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Telltale Games shuts down (UPDATE: all remaining Telltale games to be delisted on May 27th)

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2 minutes ago, Teoskaven said:

Also, didn't Disney re-estabilished LucasArts recently? Shouldn't be up to them to give permission for Sam and Max in case?

Disney only hold the rights to Hit the Road, in any other case, the original rights default back to the creator, Steve Purcell. When Lucasarts canned Freelance Police, Steve was so frustrated with the cancellation that he gave the license to TTG to make Save the World, Beyond Time and Space, and The Devil’s Playhouse.

So arguably, they’d just need to get in contact with Purcell again, if they intend to rerelease the series, or make a Season 4.

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So this came out of nowhere for me.

They also apparently decided to halt further comments in community sections for games they no longer own, which meant the Walking Dead section just suddenly decided to not allow posts.

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