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[Fanfiction] Academy Chronicles: Episode Tsumugi

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After months and months of setup, the next prequel to the SSMB Heroes Academy Roleplay is here! This time, focusing on Tsumugi Shirogane, Season 2's Mastermind and her rise to power... and how it ties into the RP's entire history.



A prequel of the crossover RP SSMB Heroes Academy's Second Season.

Evil never really dies. Sometimes, it only gets stronger. This is the case for Tsumugi Shirogane, who not only suffered a career ending defeat, but her own death.

Yet she lives as a new, more powerful force, and she's using that to get a second chance to fulfill her dream of entertaining an audience and becoming validated once more... no matter the cost and no matter who she has to work with.

And this time, the entire multiverse is her stage.



Foundation Prime.

The center of all dimensions in the multiverse. A sacred land containing seas of bricks, occasionally blasting upwards to form hints of the many realities surrounding it.

A once undisturbed land, until one day, a being known as Lord Vortech sought to use its power to create one “perfect” universe before being stopped by the three “Travellers”.

The legendary hero of Gotham: Batman, the rebellious Master Builder Wyldstyle and the wise wizard Gandalf put an end to Vortech’s wish for multiversal consolidation and had the cruel mastermind trapped within a never-ending rift loop.

That is, until one day, the arrival of the Disciples changed the multiverse forever. These dimension hopping heroes lead by the Sentinel known as Sonic the Hedgehog and Sayaka Miki made the concept of universal travel a regular thing to both heroes and villains alike.

And the more rifts that open, the higher the risk of tears in the fabric of space and time become, freeing Vortech from his prison… and eventually becoming the leader of LOSE.

A multiversal organization of evildoers which he used to achieve a new goal: Find a way to kill the Writers who create the Fictional Realm and free villains from their fate of losing to the hero.

He eventually figured out a way to do so, by using the Foundation Elements of this unstable multiverse and the power of either Sonic or Sayaka to point the way to the Golden Weapons that convert a Writer’s thoughts into reality.

With only two, the Fourth Wall can break.

To accomplish his goal, he needs a spy to infiltrate the Skylanders, a new group of heroes formed by the Disciples from across the multiverse to protect it. Luckily… he knew just the one he could use.

He just needed to revive her…




Waddling across the room, a black and white bear looks across the hall of the grand palace of Foundation Prime: The home of LOSE.

“Ah, here we are!” Monokuma, LOSE’s second in command points out upon stumbling across a regal pair of doors. He proceeds to knock.

“Right, so uh… boss? Looking through the list of the crap we need for that little hourglass you’re makin’. You’re saying one of these Elements is that Madoka chick’s hair ribbon?”


“…Boss? Oooopen says a me! Hellloooo?”

 He knocks again.

“Getting real tired of your shit, your majesty.” Monokuma says, sarcastically.

A loud voice booms from the other side.

“You will not interrupt me during my ritual!”

A gust flows through the cracks, pushing Monokuma into the wall.

“…Fine. I’ll ask Izanami then. Geez.” Monokuma growls. “Why am I working for this friggin’ guy again?”

Dusting himself off, he walks away, grumbling to himself as he wonders what’s even going on in there.

“Ritual… heh. He’s probably jacking off or something. Do these LEGO people even do that? I don’t wanna know.”

Meanwhile, inside those doors, Lord Vortech is hard at work.

Looking over a human-sized capsule, Vortech holds his staff high into the sky in his private throne room. The corrupted clouds of Foundation Prime swirl around as a rift opens within the capsule itself.

“By the powers of space and time… the limitless potential of the Brick! Reform the ultimate apprentice!”

Coming out of the rift, bouncing inside the capsule is a swarm of white bricks. They swirl like a tornado, clicking together to slowly form a shape.

Feet… legs… torso… arms… head…

It’s rough around the edges, but it can be made out that the bricks have come together to create the silhouette of a young woman.

“Excellent…” Vortech chuckles to himself. His blue body and gold armor shimmers in the bright light of the bricks performing their next step in the revival process.

The creation is consumed in a blue light, morphing in shape. The edges round out, the proportions shift and the sound of plastic slowly fade away and become replaced with that of moving fabric.

As the light fades, the image of a human emerges from it. Blue hair, glasses, white shirt, long dark skirt and a blazer to top it all off.

She seems plain, a normal girl. But Vortech knows what he has.

As she bears the potential to become one of the greatest threats in the multiverse.


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Been pretty busy, but I'm back in business to deliver updates once every two weeks as I alternate with Guidances!



The Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles.

A place that seems to hold the best of the best students, only to turn out to be a refuge after a great disaster… to then be revealed as the stage of a sadistic game.

A game where people choose to be stripped of their identities, their personalities, everything that they are to become subjects of a killing game. A game broadcast to billions across the globe for their amusement.

The game is called Danganronpa. Or at least, so it has been claimed to be.

But now, 53 seasons in, the final survivors managed to put an end to this ceaseless killing. Who would be behind such a cruel act to begin with?

Tsumugi Shirogane. A seemingly plain girl with long blue hair, glasses and a passion for all things geek culture. The Ultimate Cosplayer with the ability to dress up as any fictional character down to the most impossible of qualities.

Some may call it illusion, disguise, or even shapeshifting. Nevertheless, it was pure talent.

A talent born from passion for Danganronpa. A talent turned into evil as she orchestrated this season to entertain the masses.

That is… until now. The masses have made their choice, Danganronpa will end. Now she watches her empire fall piece by piece.

“It’s all led up to this… huh?” Tsumugi asks herself internally as she looks up. A blue blaze ricochets from structure to structure. The only being keeping her company in her final moments is the Monokuma mascot she works with.

“Final punishment time.” Monokuma tells Tsumugi, waving to the remaining Nanokumas who are filming this last execution. The end of the set and of everyone inside it. “Smile and wave like you mean it, girlo! This is what you wanted, right?!”

“A Mastermind’s death!”

“Then why do I feel so empty…?” Tsumugi clutches her chest. It’s true, it’s not like she didn’t plan for her death or anything. She’d be fine with whatever may come to her. After all, this is Danganronpa. Anyone can die at any moment.


This was Danganronpa.

This isn’t just the end of a season. This could be the end of the series. And it’s all on her. The people of the world rejected her stories. Her future plans. The spin-offs, the merchandise, the views, the fanfiction… all of which she dreamed she has, crumbling away like the building behind her.

With a somber sigh, filled with something that she never felt before. It’s not despair not like the one she aspired to give… rather something truly miserable. Something her favorite character, Junko Enoshima even hates.

Disappointment. In herself.

No matter her denial, this is all on her.


Tsumugi’s mind goes hazy, as if the whole world is distorting around her. Almost like what she’s seeing isn’t real. Is this a virtual simulation? The truth? Or even a lie she told others?

Is Danganronpa really a worldwide phenomenon? Or was this something she claimed?

“I don’t know anymore…”

Tsumugi clutches her head, an extreme pain coursing through her. Almost like as if it is breaking and putting itself together again. Her eyes shut tightly as she anticipates for that final boulder to fall on her…

…Only it never did when she opens her eyes. She could only hear a digitized voice.


“Where am I?”

Tsumugi looks at herself. Alive, in as pristine condition as she was during Danganronpa 53. Not only that, but she’s floating in a pod. Outside of the glass casing she noted is a palace made of bricks. Toy bricks.

“Hello? Hello?!” She calls out, floating towards the glass and placing her palms on it. “Can someone please let me out?!”

Nobody. Is the person behind this on some kind of break.

“So unprofessional…” She grumbles internally.

She bangs on the glass with her fist. “I said hello?! Let me out!”

Again, and again, and again she hits the glass with as much force as her body could muster.

“I should have made myself the Ultimate Martial Artist or something. What does Sakura do? Right, right!”

She winds up a powerful punch… only to hurt her knuckles against the glass.

“Shit!” She cries out, holding onto her fist.

She stares at the fist, trembling. Her eyes flare up with rage until something catches her attention… her fist is glowing blue.

Her arm follows suit, then her chest, and her legs, everything is illuminating, and it feels good.

Accepting her new powers, Tsumugi tries again. With a mighty cry based on all those shounen anime she watched as a kid, she strikes the glass with a powerful punch…

“Gaaah!” She cries. She didn’t leave a dent.

“…This definitely isn’t glass!”


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