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Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits

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They are very active on this account, I have to give them that. But most of the stuff their post seems to be more meme fooder than anything that really has to do with the series itself. And it is not like there isn't something to talk about: We have the movie, the IDW comics, and TSR. But still, they focus much more on memes.

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I never had a problem with it, yeah they post more memes than anything, I myself end up enjoying most of them. Puns and "silly jokes" can work quite well if done right, and they mostly pull it off with their posts IMO.

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4 hours ago, Ellipsis-Ultima said:

Get ready for another Twitter takeover!

The characters answering questions are Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Eggman.

Starting Friday 10AM Pacific.


...I would post the tweet but for some reason it's not embing.

Will someone upload the answers to youtube like this? (this one is epic for quoting the game grumps's Sonic 06 video)

 and this ?


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I love how all these answers have Adventure era references like "Meet me at my workshop in Mystic ruins", or "Remember when Eggman sent you out to space from the ARK colony?", or "Tails saved Station Square" to which Eggman replies "I didnt try hard you know".

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Its that time of the year again!

Sonic on why Tails is the best. (That was heartwarming)

On Chilidogs and bands

Gushing about gushers

Off key Macarena (feat Tails)

Welp that's the end see you next game

I'm kidding moving on.

Breakfast Reccomandations (feat cutsey fan art!)

Everyone's favourite memories (wow Shadow)

Well that went well

Asking all the important questions (lmao sonic)

Can Eggman roll? ( Also GRUMPY GRUMPS)

Shoe reccomandations:

Rip Egoraptor

Shadow gets censored real time (WHEEZE)

That OVA reference

Tails likes BNHA!

Welp that's the end (for real this time)

The fact that it was trending first worldwide is pretty cool! This was a fun one.

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I'm sorry to bump this topic. and I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here.

I imagine it's nothing, and it's from 11 months ago and nothing's come of it, but I just found it super random.  So I was listening to music on Youtube the other day and was listening to the song "Unheavenly Creatures" by Coheed & Cambria, and well, I saw this comment.  This is obviously still up and on the official video for the song.

Again I know it's probably nothing, just not really sure what to make of it other then I suppose Sonic if a fan of Coheed & Cambria? :P



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