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Problem’s Logging In

CrownSlayer’s Shadow

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CrownSlayer’s Shadow

Okay, so I had to find a workaround that barely works, but for some reason whenever I try to log in, it’s telling me that it doesn’t recognize my display name, that it doesn’t belong to any account.

Which I find to be a load of crap and think this might be an error. I had to change my password at least three times for this, and I’m typing this on my Yahoo e-mail app at the time of this writing.

Any idea what’s going on?

Edit—Reset my password again. Something is seriously up here.

EDIT2 - I might have fixed it, but we’ll see

Edit3–okay, I’m positive I’ve fixed it. Changed my name, then went back, and I haven’t had any problems. Still ridiculous and out of nowhere, but not bugging on it anymore.

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