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Badnik Mechanic

There is a ghost browsing SSMB

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A ghost?! Here on SSMB?


Lol ya I was the one that pm'd Mayor but I doubt it's me. I just noticed that if I log out and return to the same topic, the "ghost" is gone. Log back in and it's there again -rinse and repeat. It might just be a bug with logged-in accounts in general on some topics. Could someone else test this?

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Bare in mind folks... if you try this... you could be gone... forever!

And if that happens we totally need a king Boom Boo user group!

2 hours ago, Indigo Rush said:

This is scarier than the time I was banned but still was able to post.

I dunno. Remember the time when we discovered the glitch that let our avatars infiltrate other people's profiles?

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1 hour ago, KHCast said:

It’s obviously Casper looking to make new friends guys. Let’s all stay calm and welcome him with open arms.

I'll ban him.

This is a place to discuss Sonic, not make friends.


36 minutes ago, SenEDDtor Missile said:

I think your little ghostie friend is haunting here now.Ghostie.thumb.png.fe7a8fc4c06e4e4ded3e9e078103fd60.png

The ghost doesn't annoy me so much as anonymous logging in apparently being useless now. Thanks, IB!

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