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What do you think Seaside Hill looked like in Forces?


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Seaside Hill was the first location to fall under God-Emperor Eggbotnik's cruel regime. A fierce battle was fought between the Resistance and the Eggman Empire, but ultimately the Resistance fell due to the disappearance of local hero Sonic the Hedgehog. Many soldiers died that day under the mighty power of the Phantom Ruby and its infinite possibilities. The land has been corrupted into a decaying wasteland full of toxic waste and putrid corpses, the giant turtles from the Hill have been mutated into terrifying monsters beyond recognition and now roam the once-majestic ocean, now dried out in its near entirety.

The God-Emperor saw the potential in these turtles and equipped them with dual ion-powered cannons fed through an internal matrix which drains energy from the toxic waste. As these turtles rampage on, the land keeps decaying further and further until one day it'll be too much for Seaside Hill to handle and will eventually break and be erased from the world maps.

The Resistance, motivated by Sonic's rescue from the God-Emperor's Death Egg, has launched a full-on offensive in order to liberate Seaside Hill from the Empire's grasp. An assault by the Resistance's warships was denied by the horde of turtles rampaging through, and the infantry of the rebels has no choice but hold the line until Sonic, Sonic and NotSonic can clear a path. 

The God-Emperor Empire shall fall today now matter the cost.

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Eggman turned Seaside Hill into a giant harbor filled with warships, transformed the Ocean Palace into storage facilities, and stuffed the giant turtles inside giant versions of old school Badniks, like the giant Chopper we see in Generations but in the new Sentinel style.

Badniks would include Octus and Aquarius from the Oil Ocean Zone, Shellcracker from Metropolis Zone, Poptank and Piranha from Marina Madness, and Jaws & Turbo Spiker from Hydrocity Zone.

The Boss would be Phantom Chaos, who fights by fusing with different copies of himself to transform into Chaos 2, 4, & 6.

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Well, seeing how Forces tries so hard to be EDGY and HARDCORE, it would probably look like this:

A large ocean with Eggman's extremely menacing battleships, that would feel right at home in a CoD game, but that don't fit in a Sonic game at all. The resistance would probably yell something like "OH MY GOD, SONIC, EGGMAN HAS SHIPS! EGGMAN HAS A FUNCTIONING ARMY! HOW RIDICULOUS!". The killer whales would either be mechanized or dead, and the checkerboard would be replaced with generic dirt. Also, instead of a light-hearted tune we would get some MCR knockoff playing in the background.

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