The one bad thing about running an over 2 year old roleplay is that the mythos and lore? It can get pretty confusing at times. With all this multiversal travelling, overarching plots, tons of franchises, characters and writing involved, in can be nothing short of terrifying for newcomers of SSMB Heroes Academy. But never fear, the Goddess of Light, Palutena from Kid Icarus is here to educate you! Introducing a new writing project for newcomers: Palutena's Guidance! With this series spanning multiple frequent updates, Palutena and Viridi educate the angel Pit, and therefore the reader on each character in SSMB Heroes Academy, preparing you to read the adaptations, or join the PM RP itself here on SSMB with their trademark banter. Enjoy the prologue, and check the AO3 link for updates, as I try to get them out daily!