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[GAME] StarAir - An Episodic Action-RPG Shoot-em-up!

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Hey there! I've updated the game since the past few weeks. Admittedly, things have been a bit slow as I took a week off and am putting a lot of work into other game projects as well, but both me and my friends are still planning on getting Episode 0 and the first version of StarAir: Arcade out by the end of this year! Another thing, all in-game abilities have been added! Check out four of em!

GameJolt Blog Post


New ULTIMATE Abilities: SMG Blast and StarShot


Animated GIF


Max's signature move! Blast the entire screen full of bullets that can tear through enemy bullets and cause a whole lot of damage! Available to use when your Ultimate Gauge is at Lv. 2!


Animated GIF


The StarAir's Ultimate move! Named after a weapon from a millennium old video game, this weapon shoots a massive laser beam covering the screen! Nothing will be able to last it's intensity! Available to use when your Ultimate Gauge is at Lv. 3!




The StarAir can conjure a sword that performs a thin horizontal cut in front of the enemies! After activating it, it will deactivate and have to recharge!




Boost up Max's thrusters and dodge bullets at a blindly fast speed! If you continue to overuse it, it's effectiveness will decrease.


There's probably some more abilities I haven't shown, but I think I'll save that when people get to eventually try them in-game! Thanks for taking a look! I'll probably be back with a lot, lot more the next time I update on this forum thread specifically. More consistent updates can be found on my twitter and the game's GameJolt page.

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40 minutes ago, Nast said:

The last gif doesn't seem to be working. Either way this is looking pretty rad. Looking forward to trying it out!

Thank you so much!! I apologize for that, I'll see about getting it to work when I'm not busy with other things, I tried reuploading it multiple times to a image hosting site so it can display normally on the thread.

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Hey! Haven't updated this in awhile, got a reason as to why:



Hey everyone! So if you’re seeing this, you may have noticed that we haven’t talked about StarAir in awhile. Due to some shifting priorities between the whole dev team, the project has currently been left in stasis for quite awhile. 

So here’s what I’m gonna do. 

StarAir will be releasing in it’s simple, arcade-mode state as StarAir: -Arcade- in Late 2018. This version of the game is stripping the game’s story mode and arcade levels, and will primarily be a score-em-up bullet hell game. All of the game’s main mechanics will be implemented, but a variety of content in the game will be cut. I have not determined yet if I will be adding any additional weapons beyond the ones already made for the game, but I will probably try designing one or two more to fit. It won’t be a fully complete game; the reason why we’re still doing this release is because we want StarAir to at least exist to a certain capacity before we move onto something else. Future updates may or may not be considered either, but given the amount of other things I’m working on, I will likely leave it behind for the unforeseeable future. While I still think the game could had achieved it’s ambitious scope, things didn’t ultimately pan out that way. That sucks, but I’ve decided it’d be best to at least polish up things a little, release this version as is and move on to bigger, more exciting projects. The game still had quite a bit going for it so it would had sucked if I just dropped the project as is. I think if anything, some people might get a kick out of the weird ideas I implemented in the game. 

Another thing, StarAir will be the last game for Team Fuzzy Tail before we officially rebrand ourselves to Sky Hour Games. A few of my friends are joining on a new project and we’ll have more details to share about that sometime soon. Working on StarAir was a fun way of trying out new gameplay mechanics and I had fun with the many different systems and mechanics I added. I'm glad I at least tried, haha! Hopefully you'll give it a shot and see what it ended up being like.

Note: The game's page and GameJolt page have not been changed yet to reflect these changes. They will be modified later.

Thanks for reading, 

The long story short, I will be releasing StarAir as a more simple game and cutting both the game's story mode and arcade mode since I am currently focusing on larger projects, and the majority of the people that were working on StarAir have rapidly changed priorities since the beginning of the game's development process. It sucks that I have to make such a post/drastic change after wanting to try something really large in scope, but it's all fine! You guys will be able to get to play the current version of the game sometime later this year.

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