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'SONIC VILLAINS' Fan Film: A Celebration of the Franchise in the Most EVIL Way Possible

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On 9/7/2018 at 11:37 AM, Miitoons said:

I'm finally ready to talk about this: I'M DEVELOPING A SONIC FAN FILM!!

Sonic Villains

follows Eggman after the events of Sonic Forces as he uses the last of the mysterious Phantom Ruby to gather villains across EVERY SONIC UNIVERSE to regain control, and destroy Sonic in the craziest battle he's faced yet.


The film is estimated to be around 25-45 minutes of crazy fight scenes, comedy, and surprises! I've found things to love and appreciate from all corners of the Sonic franchise, no matter the faults inbetween. This film is a celebration of it ALL.

The concept for the film started around at the beginning of 2017 with storyboards and concept sketches ( Before the Phantom Ruby wasn't involved, but as we learned more about Forces, it made even more sense to bring it into this. ) But after days worth of input on who the fanbase's fav. villains were, I knew exactly the who to make apart of this interdimensional smackdown!  8 Ball Pool Google Hangouts Omegle


There is no concrete release date as of now, as anything can interfere with a project like this, but with a definite understanding of the work involved and how long the fanboy in me has wanted to tell a story like this, I don't see me cancelling this down the line ONE BIT. I want to share progress on the film as it happens, hence me making this topic! The story's already been written out in its entirety, and I'm SO HYPED for this project!!

Feel free to ask me anything about the project! I'll answer all that I can to be as upront and honest with y'all as possible! I've also got a Twitter for the project you can follow here! https://twitter.com/SonicVillains

I adore the thought! Good fortunes with your task.

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On 10/8/2018 at 11:26 PM, Wraith said:

Your art is wonderful and you have the animation chops to back it up too going by that test. I really cant wait to see more of this. The pictures you posted are insanely expressive and convey a lot of motion. Even the design for that original character is eyecatching. Chalk me up as interested. I regret not checking this topic sooner. 

Thanks so much Wraith!

I've got some colored animation examples too, like this lil' fan animation I made to celebrate the IDW Comics.

As well as this scene from the old Kirby anime I redid as part of a fun Kirby Anime Reanimation project going on!


And Tekno's actually official! She comes from the Fleetway Sonic The Comic magazine (The same comics that crazy Super Sonic comes from.), which ran for few years back in the 90s. She's a really fun character, and plays a big role in Villains' story! Here's some pics of her from the comics:




I'm updating my official website with a Sonic Villains section that'll have more info on her and one other character from the UK Comics that'll be tagging along with her. It should be up and running as we reach the middle of the month.

Here's some of the character icons for the site!



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This is awesome! Sara makes an odd amount of sense given her role in piloting Mecha Robotnik as Eggy's "hostage", 😆

and I'm ecstatic to see Tekno make her first leap from print to motion picture! Probably my favorite character to come from Fleetway's neck of the franchise.

I love the comic exaggeration in the profiles, the size of the Piko Hammers, and Cream's (adorable) ears really make those characters standout among the crowd.

(Heh, Catty Carlise)

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