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Jump Force (February 2019)| Goku in America

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...Welp, guess that's just guaranteed a purchase from my brother.

While I might have some fun playing a few rounds with him (we both enjoyed our time with the game at EGX last year) I don't see myself ever buying this game, regardless of who gets in via DLC. The story mode looks awful, and I don't think the "realistic" graphics mesh well with the stylised character designs.

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Other than Todoroki from MHA, the other characters of season pass 2 are from Bleach, HxH, Yu Yu Hakusho and JoJo.
Would have been fine replacing the Bleach and HxH slots for something like Arale, Marik (in order to have the owner of the third egyptian god card) or Koro-sensei, or even someone from recent publications like Dr. Stone, Demon Slayer or Chainsawman. Oh well, still glad this is getting support.

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