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Amazing (NEW?) Sonic Unleashed Concept Art


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I have stumbled upon something truly special. I was bored browsing the internet early this morning for interesting pictures and I stumbled upon this breath taking concept art of Sonic Unleashed. I am not sure if this is old, but I don’t care. These pictures are amazing and I want to share them with the members of the SEGA/Sonic community that have not seen them. Djahalland Studios has some amazing talent and I can’t thank them enough for putting up these awesome pictures in their gallery.

Check out the rest of the concept art on the Djahalland website at http://www.djahalland.com

Come discuss the concept art in our dedicated forum topic!



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Because it's so beautiful looking. And reminds me of snow. <3

Snow is great (except when you’re cursing the sky for raining down frostbite) but there are other stages that deserved an artistic touch. I wonder why levels like Shamar, Empire City and Mykonos got snubbed

Surly there is enough in those stages to cover a canvas, Right?

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