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Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

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Even around 70 years before he met Sonic he was failing to keep that Master Emerald in one place

4 hours ago, Froste-the-SnowMetallix said:

I guess Fleetway was onto something with making Knuckles thousands of years old!

It is a pretty good explanation for why Knuckles seems to have been the only living member of his species for his entire life.

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That was fun. Watching Jirard attempt to do parkour was pretty amusing.

They did go a bit overboard with the sound effects, though. I think they thought the “getting hit by spikes” sound was the “jumping” sound.

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Some stuff just went down on the Sonic Livestream:





(Awkwardly cropped because I’m on mobile and the original screenshots were over the file limit)

Looks like some things might start happening soon, probably leading up to SXSW.

Edit: I just remembered that SXSW is in March. So, probably not leading up to that…

Edited by Kellan
I'm on PC now, so I put the images in a spoiler to save space.

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8 minutes ago, Detective Kaito said:

Oh no, you know what that means...

Sonic Heroes HD? I seriously doubt that.

On last night's stream whilst playing Heroes, Aaron made sure to get a good shot of Big glaring at the camera with Cream and Amy on his shoulders simply because of how ridiculous it looks. He even said he's been considering tweeting a picture of it for a while. This is just a reference to that.

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