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Team Sonic Racing OST - "Wisp Circuit"


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I like this song, but it feels a bit different listening to a clean version, like, some notes sound... off?

This was my go to.

It does have that distint Planet Wisp melody at 0:53 onwards tho'.

Jun Senoue and the Sonic Adventure Music Experience, huh? I always thought this song sounded straight out of Sonic Adventure, a bunch of instruments being used and sick guitar riffs.

There's some Runners songs that also sound straight out of SA, wonder if Ohtani did a colab with this group aswell.

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Pretty nice stuff, I think giving the track it's own identity rather than being a straight cover of Planet Wisp was the right call if this is going to be the opening course of the game, though I do wish we got just a little more of Wisp than just the very main riff before it went to the loop.  Perhaps Mother's Canyon will take care of that though.

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