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I'm Stepping Down From Writing At TSS!

Badnik Mechanic

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Thank you and good luck! It has most certainly been fun while you were writing, especially with your "The Spin" articles that always had a new perspective on a topic! I wish you well making your videos, and hope for a pleasant success in it.


and don't worry, you can still flee from these forums while you still can :V

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9 minutes ago, Polkadi~♪ said:

and don't worry, you can still flee from these forums while you still can :V

Oh I'm still going to be a member here and joining in with the discussions, just that all the energy I put into my articles will be going to other avenues.

*Looks left*

Ohhhh I'm a red now.

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Just wanted to jump in here and say that having Dave on staff writing things for TSS has been an absolute pleasure. We always try to make our news and articles sound really interesting with loads of personality, and Dave brought that by the bucketload. It's great that he found an outlet to follow his creative spark, on YouTube, so I'd like to personally wish him all the best.

Anyway, he's not going anywhere anyway, he'll hopefully still be kicking about as he said.

We're also going to be refreshing the writing staff at TSS soon, with fresh blood! We have some candidates helping out soon who we'll announce a little later, but if you're interested in helping write stuff for the blog side then shoot me a DM and we can go through some test pieces to see if there's a good fit! :) 

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