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What is YOUR RPG play style?

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You know in your typical role playing games, action role playing games, MMO's, etc. Whenever you're given the choice to build your own stats to your playstyle, how do you go about it? Are you ranged? Jack of all trades? Up close and personal? Support? Etc. How do you typically build your characters before you go off on some quest whether in ye olden times or future dystopias. What tends to be the weakness of said choice? Like the jack of all trades tends to not excel in nothing. Tanks tend to be slow or don't do much damage depending on a speed tank or attack tank, etc. What tends to be your choice of weapon?

For me personally, I always have to be in the thick of things. I must be up close in personal. I don't particularly like hanging back to shoot things much. It's not as satisfying as an up close clobbering. I tend to go glass cannon or do whatever I can to maximize speed and power. Hit as hard as possible, and as fast as possible. Usually over several attack strings rather than just a slow big weapon which leaves me wide open. Hit hard, hit fast. That is my motto. That is the strength of my characters.

The weakness tends to be defense and health. Because focus is on being as hyper aggressive as possible, that means health isn't too beefy. I prefer to rely on dodging skills and that speed to make up for that weakness. It works sometimes, and other times it means dying quickly. Though even at this weakness, nothing is more satisfying than absolutely melting a health bar down. Like whipping out the twin swords for Nameless King in Dark Souls 3. Was a bitch my first playthrough, but second run with these babies and he was utterly murdered in record time. 

The weapons I tend to rock are swords, and dual wielded swords/sword and dagger for maximum speed and DPS kill power. I used to like big axes and greatswords but now they're too slow for me. Good for one hit big damage, but over time usually aren't as powerful. Though in future styled games I tend to go with pump shotguns to dish out tons of damage fast in bursts. Love me a good up close shotgun. If I gotta use guns mainly, give me a boomstick. 

Melee focused titles. Swords, dual swords, daggers builds.

Gun focused titles: Shotguns builds.

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I go for offensive all the way in Pokemon. I don't use stuff like Tail Whip, and as soon as I can, I replace non-damaging moves (This might stem from when I was younger, where I used a non-damaging move in my first battle with my rival and lost because of it). I also try to diversify their moves, where I give them at least one move they have STAB with, and then anything that might be effective on their weaknesses or a move I like.

in an MMO I used to play, I was DPS, but once I played as a Controller (my role objective restored my teams MP to do their moves). I felt like I was gonna throw up. I did fine, according to the people in my league, but I could feel my heart beating fast out of stress and everything. Pretty sure I logged off soon after that.

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In theory I think the style I'd like most would revolve around using status effects to weaken and wear down enemies but in practice I don't think any rpg I've played has really incentivized this. It's always felt like "spend twice as much time and effort to maybe be on par with full attack".

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