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Motobug Presents: Sam & Max Hit the Stream (Sam & Max Freelance Police Stream) - Debuting at 5pm GMT/10pm EST - Saturday April 6th 2019

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"Just who are these guys?"

By popular demand after a small test screening, Motobug are ready to announce their next streaming project, and this one is going to be quite different from previous ones in the past. We're breaking the mold with what's seen as one of the best Video Game cartoons of all time, a series starring one of the oddest gaming duos of all times - Sam & Max! An iconic Lucasarts adventure game at one point, Sam & Max is one of the most unique series out there with nothing just quite like it. 

The Freelance Police consists of Sam - an enthusiastic detective with a relaxed attitude and is never seen without a box of junk and his beloved revolver, and Max - a crazed hyper lagomorph who loves violence, danger and any excuse to let out some lead. Join the duo's insane adventures as they travel into outer-space, underground, to jungles, and even to the back of a mutated refrigerator that holds a TV dinner meal that's desperately lonely.  

However, that's not all. Motobug will be trying something a little different this time around, as not only will be streaming the animated series, but due to the episodic nature of their later games - all of them compiled into seasons full episodes, and each episode fitting into roughly our timeslot for the streams, we've decided to also take a swing at streaming the actual Telltale episodes as well, which are considering even funnier than the animated series.

So with that, the order will be: 

-Sam & Max Freelance Police (Animated Series)

-Sam & Max Save the World (Season 1 TTG - 6 Episodes)

-Sam & Max Beyond Time & Space (Season 2 TTG - 5 episodes) 

-Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse (Season 3 TTG - 5 episodes). 

So, in terms of the usual questions -

Where will it be streamed?: Sam & Max will be streamed on Motobug

When does it start?: It begins on Saturday April 6th at 10pm GMT/5pm EST

Where will we get the episodes?: All of the episodes are on YouTube, which is what we will be using to stream.

How Many Per Night?: Due to being in a 11 minute format, the episodes will be compiled as 2A-2B - which means two 11 minute segments that fit as one episode. That means there will eight episodes per night, which equals to about four episodes of Motobug's usual 22 minute length.

As for the first night, here are the episodes we will be watching: 


Episode 1: The Thing That Wouldn't Stop (Parts 1 and 2) 

Episode 2A: The Second Show Ever

Episode 2B: Max's Big Day

Episode 3A: Bad Day on the Moon

Episode 3B: They Came from Down There

Episode 4A: The Friend for Life

Episode 4B: Dysfunction of the Gods

If there's any more questions regarding the stream, or the series, be sure to let me know and I'll try to answer as best I can. This series is an really damn good one, so the Motobug crew are plenty excited to watch it, hope to see you there!

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Well that was a largely successful first night! Unfortunately, we're already roughly a third through the series, but we've still got the Telltale seasons after the animated show. With that said - here's the episodes for next week:

Episode 5A - Big Trouble at the Earth's Core

Episode 5B - A Glitch in Time

Episode 6A - That Darn Gator

Episode 6B - We Drop at Dawn

Episode 7A - Christmas, Bloody Christmas

Episode 7B - It's Dangly Deever Time

Episode 8A - Aiiiieee Robot

Episode 8B - The Glazed McGuffin Affair

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Apologies for the delay with the episode announcement, as well as last week's hiatus. The next set of episodes are here, and will be aired on Motobug on Saturday 27th at 10pm GMT/5pm EST. This is the final set of episodes for the animated series, and then we will be hopping into the Telltale stuff soon after. We will also be doing a full 10 episodes of Sam & Max this week to close off the series - the final episode being double length.

Without further ado - 

Episode 9A - The Tell Tale Tail

Episode 9B - The Trouble with Gary

Episode 10A - Tonight, We Love

Episode 10B - The Invaders

Episode 11A - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Episode 11B - Little Bigfoot

Episode 12A - Fools Die on Friday

Episode 12B - Sam & Max VS The Uglions

Episode 13 - The Final Episode

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With the main animated show over, we will be moving onto the Telltale Episodes next time with...

Sam & Max Save the World: Episode 1 - Culture Shock!

Sam & Max will also be on hiatus again this week as Game Night will be happening that Saturday, but we'll be back at 10pm GMT/5pm EST on Saturday 11th May.

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With Brady Culture's heinous mind-control scheme involving washed-up television celebrities out of the way, Sam & Max find their way shoved into the limelight once more when their next case brings the freelance duo to a hostage situation involving a talk show host. However, if the two want to even get inside the room in the first place, they're gonna need to achieve stardom through game shows, cooking shows, sitcoms, and betrayal in order to do so. Join us next time on Motobug for...

Sam & Max in...Situation Comedy!

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On this week's Sam & Max, the freelance police's latest case brings them into the shady underworld of the toy mafia, an outfit running the Ted-E Bear's Mafia-free Playland and Casino. Their goal? To find a mole hidden deep in the organisation and retrieve him, without getting themselves killed. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately in Max's case - the duo will need to prove themselves to the mob in order to join them, and find their mole. 

Join us next time for The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to vote for a new ruler, someone who will set people straight, and put down the right policies. As Sam & Max head towards the White House after a call to speak to the President themselves, the two find a new conspiracy ongoing. In order to get to the bottom of things, The Freelance Police will have to start a minor war with the Soda Poppers, get past agents, and somehow miraculously elect Max as the President of the United States against Abe Lincoln himself. 

Vote for Max this Saturday, in Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die!

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