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SatAm "Sea3on" Project

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One positive I have is that they have a really nice looking poster here. 

Just make a comic. I draw and it makes me money while not costing me anything aside from a new tablet should the one I have break.

I guess you lose the notoriety and the WOW factor if you can't say its an officially animated Season 3. However, you're probably gonna lose that anyway.

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1 hour ago, PublicEnemy1 said:

Ehhh. I'll just read the fan-comic. It looks better drawn, better written, and is completely non-profit. 

How does it look better written when this isn't out yet?

~That doesn't make any sense~

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Hey all, Sea3on artist here!

Skimming through this thread, I thought I’d try to clear a couple things up—and I apologize if any of this has already been stated ^^

To preface, I’m not intending to invalidate any of the criticism or feelings you guys have for this project (I even share plenty of it), but I have seen a bit of misinformation going around (not necessarily here) that I thought I could address.


To start, I believe the Patreon animation was made back when the team first attempted this project years ago, so it truly isn’t especially representative of how the proper animation will look.

Nope, the team does not have SEGA’s permission to create the project. That said, attempts to contact them have been made, and SEGA haven’t outright said “no”, so take that as you will. However, DHX (who own DiC) seem pretty cool with it.

The team are looking to hire professional animators, but not necessarily a professional studio as a whole. The latter is a much taller order, and the team are well-aware.

If the Patreon does not generate the required backing, team members are prepared to produce (at least) the first episode out of their own pockets.


I think that’s about all I have to say...? If anyone has any specific questions, I could probably try and direct them to the people in charge of all this.

Thanks for reading!


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16 minutes ago, Riggo said:

The team are looking to hire professional animators, but not necessarily a professional studio as a whole. The latter is a much taller order, and the team are well-aware.

What are the team’s estimation of costs for producing one episode of this show? This is extremely important for any kickstarting type effort. There needs to be 100% transparency for where money is heading and what it is being used for. Having literally any staff on the production crew named also would go a long way.

As it stands, the campaign has functionally zero budget at the moment, but is saying it plans to pay for “professional” animators. If that doesn’t mean a studio, that means getting hold of individuals so talented that only a handful would be needed to complete a production that normally takes a full studio. I can’t imagine that such individuals couldn’t make better money elsewhere, or wouldn’t rather put their efforts towards personal projects that they own the rights of.

So here are my question in order. Who is involved in this project, what are the projection costs, what is an actual representation of the quality of the product, and what are the plans for the funds collected if Sega decides to act in its best interest and shut this whole thing down?

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Poster looks great! Looks absolutely fantastic and looks miles better than that art we got on the UK DVD Boxset :')


Teaser looks bad. Like actually bad! I can't sugarcoat it at all. It's like weirdly smooth and jittery in bits. And their faces keep metamorphosing. 

I'm interested to know if those were the original voice actors too? Sally sounded on-point! But I'm kinda used to hearing Kath Soucie's voice more recently with me playing Elder Scrolls Online a lot.

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On the one hand I appreciate the ambitioneven if I personally don't like SatAM I have to give it's fans credit they are committed. 

On the other this plan will almost certainly not work. Animation is a tough and time consuming process and while I'm sure they want to hire Animators I don't thinkthey'd be able to like pay an actual salary. This isn't like doing a fan comic in your spare time they want to make an entire season, let's say 13 Episodes total, as a small group of fans? Even with crowd funding I sincerely doubt they'll be able to make this work.

And of course there's the legal issues with crowd funding for a series you don't actually own but I feel others have covered that part well enough. 

Also I gotta say while it'd be a long shot we live in an era of classic cartoon reboots and revivals. If they want SatAM back maybe they could work up a pitch and try to deliver it to Sega and maybe DHX. I mean it might not be season 3 but it could be a Ducktales style reboot of something they loved as kids. I mean the chances it'd actually be approved would be astronomical but if they're this passionate it'd maybe be the better option. 

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Who is involved in this project?

- I’ve been asked not to say until positions are more finalized, sorry ^^

- The team should be releasing this information soon enough though. 

What are the projection costs?

- “We’re not planning on approaching an official studio.... So the plan is to instead approach experienced animators directly we find and animate it independently. We have private donators that could make this possible, including money from the pockets of the staff. With that, we think we can do this on our own, even. The Patreon just makes it easier, and more possible, to do.”

- There will be multiple goals added, however.

What is an actual representation of the quality of the product?

- The show proper, but in 4K. No animation has been completed (hence the Patreon), but storyboarding is well underway. 

- I’ll have to get back to you on this one.

What are the plans for the funds collected if Sega decides to act in its best interest and shut this whole thing down?

- All money will be returned to the patrons.


Also—a comprehensive FAQ should be added to the Patreon in the coming days ^^


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I have to ask what makes this attempt so different from the last billion attempts at a SatAM revival we've seen in the last few years? Hell, even if we only count the ones from Kuta, this isn't the first time its been attempted.

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34 minutes ago, Riggo said:


Thank you for the reply. The plan is half-baked at best, but even just this little new information helps with getting an accurate reading of the situation. I wish the team luck with not getting the pants sued off of them.


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As long as they don't make profit, Sega should be fine with that project. STCO had a couple crowdfundings for events, zero problem with Sega. They even printed an issue of the comic.

I wish the team good luck. They're giving themselves a huge challenge.

I saw Kuta's name popping a few times in this thread. As far as I know, he's not involved in this project. Besides, he's been teasing another SatAM project for weeks...

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21 hours ago, MetalSkulkBane said:



20 hours ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:



18 hours ago, Mr Loopone said:


I would like to echo similar sentiments to these. This project seems strange. The satam/archie fanbase is kind of mostly gone I feel and not so long after the cartoon ended wasn't really around in the first place. Their continued usage in the books was because the author for a while was going uncontested even when the franchise had changed, and the subsequent author Ian Flynn wanted to keep using them and even then he would admit that those characters largely couldn't sell things by themselves. This in combination with the new sonic books which are... the old reboot archie books but with all the DiC and archie characters removed and focusing on game stuff and they are selling double. Its very clear the fanbase has shifted... it had been shifted for a very long time. Not to be rude but again, the perceived reverence for these characters might not be pervasive as some might think and are the results of authors.

And not to mention much like @Dr. Detective Mike Mentions, I don't want sonic X season 4. Not just because a lot of that show is trash, but because I would prefer something new to be made. Going back and funding sonic X season 4 holds no appeal to me even if I enjoyed for a time because its something that existed in a period of time and holds no interest to me existing now.

All that said, I would ask the three people I quoted to try and understand why this is being made now. @MetalSkulkBane you say there is 200+ comics, but be honest with yourself, how many of those are like good or have any of the characters remotely in character or similar to why you liked them in the first place. I would argue that none of them are untill flynn started writing and even then the versions of those characters post reboot have described by fans as husks of their former selves.

Then you have Ken Penders talking about um... some dubious things involving sally and what essentially amounts to his self insert, and not only does that paint how he saw the characters in a different worse light ( or more illuminating if you were like me and saw this shit from a mile away ) , it can also paint how you read these comics. Things you may have read before now have a different and much more disgusting context and these things were already bad IMO.

And that plays into the next point, there's a good chance the fans of those characters will never see them again. Sega likes having their spin off's stay relatively separate and have a very particular way they want to present the franchise nowadays. And I don't think any of those characters fit into what they want the franchise to be, this is in combination with the legal issues they have already suffered and might just want to start fresh. This is in combination with IDW maybe wanting to focus on their own characters instead of characters from a different brand of the franchise that are hard to sell. And all that is ontop ken penders saying vile shit on twitter making this era of sonic by association seem more volitle. I wont be surprised if sega doesn't want to touch any of that with 100foot pole

But then, BUT THEN, you find out that the reason the season 3 didn't happen in the midst of seeing ken penders type dumb shit , is because ken lied and then pitched his shitty film in stead. 

You could make the argument that they never really got the continuation they wanted if they really wanted the cartoon, and the chance for them to get that was robbed from them. By the person who subsequently ruined the characters for them for years. So I can understand them, knowing that they might not ever see these characters again, wanting the some closure.

Is that good or bad, smart or stupid, that's up to you. But I get why people might want that. And I think Satam fucking sucks

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Here’s the FAQ, for those who may have missed it!


Sea3on Animated FAQ


1 - Legalities and Conditions 

1.1. Do you have SEGA’s permission to develop this series?  If not, are there plans to present your concept to them in the near future?  

We're not endorsed by Sega, but we're open to work with Sega and DHX should they reach out to us. DHX in particular, who owns SatAM, has been pretty chill with our project...though they don't officially support us.

1.2. Isn't it illegal to ask for money pertaining to a property you don’t have consent with?  Even though you claim to be non-profit, aren’t you still technically profiting?

All funds from the Patreon will be used strictly for production costs only. The Sea3on team is also funding this project out of pocket, and anyone outside the artists are not seeing a dime. By crowdfunding, we're simply expanding who's helping pay the artists with us and make the project happen, and move the process along swiftly and more efficiently. The episode itself will be completely free to watch without monetization, and we plan to be 100% transparent with how much money is in the Team Sea3on account, where it's going, and when.


1.3.  What happens if you voluntarily shut down or get C&Ded?  Will I be issued a refund?

All of our patrons will be notified and refunded immediately the amount that is in our account, if either occurs. We will calculate the money we have left from paying our artists vs. what each person has paid, take the percentage of the money we have left compared to the money we have receive in gross, and return that percentage of money per tier. For example, if we have 2/3 of our funds left, each $5 patron would get $3.35 back.





2 - Finances

2.1. Where is the money going and what is your target amount?

We will have multiple goals, our highest goal would be $88,500. At that stage, we would be able to reach out to a studio we have our eye on for animation. The goals below that would be for hiring professional animators directly to produce the animation independently.


2.2.  I don’t want to join Patreon, but still want to donate.  Any other payment methods you accept?  

If you prefer, you can send your donation directly to our paypal at sea3onanimated@gmail.com    





3 - About Us

3.1.  How long have you guys been around?

Fans United for SatAM (where this project was born) has been alive and kickin' since the year 2000. 


3.2.  What makes you guys so qualified in pursuing such a project? 

Fans United for SatAM has an extensive track record in being a reputable community that's dedicated it's purpose to bring SatAM back to the masses.  Here’s a timeline listing of our past achievements: 

2000 - Launched FUS and pioneered the first Sonic fansite focused exclusively on SatAM. 

2001 - Released the first SatAM fan game Sonic Epoch for PC and a GBA port years later.

2003 – Negotiated with Ben Hurst to be involved in monthly online chat sessions.

2007 - Partnered with Shout Factory and successfully released the official SatAM DVD box set; accompanied with packaging designed by the fans.

2009 - Published an online comic entitled Sea3on which continues to this day.

2011 - Helped fund the 2013 live action Sonic Fan Film by Blue Core Studios.





4 - Sea3on Animated

4.1. How long ago did production start and what is the status as of now?

Pre-production officially began in 2012, but due to an unforeseen hiatus, most of the materials were either misplaced or lost in a void.  We started up again with a team comprising of new and old members in Nov 2018 and began producing fresh material from scratch.  As of May 2019, voice recordings are currently in session while storyboards are set to be completed sometime this summer.  Everything up to this point was developed in-house by our own creative team, including the teaser trailer.


4.2.  Are there plans to improve the animation that was seen in the trailer?

Absolutely.  We intend to emulate the style, fluidity and tone of the original show to the best of our ability. 



4.3. The voices sound sped up and quiet at certain parts. Do you plan to fix this issue in the actual series?

We take feedback very seriously and will ensure your suggestions reach the appropriate people to improve the quality of our work.


4.4.  Did you really get Jaleel White and Kath Soucie involved?  Sounds like them.

It's truthfully not them, but we appreciate the compliment though.


4.5.  Why are you called Sea3on?  Why not 3eason or S3ason?  

Other than being more aesthetically pleasing, the early art of SataM Season 3 had a logo with the 3 overlapping the word "season." Over the past 10 years of our history, the logo has morphed into incorporating the 3 into the season word, becoming today's "Sea3on."


4.6.  Is this project an adaptation of the Sea3on Comic?

This is an animated adaption of the Sea3on comics, inspired by ideas from the proposed season 3 outline written by Ben Hurst. 


4.7.  Will the characters look like they do in the comics?

Unlike the comics, the art style will mimic the original show, particularly from Season 1. From the style of the characters, to the painted backgrounds.



4.8.  Who exactly is spearheading this project?  Theres rumors that Ken Penders or even Richard Kuta is attached.

Generally, our staff list is private. But we can confirm this is not Ken Penders' project, nor Richard Kuta's. This is a FUS/Team Sea3on project.





5 – Casting and Crew Opportunities

5.1. Are you accepting auditions? If so, where can I send my stuff to?

Yes. We are accepting auditions for Voice Actors, Animators, and Background artists at this time.

Voice Actors: Be sure to have a high caliber mic with no distortion in your recording. 

Animators: We're looking for a style reminiscent of the 90's Animation Renaissance or something close.  Think Disney, Warner Bros, or Don Bluth. 

Background Artists: We are looking for experienced scenery painters to provide eye popping visuals from forests to sci-fi fantasy structures. 

If you think you got the chops, send a DM message via our Twitter and someone will respond at their convenience. 


5.2.  Which characters do you currently need VA talent for?

As of May 2019, we're seeking those who can fill the role as Snively, Rotor, Bunnie, Antoine and Tails. Tails is a special case since we're seeking boy actors ages 8-10.  If youre a parent or know a parent of a young male within that age range, feel free to have them try out.  The more natural sounding the better.      



5.3.  Which lines should I use as an example for my audition?  

We suggest picking any lines found in the original SatAM show.  Youtube has every episode for free and would be the prefect resource to study the characters inflection, delivery, and personality.  This is recommned for those unfamilar with the show who are just getting acclimated to it. If youre selected, a script will be forwarded to you to rehearse from.



5.4.  When Episode 1 is finished, where can we see it?  

On our youtube channel.





6 – Miscellaneous 


6.1. Is the team pursuing this full time and do you have an estimate on when the first episode will be released?

Some are full time, some are part time. Within a year or two would be ideal, but we have no release date yet. A little way into the animation phase, which begins late 2019, we may have a better idea how long it will take. We will do it in a timely fashion, but we won't rush anything out. Quality takes time. You can keep tabs of our progress by frequenting our Patreon or visiting our other sites listed below:

Fans United for SatAM
Sea3on Comic



6.2.  I lack both funding and creative skills.  How can I still help?   

Talk with us! Like, comment, subscribe to our social media sites. We appreciate the interaction. Also spread the word to your friends, family and the Sonic community. Give us a shout out! The more support we acquire, the quicker we can accomplish our goal.


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Late to the game or lurking here lol

I can tell you for a fact that the animation is already looking a million times better than the promo just by the animatics. 😆 

I worked on the keyframe/storyboards on this thing back when we had zero funding years ago and we were still trying to figure out what we could do on our own. I am so glad we moved past that stage and we have better artists.

I also voiced Sally here, and even I can admit I don't sound as good as the original so don't worry no offense taken. 😂

At the end of the day it's still just a labor of love. 

Stay cool, y'all! 

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Have you guys considered re-creating SatAM into to something like a 3D animation like Sonic Boom? Considering how SatAM uses a lot of the same scenes, and how most of the characters already have rigged bases made already, it might be more cost effective, and a less time consuming alternative.

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On 9/1/2019 at 3:12 AM, Rosaleia said:

Have you guys considered re-creating SatAM into to something like a 3D animation like Sonic Boom? Considering how SatAM uses a lot of the same scenes, and how most of the characters already have rigged bases made already, it might be more cost effective, and a less time consuming alternative.

I don't think it would be a good idea.  They're going for a direct continuation to the series and trying to stay faithful to the material.  Besides, 2D animation holds up a lot longer over time than 3D...if it takes several years(like Deltarune), then it's worth waiting for to finally see something of Season 3!

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dont really like SatAM but good luck anyways, hope the kickstarter money goes to hiring experienced animators cuz the timing and movement in this trailer makes it clear that its people who like watching cartoons more than knowing a lot about what goes into it. Way too slow and full of needles sloppy inbetween frames when going from pose to pose. 

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