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an ode to the new mod memberships in the form of terrible jokes courtsey of ssmb's greatest hits


(now we know what the package is)


(thankfully mod memberships now include pepto-bismo)


(...i couldn't actually find anything for pawn so i just threw this one up with celestia up as a placeholder. sorry bud)

Happy account-banning!

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Little did they know this was all part of my 11 step plan of getting a sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising.



Thank you all for your kind words! This forum has been great to me over the years and I want to help out in keeping it amazing for others going forward.


Basically, I'll try super hard not to mess anything up!

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congratulations on your new positions! i bet you'll do great as moderators.


5 hours ago, Bloxxerboy said:

Congrats on becoming moderators! Hopefully you help keep order on this site. (Seriously, what the heck is SSMB like at night?)

nighttime is when we dance

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