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Motobug Presents: Moto Man! (Mega Man Ruby Spears, every Saturday at 5pm EST/10 GMT starting 2/9)

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At long last, Motobug is getting its gears back in motion. Get ready for...



By popular demand, we're covering the least-terrible cartoon adaptation of the classic Blue Bomber! Prepare for cheesy dialogue, anthro-lions, and beloved robot children turned into 'roided-out teens! And keep your eyes peeled for a certain unmistakable posterior!

The stream begins 2/9 at the usual spot: https://cytu.be/r/Motobug

Week 1's Lineup:

Pre-show: Sonic Mania Adventures Ep. 1-5 (To celebrate a certain red monotreme's 25th birthday)

Episode 1: The Beginning
Episode 2: Electric Nightmare
Episode 3: The Big Shake
Episode 4: Mega-Pinocchio

Bonus: Super Mario World cartoon- A Little Learning (For the Ultimate plant boi)

Join us as we fight to save the world and protect President Lincoln statues everywhere!

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Starting this week, we're bringing back musical intermissions! If you've got any Mega Man tunes (From any aspect of the franchise- Classic, X, Star Force, whatever) you'd like to play while we stretch our legs, feel free to add them! Just a reminder: Three songs per session, first come, first served!

As for the next session:

Episode 9: Bot Transfer

Episode 10: Ice Age

Episode 11: Cold Steel

Episode 12: Future Shock

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