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Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits


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Can't believe we still don't have a thread that's specifically made to contain the shenanigans of the Twitter/Tumblr Sonic account.

Anyways, right now there's a popularity contest  shodown between all of the non-Sonic characters to determine who is the coolest, and round 1 is Tails Vs Jet  The Hawk :


And you can vote for them here : https://www.wedgies.com/question/55ad6214f0a2be0c000111a5

round robin scrub double elimination master race

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Lol; even Sticks and a bloody Chao got in! I'd be interested to see the results of Eggman vs Amy and if (probably when) Shadow and Metal face off. It kind of sucks for Blaze.

Oh, and Tails and Knuckles are totally not ending up in the final.

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What's interesting is that between this and Sonic Runners, it seems that Sega's now confident enough to use all of the major characters of the Sonic universe instead of just Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Amy, which means that there's a bigger chance we're gonna get multiple playable characters in the next mainline Sonic game.

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Thought we had a Sonic social media thread somewhere.  Either way, I think the reason we've not been using it, if we did have one, is because the majority of the time, we're just sharing memes, which isn't really much of a constructive conversation.  Anyway, this popularity contest might work well as a topic in its own right, so for that and because I'm pressed on time right now, I'm not going to take an extra step to search for said topic.

This poll eerily reminds me of the survey they had in 2003/2004.  The one that supposedly prompted the creation of Shadow the Hedgehog, although I'm pretty sure the results of that survey were never made public and never put to good use.  I'm pretty sure this will be much like the latter ordeal.  It might influence us into believing it has an impact on the series' direction but will most likely be tossed by the wayside anyway.

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To be honest, it's just nice seeing Sticks be reintroduced into the Modern continuity for her second chance instead of just leaving her in Boom.

Yeah. I hope to see her on a true SonicTeam main title later. I'm also curious to see how they would write her.

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So far, 78% Tails, 22% Jet...Jet is doing better than expected! :P

I might as well post my predictions.

Tails vs Jet: Tails

Big vs Chao: Chao

Metal Sonic vs Blaze: Metal Sonic

Sticks vs Shadow: Shadow

Silver vs Cream: Silver

Eggman vs Amy: Um...not really sure.

Rouge vs Vector: Rouge

Knuckles vs Espio: Knuckles

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Interesting, I have to remember to vote.

It's nice to see Sticks here but there are also some characters from game continuity who are missing, some even which would rank pretty high on my list. Also, it's quite weird to see Chao in here, I mean, is there suppose to vote for the whole species?

But first round, ah it's going to be so difficult to choose.

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I voted for Tails :) I don't really like Jet as a character and obviously I can't really say much for his gameplay.


My predictions,


Tails VS Jet: Tails

Big VS Chao: Chao

Metal Sonic VS Blaze: Don't know. TBH I'll have a hard time choosing for this one.

Sticks VS Shadow: Shadow

Silver VS Cream: Don't know. They're both pretty meh as characters.

Amy VS Eggman: Eggman

Rouge VS Vector: Rouge

Knuckles VS Espio: Knuckles


I predict that we'll end up with either Tails VS Eggman or Shadow VS Metal Sonic for the final.

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If Shadow beats Metal Sonic and Tails I will never have faith in this fanbase again. 

I think the final will likely end up being Tails vs Eggman or Knuckles vs Tails.

I would make me so, so happy if the final was Knuckles vs Tails. I don't expect it to happen, but it would be wonderful.

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Voted for Jet even though I know he's going to lose to the mutant bugger anyway. He's a more entertaining character to me.

Not at all excited to see the final outlook though. The breaks of liking characters no one else does. xP

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Round 1

  • Tails vs Jet: Tails
  • Chao vs Big: Chao
  • Metal Sonic vs Blaze: Blaze
  • Shadow vs Sticks: This isn't even fair; Shadow
  • Silver vs Cream: Silver
  • Eggman vs Amy: Eggman
  • Rouge vs Vector: Rouge
  • Knuckles vs Espio: Knuckles

Round 2

  • Tails vs Chao: Tails
  • Blaze vs Shadow: Shadow
  • Silver vs Eggman: Eggman
  • Rouge vs Knuckles: Knuckles

Round 3

  • Tails vs Shadow: Shadow
  • Eggman vs Knuckles: Knuckles 

Final Round

  • Shadow vs Knuckles: Shadow 
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I'm gonna vote for Jet because he's the underdog here. And Shadow is almost guaranteed to make it to the finals; kinda surprised Sonic himself isn't on the list tho.

Because Sonic would win. He's the most popular character. Every list you find is going to tell you that. You remove the obvious choice to make the contest more interesting.

The obvious next point would then be "but what about Shadow then? He's always second" to which I respond "meh. It's twitter, and Shadow is usually voted for by kids, so maybe something else".

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I'm honestly fall in love with the new PR person, whoever they are.

Not only are they dragging bratty anti-fans right and left but doing so in a intelligent way that bites even deeper. It's almost like some weird kind of tranquil fury. 

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^It's Aaron Webber AKA RubyEclipse. Indeed I very much respect the man. Has called some reviewers out as well.

IIRC hasn't Sonic come second to Shadow before or am I misremembering things?

It would be interesting to see if Sonic's popularity has dropped as a result of the solo-Sonic games we've being having, but obviously it's not that sort of poll.

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  • Zaysho changed the title to Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

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