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1 hour ago, TideKai said:


I'm very sorry, I'm not really sure what you're say or mean here? I got like 3 hours of sleep last night, so my mind is probably just a little fuzzy, haha.

Shadow put his past behind at the end his game, hence the song  Never Turn Back.

06, which some say was originally gonna be a reboot regardless, notably has him working for/with GUN and when drama does arrive in his story, it comes from the fact that he would time travel to seal Mephiles in the past, would get blamed for Iblis's earlier destruction, get sealed away himself by Omega in the future, and Mephiles' attempt to convince him to help him make humanity pay for what they did to them.

When it comes down to it, Shadow's response to all this is simply that he'd just keep fighting like he always has.

23 minutes ago, Sonic Fan J said:

Totally left field, here but about the only character I can really say I would like to have seen receive any change that wouldn't take me a month or longer to right up the type of changes I'd like to see is Elise.

Yeah, Elise is a character I also intended to write [more] about a few days ago.

25 minutes ago, Sonic Fan J said:

but even with having the view point of liking the game unlike pretty much everyone I've ever seen talk about it I never saw the SonElise romance as a two way thing even with a mission trying to shove it down my throat (it just felt unnatural and unearned to me). Where most people saw Sonic reciprocating Elise's feelings I never did. 

Yeah, I honestly missed the romantic aspect the first few times around until looking back on it after the fact. Though Sonic does have a bit of bashfulness at one or two points.

27 minutes ago, Sonic Fan J said:

Then of course I feel that what Elise truly needed was a friend outside of everything that she knows and not a romantic partner. 

That's sort of a thing her character arc involved, yes.

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I totally forgot about this thread. Never really did a post myself, as far as I see.

Eh, might as well repost one of my posts about Vanilla until I can think of something else.

On 7/18/2020 at 10:08 AM, DabigRG said:

Really minor example, but maybe Vanilla?

Advance 2 itself doesn't have much plot to it, but I find it interesting how Cream is one of the only characters who has a family that shaped who she was upon introduction and relatively little was said or rather done with it. Partly because there was never really a place for it with a lack of cutscenes or anything before they were kidnapped by Eggman, but I think it would've been a little neat if we could've said more about her mindset at some point.

It's not always evident depending on the art style and it's almost never drawn attention to, but Cream actually has really huge ears compared to other lagomorph characters and is similar to those of Dumbo in allowing her to fly. Much like Tails having two rotating...tails, Cream as a rabbit should not be able to fly but her unusual proportions allows her to achieve that feat. And the fact that she is effectively sheltered, if nonetheless friendly and curious about the world, due to living in a cottage(or ranch in Archie) out in the woods is also a little suspect given her vaguely upperclass culture.

I'm not even sure if the manual goes into her existence much less her name, but it'd kind of make sense if Vanilla, for as pleasant and mannerly as she is, once had a negative view of the world or rather how it might view her daughter. It is said that Cream's dialect is the habitual result of a strict upbringing that emphasized always conducting oneself in a polite fashion, so it'd stand to reason that this was intentionally ingrained into her as a safeguard against being judged harshly just as much as a reflection of Vanilla's own background. 

While not exactly meant to make her antagonistic, it would give her a hint of depth and make the fact that she's more accepting of Cream being free-range a testament to the heroism and open-mindedness exhibited by Sonic and Amy, even if it is ultimately confined to the manual or other character bio.


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