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Strange Quirk about the Physical Switch release of Mania Plus


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So this is something that I've been trying to figure out for a few months regarding the Switch version of Mania Plus. Originally, I had gotten the Digital version of the original base Mania game, but later received the physical edition of Mania Plus as a gift. Now normally - on PS4 at least - if you enter a physical version of a game that you have already downloaded, it'll give you a notification and ask you if you want to delete the digital version and replace it with the physical version.

However, on the Switch version, when I try to delete the base Mania game off my Switch, and then install Mania Plus through the cartridge, it will not start, giving a error that the game simply couldn't start. Where this gets weird though is that if I have the digital base version of Mania installed, and then put the cartridge in, it will recognise that Mania has a cartridge in, showing the icon next to the game, and starting it, and properly activates the Plus DLC as well.

So my question is that - can the game itself just be installed through the cartridge, or is this some really huge mess up by SEGA/Nintendo at this point? Has anyone else who originally had the digital version and upgraded to Mania Plus experienced this? 

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Oh. Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure that happened to me, too.


This is what the Sonic Mania icon looked like on the software screen after downloading the game. It didn't change when I started up the physical Sonic Mania Plus. It never even occurred to me to delete my old data.

I didn't really pay it too minds at the time and then forgot about it eventually. Is it really unusual?

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2 minutes ago, DanJ86 said:

I didn't really pay it too minds at the time and then forgot about it eventually. Is it really unusual?

I'm not sure if it's unusual or not, as I haven't experienced this with any other Switch games.

That said, do you think it's a problem with the save data?

Edit: It was the save data. For some seemingly baffling reason, Mania saves aren't compatible with Mania Plus on Switch unless you've got the digital base game downloaded. Deleting my save data did the trick.

Kind of lame I've got to start from scratch but I'm due another run of Mania again anyways.

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Don't know if this is related to the strange quirk.

I've gone back to Mania Plus to play though the game as Sonic just for fun. But had recently goofed up.

I booted up Sonic Mania, forgetting that Sonic Mania Plus wasn't physically in the Switch. So to my confusion, the game loads up as Sonic Mania, though my Mania Plus save files were still their. (Completed playthroughs of Ray and Mighty.) I couldn't select the Plus exclusive characters. Of course, Encore mode wasn't their either and the option to purchase the DLC was.

That was when it hit me that I forgot to put Mania Plus in the Switch. I quit the game and put MP in and loaded it like normal. It's strange because you use the same icon and the Mania Plus content was all their still so my mistake didn't cost me anything.

I'm not sure if what I described could be considered strange but it certainly surprised me.

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