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Missing: Early 90's Sonic Action Figures?

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There's something that's been bugging me for a while, and I thought maybe someone here might have some idea about this.

Back in the second issue of the original Archie Sonic the Hedgehog mini-series, there was an interesting exchange in Sonic-Grams:


Specifically, this one right here:


As far as I know, that was the last we had heard of any Sonic action figures, until about a year or so later, in the 11th issue of the ongoing series:


Again, this part specifically:


Now granted, "Sonic toys" is a lot less specific than "Sonic action figures," and there was a lot of merchandise at the time.

I thought Sonic action figures had been mentioned elsewhere, but without trawling every single issue of the books throughout the 90's, I'm not really sure where.

As far as action figures go, the first ones I remember ever seeing were the ReSaurus Sonic Adventure line -- but those came several years later.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard or seen any of these action figures they were purportedly working on in the franchise's earliest days. Does anyone remember any catalogs or toy magazines mentioning them? Prototypes popping up anywhere like eBay? (It's been known to happen often enough.)

I'm really curious what might have been on offer, or if these ever got past this letters page.

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McDonalds had a Sonic 3 run, but I don't recall seeing other figures in stores at the time.

That Robotnik looked like the AoStH version. I don't think we knew Robotnik had glasses yet, in the Western world.

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