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Mario and Sonic Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Hopes And Guarantees)

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Hey guys, newbie here! Just thought I’d make my first post be about the upcoming Mario and Sonic game! 

Im very exited for this title and I’m glad I don’t have to wait a whole year for it lol

Im especially excited to see everyone’s new outfits inevery event! 

Now, with every new title in the series, we all something that’ll peek our interests into it


For me I just want a few things that I want and a few things that it needs to be a great game! 



1. A CG opening 

All previous titles (Minus 2014) Had great opening movies, 2012 was by far the best one, 2008 and 2010 were great too, 2016 was okay but it had in-game graphics so this time I hope it has a GORGEOUS opening! 


2. Plenty of character variety 

Like everyone I don’t want the same old 20 character roster that we’ve had for past few years, we haven’t had any new characters since 2010!! 

2016 finally gave us some but they were restricted to one event each which was very disappointing, this time I hope they give us at least new faces to play as 


3. A Proper Online Mode

Need I say more? Playing online would be a great opportunity for many tournaments and all that stuff, I mean look at Mario Tennis Aces and how it utilizes it’s online mode! 


4. Dream Events 

We all love the Dream Events and it sucks they were cut in 2016! Let’s ptsy we get them back cuz imagine what they could do with stages like New Donk City or a stage from Sonic Forces 


5. Modes 

When it comes to modes, this series doesn’t play! I remember playing London Party so many times and I just loved the Story Modes we got back then, so I hope we get plenty of game modes and a single player mode! 



Now let’s talk about what i definitely guarantee will be in the game 

1. New Characters 

It’s basically a lock at this point, I mean look at Team Sonic Racing! They choose our fan favorites (Minus Cream, Espio, and Charmy) cuz they knew we wanted them to be playable 

For new characters, I am 100% certain we’ll get Rouge, Rosalina, Omega, Toad, Espio, Jet, and so on

Heck, we may even get Pauline and Big as newcomers! 

2. Dream Events 

They’d be crazy not too

3. Modes

I know for a fact we’ll get plenty of modes, what they will be I don’t know but I know it’ll be fun! 


So those are my hopes and guarantees, what about you guys? 

What do you expect to see and what do you want to see?

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Seeing as how each Olympic title has gotten less impressive the more it's gone on, I don't entirely have much hope for this one. I was taken aback by the added olympic outfits though. Something as small as that can go a long way of making me believe that this go around they could maybe be trying for something with a little more meat to it.

That said, I feel like it's going to be pretty much the same as it's always been. 

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I'm not interested in these games, but I'm hoping for a good story (or just more character interactions) and some specific remixes of Mario and Sonic music. I'd like to see remade music tracks of Sonic Forces, Sonic and the Secret Rings and Mario RPGs like Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi.

I'd also love to see a bit of WarioWare content too, but knowing Nintendo, this isn't happening.



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