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New Vine-like app “Byte” in the works! 2019

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On 11/8/2018 at 9:10 PM, KHCast said:


Founder of vine recently tweeted this 

LETS GO! I’ve been waiting for a genuine follow up to vine as I fucking loved it back in the day. So can’t wait to see where this goes

homas Sanders did Vine catch my attention. Now seeing that they’re launching something similar to Vine, I can’t wait to see more funny short videos!😱

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So this was 3 weeks ago, but it just had its first beta run with a few select people! It’s still scheduled for sometime this year(guessing somewhere in the summer). The creator makes a point of a concern, and it’s worth echoing, TikTok is already dominating the Vine followup era, so guess we’ll see soon what Byte will bring to the table. I really hope TikTok doesn’t kill its chances 

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