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A Teacher Just Showed Off Some Unknown Sonic 2 Music

Badnik Mechanic

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What an unusual find! There were more composers and music on the game than we'd have thought, hm... And from SoA, at that! Of course, Sonic Team were in America during Sonic 2's development, figures they would pitch in.

I simply MUST know more! Is there more Sonic 2 music that this teacher is holding?

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Pretty cool of this guy to share this brief clip of unused music. Wish the clip was longer.

I agree that it doesn't seem to fit with Sonic 2's soundtrack. Although...maybe it could have been intended for Casino Night zone? Kinda feels like a fitting piece of music for a Casino or Carnival themed stage, maybe.

*inb4* the teacher joins twitter and is ambushed by the Sonic community XP

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A more fascinating element of this track (which sounds to me like a cutscene music) is that it purportedly uses GEMS, but it sounds a lot like an SMPS track in its instrumentation. This is odd, as due to the ability to edit GEMS patches, it can be made to sound like SMPS, which Spinball didn’t do. 

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I'm not sure whether to believe it or not; it could go either way because Sonic 2 music would be a weird thing to lie about, but nobody has ever heard of someone other than Nakamura working on Sonic 2's music at any point during its development. What I can say for sure is that I'm definitely interested in hearing more from this teacher and seeing if it's possible to corroborate his experiences.

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9 hours ago, Tara said:
9 hours ago, StaticMania said:


What an incredibly depressing world we'd live in if all our hard work and creativity would inherently be doomed to be lost to time just because it wasn't used in one video game released over 20 years ago

Well.. that's probably the fate of most stuff

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