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Darkborn (a.k.a. Project Wight) - A revenge action-RPG in which you are the monster

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Earlier today we got some new footage of Project Wight, a game developed by The Outsiders revealed back in 2016. You take the role of a young Darkborn creature, a species of monster hunted by Viking-like clansmen in a grim fantasy setting. It's a deliberate perspective flip on the classical setting of humans fighting monsters, with the angle of sympathy landing squarely on the monsters' perspective. Your kin faces ritualistic slaughter and suffering at the hands of these humans, and your grief fuels your revenge.

It's a first-person-perspective action game with some RPG elements. By killing humans, you'll transform and become powerful enough to take down more at a time, but there may be times when you'll need to revert back to your more child-like form. You can also gain abilities via the "death gift" system, in which you encounter your dying kin across the land, symbolic of grief for your species' loss. There's also some stealth gameplay and you'll need to do a number of hidden takedowns on humans alongside barging into their camps claws blazing.

Here's the new footage revealed today. Content warning: There are disturbing scenes containing death, torture, and dismemberment of both humans and monsters, including on-screen depictions of humans killing Darkborn children. It is extremely graphic and very upsetting, so consider yourself warned before you watch.

There are a lot more details about the game in this Game Informer article, including a few quotes from the creative director David Goldfarb; he (and some of his team at The Outsiders) previously worked on games in the Payday and Battlefield series. The game is coming to PS4/One/PC, but a release date has yet to be revealed.

I'm pretty excited for this game for the role reversal and for it shaping up to to be an extremely emotional, if upsetting experience. Kind of gives me some Hellblade vibes too due to being an indie title with the visual quality of an AAA title.

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