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Failin's Reviews! [Youtube Series]

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Haven't watched any Toy Story movies since the original back when it came out for home release and that was enough for me so the teaser does nothing for me. The Pokémon one on the other hand, while I haven't seen the trailer beyond silent clips (thanks Failin') it does highlight why I'm concerned about the Sonic movie. While some of the more animal based ones like everyone's favorite electric mouse (though I would have imagined a Pikachu as more of short-hair rodent than a medium length one, but eh) look reasonably acceptable, some of the more abstract ones just look peculiar at best (though Mr. Mime doesn't bother me strangely). That most Pokémon are still not as abstract as Sonic (that almost seems hard to believe) just creates more worry for me as a Sonic fan.

Still, glad to see Pokémon has you looking forward to it Failin'. While it's a long ways off still I look forward to your eventual review.

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