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Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

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Hey, I decided to start this thread because a mod told me to stop posting my art on the movie thread. So, I could no longer posted artwork there.  They wanted the thread to be more of a discussion than a art gallery. However, I could still post my work if, I start a new topic in the showcase section. So, I made one.  I thought it would be fun, if anyone got any movie related fan art to show. If any of you made something interesting that is movie related, feel free to post here.

Here is one that I made recently. I imagine, what would the movie be like if Cream and Cheese were going to appear in the movie. I could see a scene with them hanging out with the girl who will be one of the main characters for the upcoming movie at Japantown SF, since the movie is set in the city. I could see them enjoy, having fun, and eating matcha ice cream there. I hope you like it. So, enjoy. Oh, BTW, I put Espio there for fun.:







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21 minutes ago, DaddlerTheDalek said:

It's fun to see Tom interacting with Sonic characters.

Thanks! So, anyway, I was wondering what if Eggman used something similar like the Egg Monster from the Sonic racing games in the movie. I could see him used that to try to crush Sonic. We could see him crush anything that was in his way. So, here is a picture of the chase what it could be like if a scene like this was in the movie.:



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Here, I draw Sonic getting chased by an tank which it is trying to take him down. It would be nice, if we get an scene like this, in the movie.:


10 hours ago, Sonikku2k said:

Ah so there you are. I have seen your art before last year... DeviantArt I think 

I like it a lot

Yep, all of that were done by me. Thanks for the appreciation!😄

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On 2/17/2019 at 6:43 PM, Sapphirine Wind said:

Hope you don't mind the like spam, but dang man, you're really good at drawing cars and cities. All of these drawings look fun, cool, and adorable.

Oh, it's ok, I don't mind. I'm glad that you like them. Thank you for appreciate my drawings.

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