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Infinite, a Sonic spin-off film releasing in 2020!

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The mysterious and powerful villain from Sonic Forces returns in his own film, releasing in 2020 by Paramount Pictures. The film features Infinite's story from the Sonic Forces (game and comics) and Episode Shadow, to more detail than ever before. The film will feature Infinite, Sonic, Shadow, Dr. Eggman, Silver and many others. Also along the way will be revealed the secrets and origins of the Phantom Ruby, in Dr. Eggman and Infinite's plan destroy Sonic, the Resistance and the world. Infinite's abilities are said to be far more powerful, destructive and deceiving than in the game. Sega, Marza Animation, Blur Studios, Original Film and Paramount Pictures are all involved with this film like the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie releasing next year. The crew from the Sonic movie are also returning in addition to the current game's voice cast. The film will be entirely animated, compared to the Sonic movie. So what do you guys think, are you excited that were getting another Sonic movie, 2 years in a row?

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