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BubbleButt TV

What's the beef with Cream the Rabbit?

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Here's my theory why she's ain't popular. Just to be clear, I'm going to use hyperbole here and there.

Generally people who like Sonic characters can be put in three groups. You either:

1) Liked Classsic games (you know "When Sonic was good" yadada), so you like Classic characters. I keep saying people who seem to care only about Core Cast.
(Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman)

2)  You like them cause they colorful and fun. Mario is so dull, Megaman's cast is small and half of it are  just robot warrios with busters. But look at the wacky Chaotix! Fox with two tails, how imaginative. Big makes me laugh and Eggman is just the best.

3) Or you actual like that Sonic is "cool". Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Blaze. Bunch of bad-asses with stories and junk. So they cartoon animals, you don't care.

And every Sonic character can be put in one of those boxes (and some in two or three). but Cream? IDK she's not funny or 'cool'. She's cute. And how many people join Sonic Fandom to look for 'cute'. That's more of a My Little Pony, Mario or Disney sort of thing.


And even if you argue that Sonic characters can be cute (say Tails or Amy), you have to ask if Cream is even all that cute. In Advance 2 maybe, but Heroes or Sonic X she can be somewhat annoying. And ask Marine, this fandom doesn't like "annoying" kids in. After all, Charmy isn't that popular either.

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On 1/31/2019 at 7:15 PM, BubbleButt TV said:

With that in mind, seeing adults saying things like "this innocent cute little rabbit literally represents everything wrong with sonic characters!!" kind of makes you cringe a little lol. There are so many worse characters to choose from.

Yep. Specially when it comes from Jim Sterling, everything that says the butterball cenobite should be taken as  grain of salt.

In regards of Cream, any character that served gameplay in any meaningful way on previous games is alright to me. However, I don't care for any of them when they are added just as flavor content.

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