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Hytale (PC/Mac) - "Hey! You Got Your Minecraft in My RPG!"

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Hytale is an upcoming block-based sandbox game from Hypixel Studios. The developer branched from a company that's actually quite familiar with block-based sandbox games, considering that company is Hypixel, Inc., the folks that run the most popular server in all of Minecraft (no, really, it's in the Guinness Book of World Records; look it up) and created all sorts of minigames for that server (which will still be maintained by Hypixel, Inc.). With a desire to go from modders to full-blown game devs and not be constricted by Minecraft's limits, a team of 40+ individuals split off and started working on Hytale in 2015, later getting investment from Riot Games (the League of Legends folks) and an "angel advisory group" that allowed them to establish Hypixel Studios in 2018 and crank up their production values.


Hytale itself shares a lot with Minecraft, but it runs on its own custom-built engine, takes place in a fantasy world (the landscapes of which are procedurally generated, by the way), and incorporates deep RPG elements. Go on adventures alone or with friends in co-op. Uncover the world's history through handmade adventures. Build yourself a house and use the wild's resources to your benefit. Befriend and battle multiple NPCs and animals, each with their own behaviors and interactions. Fight through boss encounters and combat challenges and explore the land to find new and better loot. Nothing's out of the question.


But that isn't the end of it-- Hypixel Studios continues the tradition of minigames by allowing you to play games old and new with others and gives you the tools to make your own. Players can also create their own servers. Character customization is also available, if you want to change up your look. The game's creative freedom doesn't end at block-placing or minigame creation, though. Hytale was made with the creative in mind and has extensive modding support with the devs' slate of tools available for you to mess around with, including a combination modelling/texturing/animating utility known as the Hytale Model Maker that lets you make your own items and creatures, and in-game scripting allows you to make changes to code and see the difference immediately. Cinematic tools are also available, allowing you to make your own Hytale machinima with the game's models; you can create custom animations and add particle effects at your leisure. In fact, the trailer above? All of that was made using a mix of the cinematic tools and in-game footage.

Hytale has no release date or business model yet, but Hypixel Studios is working on meeting players' expectations while getting the game to them as quickly as possible. It's planned to come out on PC and Mac, and other platforms are being considered. A beta is planned for the future, and you can sign up for it and learn more info on the game's website. You can also keep up with news on Hytale's social media accounts (Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | Snapchat). The subreddit, forum, wiki, and Discord server are under construction, but this post will be updated when they're available. Have any questions? Read the FAQ.

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This feels like Minecraft crossed with Terraria, with a side of DragonQuest Builders, and is kind of the game I really wanted Minecraft to be through mods. Modding can only take you so far, so this is something I can accept instead; A full new game, made for grand adventures at it's core, with inventory management and many monsters to battle.

I do look forward to this, and hope for the best with the Hypixel team. Their work on their famous Minecraft server have been nothing short of phenomenal, so this is very promising.

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It's been a month since Hytale was first revealed to the world, and to celebrate, the team has put up a new blog post containing previews of two music tracks from composer Oscar Garvin, reflection upon how the announcement was extremely well-received, and an update to the FAQ.

Here are the music tracks, if you can't use the link:


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Been a few weeks, but I'm here to catch you up on Hytale blog posts.


First off, there's a key art showcase that shows a timelapse of the creation of some of the key art used for the game, with insights by lead artist Thomas "Xael" Frick. It also confirms the identity of the guy who seems to be the Big Bad of Hytale, Varyn.


Next, there's a blog post focusing on Hytale's block tech, which includes a look into RGB tinting, transition textures, and more.


Finally, there's yesterday's post on character customization. Read to the end for a nice little surprise on that front...

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