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Juana and the Dragonewts' Seven Kingdoms

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Ok, so after I finished watching My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, I went to the Books-A-Million nearby to look around, I came across the manga above and I decided to get the first volume. After reading it, I liked it. The book is about this civilization of reptilians called Dragonewts as the story takes seemingly takes place in some post-apocalyptic Earth. The story centers on a dragonewt named Nid who looks for antiques as a job. He ends up finding some egg and lo and behold a human girl hatches from it. The girl is Hispanic and can only speak Spanish. She calls herself Juana and Nid reluctantly takes her with him (sidenote: she calls him Conejo, which is Spanish for rabbit). After that things get interesting, though it's only until near the last few chapters that the plot picks up.

Overall, it's a neat a manga so far, and I hope to pick up the second issue and maybe preorder the 3rd one coming later this month God willing.

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