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Sonic Legacy (Sonic Paradox Comic Series)

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Alright, alright, here are my thoughts.

Let's start with the pros: It's very professional. If I didn't know better I could been fooled into thinking it's official. I mean, it's definitely not AS good as Flynn & crew, but it's fairly close. Artwork, comedy, dialogue, it's all very good. (I'm guessing background is swarming with team's OCs. Who brought a human woman? Just curious...)
And bringing Eggette is a genius move! If you're a fan project, use it to your advantage. You can guess my first very petty complain. For me her name is "Eggette", that's how original artists called her.  Also, 'Omletta' is a name of robotic wife Robotnik had in one episode of AoStH. I know, obscure, 98% readers won't care.

The issue reminds me of IDW Sonic #1, that is too say it's competent, well told, but lacks the hook. Seems like little reason to read next one (don't worry I will read).
Starting from start, VERY start is...unique approach. It's kinda funny Sonic learning about Badniks or capsules, when every single reader will know them. IDK, I hope you have purpose for it.
So let's talk about Tempest (BTW, her name is said ONCE in whole story. Just saying). She's good unique design, seems like a nice girl. It's just... you know what Mary Sue is?
- She's introduced by totally owning Sonic. (Down to "you're too slow")
- Then she's as fast as him (in water, but still. How convenient that Green Hills have so much water).
- She saves him from Buzz Bomber AND she's the one to trick Eggette.
- And there are at least two jokes about shipping her with Sonic. (admittedly, both jokes are cute. I like tiny Tempest in second joke).
Just to make it clear: it's not automatically bad thing. Both Shadow and Knuckles were introduced by making Sonic look like a chump. So what's the difference between Mary Sue and good character? Basically, if readers like that character or not.
So you're walking a fine line with her. You don't need to make her weaker or lamer to avoid controversy (maaaaybe do it one notch). Just pay extra attention to her characterization. You don't want to end with "OC who's basically female dolphin Sonic, only better"
I'm sure you have it all planned out, but this is what I would do

Next issue (or later): no water.

Create a scenario that puts her in obvious disadvantage, show her vulnerable and force her to rely on Sonic. It's great way to capture audience's sympathy and strengthen her bonds with Sonic.

And it's not like it would make her look weak. When character is at it's bottom, but she's determinate to go forward, that's the real strength.


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Howdy-ho everyone!

Just stopping by to show you this one, our music team just released "Our Legacy", the main theme song for the Sonic Legacy series! You'll hear this in all our future animations that are coming your way. It was a real honor to work on this with the Sonic Legacy family, and I hope you all like it as well!

I also want to extend a thanks to @SonicWindAttack for keeping our SSMB peeps updated on the series and for creating this topic. I'm sure the entire team would be so grateful, I know I am. Thank you isn't exactly enough, so if there's anything you need just let me know

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Sonic Legacy's issue 1 voice dub is now out! Join Sonic the Hedgehog and Tempest the Dolphin as they meet for the very first time . . . as well as Omelette! Plus, you'll hear some very familliar sounding music in here (I did the opening theme, the first scene and the badnik confrontation track). Hope you guys like it! 

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