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So I Think I Found All The Giant Sonic Statues

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For the last two weeks I've been working on a new documentary / history video.

Basically, after the whole Sonic statue in the mountains thing exploded. I started to think of all the other giant Sonic statues that are out there, so I started to look into it and discovered that not only are there a lot more than people are aware of...

But that there's no central location to show them all. Even Sonic Gear doesn't have a comprehensive list and what images they do have are really small in size so a lot of detail is lost also a lot of the statues are missing information or the information is completely wrong.

So I decided to try and find them all, as well as all the information I could about them and gather them together in one place.

I think I may have done it, and I even found some information and discoveries which I'm sure the fanbase is unaware of. Though I wouldn't be surprised if I have missed 1 or 2, especially since Japan has tons of statues that even the bulk of the fanbase doesn't know about. 

Anyway... here are a few highlights.

Sega World Disney Land

During the late 90's Disney and Sega partnered up to bring a mini Sega World to Epcots innovations centre... it was full of Sonic imagery including several statues including this almighty one.


This statue originally appeared at CES 1994 and was moved to Epcot in which a bouncy barrel base was added to it. But this is the significant discovery that I made.


Every time Disney makes a new land or plans a new area, they make a model of it... and the model for the Sega World at Epcot has survived the years! There are some clear changes from the photo above and my video, but it looks more or less the same for the mot part. 

Surfing Sonic


Found at Sega World London, it's one of the lesser known statues because it was on the top floor with all the 'sports games' so not many people went up there it seemed. It's a magnificent statue which just seems that it defies the laws of physics by not falling over.

Anchor Sonic


So this statue was placed above a very old Sega world at some point in the 1990's, this was a statue that I've never seen before... but... to my amazement... It's still there to this day, but now looks like this!


They re-decorated it to a more modern Sonic design!


Street View Address.

1 Chome-6-11 Funabori, Edogawa City, Tokyo 134-0091, Japan

Laughing Sonic


That artwork of Laughing Sonic actually made it to a giant statue. At CES 1995 it welcomed visitors to Sega's booth and was even the basis for a Sega World Sydney Sonic statue.In recent years it's even been turned into a plush and First4Figures were to make a statue of this design but cancelled it before release.


So are there any which I missed? Are there any others out there? Because it would be nice to find them all since a lot tend to get destroyed once the event is over.


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Oh yeah and... there's also this....


China used to have a 50ft Sonic statue! It was sat on top of a Chinese Joypolis for over 3 years before it was taken down just a few months ago. I was able to find some really cool pictures and video... Including images of the construction process which gives you a very good idea just how big it is because you can see fully grown men working on it at different heights.

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