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Mega Drive Mini announced. "ATGames are no more!"

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38 minutes ago, Plasme said:

The main problem with your post is that only hardcore fans of Sonic hold Sonic 3 in so much reverence.

The main problem with your post is that you have essentially made this part up, and it is the entire crux of your "theoretical point."



You can't swing a dead cat around reviews of Mania without finding one that brings up Sonic 3, even when they don't treat their similarities as a complete positive. It's also not particularly difficult to find a review of Sonic 4 (especially Episode 2, when it started getting the heat that Episode 1 deserved; or more recent reviews that heap shit on both of them) that compared the two. Anyone who looks at the Sonic Advance series in the past few years is likely to bring it up. People writing hack internet articles about how bad 3D Sonic always was will probably even mention it.

Regardless of how you want to take stock of whether people consider Sonic 2 the most "iconic" game in the series, the idea that S3&K is the apex of the series is not some hugely niche opinion, quietly whispered among the hardest of hard core Sonic fans who have been busy jerking each other off for 25 years straight. It's certainly not an obvious justification for why Sega would single it specifically out for such a long period of time to pointedly not release after releasing it practically every other year since 1994.

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Here's some off-camera footage of the mini:

Looks like they've added save-states for all games which of course the original mega-drive never had.

I couldn't help but cringe when the guy asked about Sonic 3.


This guy gives a close up of the mini before showing-off some footage:



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I kinda like this cropped 'GBA style' screen ratio. I'd prefer proper widescreen but I know they'd need to add art for that.

I hope they add that option in the SEGA AGES titles, nicer looking than the usual stretched format.

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