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Persona 5 Scramble

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Hmm not sure if I should get this on switch or PS4...probably the latter as I need more stuff on my PS4 to play.

Character wise I feel there’s a ton of potential here going by KT’s past regarding well established game franchises. Obviously there’s the phantom thieves and possibly


Akechi whether in his justice or true form(or both if ones a alt for the other),  and Lavenza(though she could be like a super special transformation move for Caroline and Justine perhaps, similar to how Fierce Diety was a super move for young link)

Aside from that, there’s a lot of potential possibilities  if we take KT’s track record into account. Reps from Persona 4 or 5 could certainly be possible given their popularity, who in particular is up in the air. Some easy picks would of course be the protags, Aigis, or Teddy, along with the velvet attendees for their respective games, including Marie. Personally I’d love to see some obscure reps like Labrys appear since she barely ever gets any time to shine, and she was a pretty neat idea. Zen from Q would also be a neat surpsise(inb4 people point to his lack of a “normal design”, Ravio didn’t either and they updated his look)And as unlikely as it is, a Persona 1 or 2 character could be one of the best treats to see show up, but again, that’s more of a pipe dream. My point is that there’s a lot of potential options, I’m not expecting many of these guesses to come true lol


Aside from that speculation, I’m very much looking forward to hearing the remixes and seeing what locations they use for the game

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