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Christmas 2018! (General Discussion/Christmas Haul)

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THIRD HAUL! (The Sucktacular Boxing Day Sales)

Most Commonwealth countries have an extra holiday after Christmas, called Boxing Day. Don't ask me, I don't know what it is either. To take advantage of the people who got cash for Christmas (or are just looking for a good sale), shops have Boxing Day Sales!

...And they sucked this year! Barely anything went on sale.

A local bookstore I found had absolutely no sales, but I at least grabbed My Hero Academia Vol. 2 and Splatoon Vol. 3. I found they had The Legend of Zelda manga too, so I'll keep an eye on that. And I thought they'd have more MHA books, but no, that's not in stock in my town...

I also got Spyro: Reignited Trilogy for PS4. A general store had a better price on the game (which wasn't even on sale!) than EB Games had it on sale for... So EB Games can get stuffed!

All in all, I kinda shopped cheap to try and make the most of it all. But even that sucked. And I still have plenty of money left, that I'll use online instead.

Now I know why online shopping is taking over.

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I'm always grateful for an easy/quiet Christmas. This year I haven't been in the best of spirits the last couple months due to stress and I really didn't want to bother this year. I did end up with some nice things that really brightened my day, though.

1. Nichijou Blu-Ray/DVD Combo: I watched this show a couple months ago just before Funimation pulled all their shows from Crunchyroll, and it's one of those rare/weird shows I just keep thinking about and remembering all the humorous little bits. I was stoked to receive this and spent part of my afternoon rewatching some of it. Still makes me laugh with all its absurdity.

2. Sonic Generations (360 version): I was sort of interested in picking this up at some point because of the backwards compatibility on Xbox One. I had the PC version years ago, but since I don't really have the means to play that version anymore, this was rather convenient. Going back to it is very strange because I played the PC version with a keyboard at the time, so I was a bit surprised that the game felt a bit jank on a controller. I'm not used to an Xbox controller, either, but the game still felt rather rigid and tanky for me. I also don't really have the reflexes to react to things I used to. It's something I'll probably get used to again, enough to have a good time with it. Game is still gorgeous and the levels so far are fun.

3. Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD: A few years ago I wanted to give Twilight Princess on Wii another spin and when I tried, I found myself struggling with the controls. They were less than precise and pretty frustrating, which was a bit disappointing coming off of Skyward Sword, which I loved. TP is a game that I know I played and spent a ton of time with, but it's also a game that I found less than memorable even a year after I finished it. I couldn't tell you anything about it but the most basic things. I wanted to give the HD version a try for a while, so it's nice to have this to revisit down the line. I'm interested in seeing what sort of impressions I have this time around.

4. Cowboy Bebop Blu-Ray/DVD Combo (Amazon Exclusive): This one was a huge surprise for me since I didn't think this particular set was even still in print, and I didn't recall asking for it. Turns out my sister got it on a flash sale and decided to give it to me. The HD transfer is probably the most beautiful presentation I have ever seen for this show. The image is sharp and clear, and the colors are amazing. Older releases and airings of Cowboy Bebop were always too dark with crushed blacks and artifacting problems. Mostly serviceable, but never the optimal way to view the show. It's really refreshing to see it presented this way and it's something I'm looking forward to rewatching (again).

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As mentioned earlier, I had to work this christmas, and since I haven't been celebrating christmas for very long to due the beliefs of the religion we used t obe in, this was the first christmas I had to work... So needless to say, I kinda took it harder than most others.

It wasn't all bad though. Seeing as how it was christmas, the resort wasn't as busy... Understandably, not many people want to leave a theme park and resort on christmas day. In addition, they were serving some turkey, ham and mashed potatoes in the cafeteria along with some free velvet cake. Although there can be times where they can overwork you, I do enjoy working at a Disney resort.

Anyways,  after an uneventful day, I came back home and had dinner with my family, and had some more turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and pasteles. It ended up being a pretty good day overall.

I got my presents before work as well. What I got was:

-SNES Mini

-Bendy and the Ink Machine vinyl figure

-N64 usb controller

-A box of various Mario goodies.

All in all, I had a nice christmas.

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Despite my family pitching in to help me buy a new laptop not too long ago I actually got quite a few presents on Christmas Day from them and my friends ^^

  • I got clothes from my mum.
  • A suitcase from my Dad's girlfriend. Might seem like an odd gift but I travel a lot and my current suitcase happens to be on its last legs. My Dad's girlfriend didn't know this when buying the new case lol
  • From my girlfriends family a variety of chocolate snacks.
  • From my girlfriend the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a headset and a ticket for a comic con I'm going to in May.
  • From my friends wine, chocolates and a tea flavour that I may have to renounce my citizenship over for even owning lol

I also treated myself to the Octoling amiibo pack and I'm going to see what I can find in the Steam sales. I'll also buy the Octo expansion since I don't actually own that yet lol

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Had a fantastic Christmas with the family. Might even be one of the best in recent memory. Full spread of my loot:


Individual gift details on my blog if you're interested.

Gotta say, my favorite thing I received probably has to be one of the things my Sis and her Husband presented me with. No joke, opening this made me legit squeal:



Also, yes, if you're wondering...


Those are exactly what they look like. Random crap gift exchange games can be very fruitful on occasion.

On another note, this Christmas also marked the first time that I committed myself to posting an update on my blog every single day leading up to the big day by way of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Advent Calendar. I also challenged myself with digging up trivia and strategies on each and every card that I pulled, so if you have a passing Yu-Gi-Oh! interest and haven't checked the posts out, I'd definitely appreciate some more eyes on my ridiculous ramblings. I'm really proud of this series in a weird way. XD 

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Thanks to Black Friday, I was able to receive a couple of extra games and DVDs on top of the other stuff. The only one I've had time to touch so far is Puyo Puyo Tetris, but hopefully I'll get try out some more today. Also:


I did not expect the Amaterasu "noodle topper" to look so good in person. They even painted her butthole 😮

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