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Tumblr/Twitter Sonic's latest exploits


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Yesterday was Knuckles Chaotix's 27 Anniversary!



Twitter Translation: Today is the 27th anniversary of the release of "Chaotics"
 From "Super 32X", the design of the time is used to join Espio! 

 Capture various gimmicks using the "ring" and "band of light" that connect partners 

 Sometimes pulling a partner off a cliff...

Espio, desperate ...!


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We have some Sonic Channel Art of Tails camping in Adabat



Twitter Translation: Let's eat!

Tails to enjoy camping and BBQ in the Adabat archaeological area full of nature in the mountains and seas

 The progress of the archaeological fieldwork of the ancient great incident "Gaia Legend" is excellent. The taste of camping rice is also exceptional

 Finally from tomorrow

Have a nice vacation, too!

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We have an TSR 3rd Anniversary Artwork


Plus, we have another Pac-Man Birthday Art



Another year of flying high! Celebrating #PACMANBirthday this year with more amazing art from @thesketchsector.


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The little details are awesome. Amy's training at Tails' Lab from Sonic Battle


It's possible to see it from the shape of the windows

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