you'd have some big omissions with Silver and Blaze. Honestly, I could see them drop Cream and Big for Silver and Blaze in Amy's team, I think the popularity and general want of those two would outweigh the support for Cream and Big. I wonder if the Babylon Rogues could be a wildcard maybe in place of Team Chaotix, Sonic Riders is pretty much dead right now and I don't know if it will ever be coming back.

There is also that new character on the box art, I'm not sure if he's a racing role or just overlooking the event, but that would shake up predictions a bit.

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Here is my roster for having in the game, following all of the new news.

Team Heroes: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles

Team Dark: Shadow, Rouge, E-123 Omega

Team Rose: Amy, Cream, Big

Team Chaotix: Vector, Espio, Charmy

Team Villians: Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Egg Pawn

That’s the main roster. For DLC, I would have 2 Team Packs be released. I can’t decide on which ones to use, so here are a bunch of my ideas.

Team Alternate: Sliver, Blaze Marine

Team Edgelords: Mephilis, Infinite, Black Doom

Team Villians II:  Chaos 0, Fang, Zavok

Team Babylon: Jet, Wave, Storm

Team SSR: Tails Doll, Metal Knuckles, EggRobo

Team Who-Gves-A-Crap-Put-More-Characters: Vanilla, G-merl, Captain Whiskers 

The rest who don’t make it in go in TSR2

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Going to back to stages, these are the ones I'd most like to see in the game:



Green Hill (1 and Mania) - Standard. It's going to be there, but this time it could transition into the underground caves of Mania's Act 2

Chemical Plant (2 and Mania + Puyo Puyo) - We've seen it a lot recently, but I still love it. It's also a good excuse to include a cameo from another SEGA property!

Oil Ocean (2 and Mania) - Now with submarines, this could be reminiscent of ASRT's Afterburner track. Moving from the classic version to a smog-filled disaster zone in the final lap would be cool

Stardust Speedway (CD and Mania) - One lap for Past, Present and Bad Future

Angel Island Tour (3&K) - Several people have requested this. The zones I would pick are the jungle, Hydrocity and Launch Base

Lava Reef (3&K and Mania) – Plenty of scope for lap transitions. Maybe some Hard-Boiled Heavy cameos?

Studiopolis (Mania) - A no-brainer. A casino-style level is essential and this would be stunning. Heavy Gunner could be a hazard

Mirage Saloon (Mania) - You've got to have a pinball level and this is as unique a spin as you're going to get on it. The track could move from sunrise to full sunlight as the game version does and include cameos from Fang, Bean and Bark if they're not playable (although come on SEGA)

Egg Carrier/Sky Deck (SA) - A very blustery track that could see the road tilting at certain points, as well as transforming in the final lap

Pumpkin Hill (SA2) - Mania left us with no spooky level. I want ghosts and I want their sweet Pumpkin Soup

The Ark/Final Rush (SA2) - We've had Death Egg and Starlight Carnival. It's time to race above the planet and below the looming cyberpunky satellite. Perhaps it could start to descend , break apart and destroy some of the track in the final lap?

Windmill Isle (Unleashed) - One of the more beautiful and unique first levels that often gets overlooked in favour of Rooftop Run. I'd love to race through it again

Aquarium Park (Colours) - Any chance of an Ecco cameo? Or...


If we get any guest tracks:

Spring Valley (Christmas NiGHTS) - If any SEGA property gets in, it's likely to be NiGHTS. And what would be better than the Christmas version? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing

Kamurocho (Yakuza) - It may seem like an odd choice given it's age rating, but don't forget that no-one cared when House of the Dead got in. Yakuza's also been making a good splash in the west recently.


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8 hours ago, RedFox99 said:

Yes, and she was added before Big was.

Yeah, she was, although I didn't find out until I actually revisited Speed Battle again. I've become more addicted to it ever since the update. 

For some reason, I only saw it advertised that Blaze and Big were coming to Speed Battle though. I guess I either missed them doing it or they forgot to and didn't care. 

Either way, Big and Cream don't seem to be too high on their priority list but you never know. They jump around a lot when it comes to who they decide gets a chance to shine. 

It's great that I get to play as Omega in a 3D Sonic game again though. Racing game or not. Only took about 12 years. 

For some reason, playing as him in Speed Battle doesn't have the same zing as it does on a 3D console outing. 

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So with Team Dark, Amy, Eggman and Vector (somewhat) confirmed, the roster seems mostly clear now thanks to the team mechanic. Since I enjoy theorizing, I'll make one last prediction before waiting to see how it really turns out.

- Team Sonic

- Team Dark

- Team Chaotix

- Team Rose  (Amy, Silver/Cream, Blaze/Big)

- Team Robotnik (Metal Sonic, Egg Pawn/Tails Doll/???, Dr. Eggman)

In the end, it all comes down to a battle between Blaze, Silver, Big and Cream on who will join Amy (Oh if only Sonic would fight for her like that : P) , but the missing members might get the pre-order treatment anyway. I'm still wondering who Aaron was referring to when he talked about characters who haven't been playable for a long time. Either he meant pretty much the entire side cast like Omega, or Eggman has a surprise team member coming up.

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For some reason I can't help but feel Big could possibly not be in this game given how he got replaced by Vector in Sonic Free Riders especially seeing as he was in the 1st Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing game only to be taken out in Transformed where as every other Sonic character remained. Cream sorta has it bad too but she was in Generations and Free Riders so she should still have a chance more so than him. 

Would be rather weird to have Vector joining Team Rose again as Big's replacement, but with that said if it were to happen and the rest of the Chaotix were in the game I could maybe see them putting in Mighty as the power type to join Charmy and Espio.


Personally I'm hoping for Team Rose it ends up being Blaze for speed, Cream/Silver for technique and Amy for power. This is only if Big and Mighty aren't here.

However if they are then... 

Team Sonic: Sonic/Tails/Knuckles

Team Dark: Shadow/Rouge/Omega

Team Rose: Amy/Cream/Big

Team Chaotix: Espio/Charmy/Vector

Team Alternate: Blaze/Silver/Mighty

(I would really like this team, but would find it unlikely to happen despite the fact Silver has teamed up with a Chaotix member like Espio before in Rivals 2).

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12 hours ago, Mayor D said:





"Destroy all Eggman racers!"


Rouge's car looks somewhat like an Aston Martin Vantage.

Well, you gotta keep up with a smooth-looking car like Shadow's(a Bugatti/NSX mix)

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5 hours ago, Miragnarok said:

Is it possible that some of the characters who don’t make the roster will show up in cameo or story roles? ASRT did that to an extent.

Arguably we're already seeing that happening.  They're only debatably "characters," but we have Wisps as tools, Chao as spectators, and Egg Pawns as (probably) generic AI opponents.  My theory on mystery cover moustache guy is that Sumo wanted Big to play a role in the game, Sega nixed the idea of giving him a roster slot, and so Sumo decided to give him a crazy role in the story mode instead.  What other cameos might we get?  Unless they're lined up for DLC (not impossible), I wouldn't be at all surprised to see references to the Babylon Rogues somewhere; and while I don't think he'll make it to playable status, a shout-out to Tails Doll would be welcome.

So far as circuits go, I honestly think the pool is too wide to make any realistic guesses - but a stage based on any of the canon zones which were already racetrack-like I think makes a great deal of sense, and Stardust Speedway seems to me a strong competitor, as it's associated with one of the series' most famous races.

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Hopefully, if a circuit is too gloomy for Chao to be present in, I hope they use badniks instead, especially if its places like Eggmanland, SS Bad Future, Metallic Madness, or any Death Egg.

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