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So.... Is Tails Suffering From Depression In Sonic Forces?

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On 1/31/2019 at 12:31 AM, dbzfan7 said:

I kinda see what he's going at. Like take Mario, who is usually depicted as the all around type. There's always people faster, stronger, etc, but not completely better than who he is. Like Luigi tends to be faster and better at jumping. Jumping is like Mario's number 1 thing, and he's not even the best at it.

Though I already said I didn't want Tails to be Sonic's 1 to 1 equal as it robs us of his coming of age story. He shouldn't be that good til they tell a story where's he's older. I think what's most important to set people apart is who they are as people more than anything else. I want Tails to earn that status in a story, not be given it immediately. I'd think it'd be really neat if he sticks around with Sonic, but also learns from whoever else Sonic is with. So he'd take notes on other heroes.

If we go by Sonic equals those would be Shadow, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, and Metal. Competency wise they're all supposed to be roughly on the same level when it comes to combat. That's 6 in basically the same tier, and 5 are heroes. Though the problem of too many characters is pretty simply solved by not using them all at once all the time.

I love the idea of Sonic being the heroic mentor to Tails, who isn't really great as a teaching mentor. Kinda like how Genos asks Saitama about these things and he sure as shit isn't good at being a mentor. Tails goal is to be a hero like Sonic. To be as cool and grow up to be just like him. Something we should see more of from him. The sidekick. Hero in training.

Isn't Genos supposed to be under Saitama forever, no one in the show is stronger than Baldy because thats the the joke. Sonic mentoring Tails to be a better hero than him invalidates Sonic's long lasting impact as main icon he is. Like Mario when fans acknowledge Luigi always being behind Mario forever. And I thought Tails goal was to always support Sonic and pretty much stay his right hand man.

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