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(Speculation) DLC Discussion for TSR


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Now that the game is out,  the most logical topic now to discuss is DLC,  even if it's a little iffy... 


My DLC Candidates:


Team Chaotix

Espio: Speed Charmy: Technique Mighty: Power

Team Vengeance

Mephiles: Speed Infinite: Technique Black Knight: Power



Stage DLC


*Broadway Avenue *Journalist HQ Complex *Suburban Run



*Shrine Trails *Ancient Waterways *Echidna Ruins


Espio would have Press Garden Act2 remix as his ultimate themeCharmy would... I dunno what actually fits him. Probably Rooftop Run Hub Mode?  Same for Mighty. Any suggestions for the Armadillo? 


Infinite will have one of his boss themes for an ultimate theme... Mephiles may do with his own boss theme...Same with BK. 


Also,  any team suggestions for Cream? Because...her spot was taken BY HER OWN PETS OF ALL THINGS!



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3 hours ago, jgcatindig said:

I think everyone would agree that we need more people in the game... And stages. Dear ol'Webber said if the outcry is loud enough, they'll do it. 

I sure hope so! I know they are already invested into working in other projects (Olympics and the next main title), but this would be nice, and I think they are gonna have enough money considering the game is having great success for now. Honestly this deserves content in free updates because there isn't much, but I'll take paid DLC.

Obviously I want Sticks in, she could be a Power member for Espio (Speed) and Cream (Tech), Charmy I don't see well as Power. The Babylon also deserve to be in.

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I think that the Babylon Rogues and Team Classic (Classic Sonic, Ray and Mighty) are the most obvious choices.

As for the other (excluded) characters, I think they shoud release them separately and give the ability to switch between the original members and the new members somehow.

For Cream, if they find a third member, Gemerl could be the Speed or Power type of her team, if they want to give her a new one (I said this in multiple threads, I just think a comeback of the gizoid would be awesome).

Stage-wise, I think a new location (with 3 tracks) would be nice. Not necessarily coming from an existing game, even an original one.

If it has to be from a game, I'd like to see something unexpected, something maybe from lesser known games. From personal bias, I'd hope for Jungle Zone (from the Master System version of Sonic 1) or Music Plant (from Sonic Advance 2)... I would like to see a 3D redesign of Music Plant and especially it would be nice if the zone became Vector's natural habitat, considering he seems to be the music guy. Sadly this is most likely not going to happen.

I think that DLC is possible regardless of the claims of the developers. If the game sells well and it's well recived (which I think it's the case, right?) they will most likely support it with new content, free or paaid. It happend with Sonic Mania already.

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Probably a stage pack, I think, with;


* A Forces stage

* A stage based on whatever main modern game is next

* A Storybook/Shadow stage (gotta pander to those Adventure fans SOMEHOW)


Overall, SUMO’s paid DLCs have been more focused on levels than characters, especially with the new team structure in mind. 


Maybe playable Egg Pawns? Would be easy to do. A Sega All-Star guest pack (done more for promotion so expect characters like Arle and Kazuma Kiryu rather than Joe Musashi, but not to the extent we get boring characters like General Winter)? I could imagine them adding some more dialogue to address Cream’s absence. 

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I think we'll get stage packs.

I don't think we'll get teams, because they're really only relevant in the story. And if we do, they won't be for every character.

Cream and the other Chaotix members could be added, and they could just change the CSS around for them to put Cream with Silver and Blaze and Espio and Charmy with Vector.

If they wanted to get creative, they could even get the Forces Avatar. 

If they can't fit a team theme, then I guess we'd just get "Team Babylon" and "Team Deadly 6" and nothing else.

But I have no idea how DLC would look for this game, even taking the other games into account.

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So in terms of characters, Cream, Espio, and Charmy are obvious priorities, but there's  the other characters and/or teams that can come together. To mixing and matching what we have with what we could get:

Team Babylon: Jet Wave Storm

Team Servers: Tikal, Cream&Cheese, Chaos

Team Zeti: Zazz, Zor/Zik, Eggrobo

Team Chaotix: Espio, Charmy, Gemerl

Team Boom: Sticks, Orbot, Cubot(if not shared slot)

Team Strewth: Gardon, Marine, Norman

Team Paradox: Johnny, Nega, Whisker

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For this game specifically? At the moment, I'm more mulling over the idea of what could be included within a completely new All-Stars Racing title at this point.

This game kind of shot itself in the foot when it came to adding in new teams of characters with it's speed, power, technique dynamic because Espio, Charmy, and Cream would need to be included as those specific types for the sake of symmetry. No matter how you look at it, those three stand out as an even weirder team. I'd probably call it "Team Obvious Left-Overs". 

So, instead I'll just speak on how I'd have structured the game originally, which isn't all that crazy or nuanced. 

Really, I would have just literally kept all the teams as they were in Sonic Heroes.

Then I would have added the Chao to Silver and Blaze, as they're the only ones without an established team.

I'd throw in the Babylon Rogues.

Team Eggman, I'd switch out Zavok for Orbot and Cubot or maybe that super chunky Death Egg-Pawn that was in the final race but, I'd add Zavok to a makeshift "Team Forces" thing where the "villains" from Forces had their own team of extras. So, Zavok, Chaos, and Infinite.

It'd look something like this:

Team Sonic - Sonic (Speed), Tails (Technique), Knuckles (Power)

Team Dark - Shadow (Speed), Rouge (Technique), Omega (Power)

Team Rose - Amy (speed), Cream (Technique), Big (Power)

Team Chaotix - Espio (Speed), Charmy (Technique), Vector (Power)

Team Time and Space - Blaze (Speed), Silver (Technique), Chao (Power)

Team Eggman - Metal Sonic (Speed), Eggman (Technique), Orbot and Cubot/Death Egg Pawn (Power)

Team Babylon - Jet (Speed), Wave (Technique), Storm (Power)

Team Forces - Infinite (Speed), Chaos (Technique), Zavok (Power)

So that's like 24 characters. One less than I believe what Crash Team Racing has. 

As for stages... ho'boy. It wouldn't look a thing like what we have right now, that's for sure. 

I'd probably keep Ocean View, Bingo Party, and Thunder Deck for the sake of tradition but I wouldn't have all three tracks from those areas within the game.

Each track would be completely different like it was in Transformed and (hopefully) represent something unique to itself. So no Windy Hill and Green Hill together in the same game for example.

Hang Castle and Pumpkin Hill are different enough that they both could function as completely different levels with similar haunted themes though. 

Aside from those two, other must haves for me would be Eggmanland, Oil Ocean, Sweet Mountain, Final Rush, Sunset Heights, Night Palace, Press Garden, Studiopolis, and levels based on the hubs from Station Square and the Mystic Ruins. Probably could just call those Speed Highway and Windy Valley or something but incorporate the hubs into them. I might also find it fun to include Emerald Hill Zone. It's like the only Green Hill knock-off that doesn't see much play, so I'd throw it in there and have the only real difference be that the grass is way more sparkly and shiny than it ever was in Green Hill. There's way to tell the two apart but that'd be the big one for me.

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How are we forgetting Zeena now? 😏

And for all things sacred, NO. MORE. CLASSIC. SONIC. 

And now,  for more lists:

Zeena/Zazz(speed/technique), Zomom(Power)

Marine(Speed), Cream(Technique), Gemerl(Power)

(Impossible, but I'd want to) Sally(Speed), Antoine(Technique), Rotor(Power)

(IDW Villains) Rough(Speed), Dr. Starline(Technique), Tumble(Power)


*Chemical Plant


*Scrap Brain or Launch Base



*Temple Grounds

*Ascension Highway

*Emerald Raceway



*City Escape

*Speed Highway




*Green Hill

*Emerald Hill

*Marble Zone

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It wouldn’t happen, but a Sega team consisting of Amigo, Billy Hatcher and Nights would be neat. (Though any Sega characters I’d be fine with really. Alex Kidd, Beat, Aiai, Joker, Bayonetta, etc. just to name a few.)

Sonic wise, Charmy and Espio and Cream are the obvious ones, but maybe some obscure guys like Professor Pickle could be that fun wacky kind of out there character pick. 

Stage wise, if we were to base it off the games already represented, I think Tropical Resort, Dragon Road or Eggmanland would be neat.

Though personally if I was going to be real honest...I’d love more out there choices. An 06 stage like Kingdom Valley would be awesome with its unique aesthetic(though probably would have been best in a game like Transformed). And Twinkle Park would also be a great one to see because of all the colors and the atmosphere if they weren’t gonna just rework speed highway. And lastly while it probably would never happen, if we were going under the assumption of 3 acts per stage, a Sega pack reusing a few of the fan favorite Sega stages from ASR/ASRT could be awesome to see. 

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I'd like to see a Sonic R level. Tropical resort would be cool, but you'd probably have to find a way to nerf the tech characters from breaking that level...

and while I would puke at any mention of Classic Sonic, I would love a second skin for Sonic Tails ect with their R character models. That would be fun.

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3 hours ago, DabigRG said:

What is War Skies?

Basically the part of Sky Sanctuary closest to the Death Egg. Kinda would look like Sky Road,  but with the Death Egg in the bg & the start line is actually in the sky. 

@KHCast Maybe the Carnival stages can band together to form a trio? 

Carnival Complex

*Carnival Night

*Twinkle Park

*(another Carnival-theme stage, IDK) 

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If I were to pick my SEGA guests:


Joker(Persona): Speed;  Beat: Tech; BD Joe: Power

Bayonetta: Speed;  Ulala: Tech;  NiGHTS: Power


Accepting suggestions for both teams,  lol. 

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I'd like to see Espio, Charmy and Cream get added. Any more Sonic characters would be nice. They could re-use Team Wild from Sonic Runners and have Sticks, Tikal and Werehog as another trio.

9 hours ago, jgcatindig said:

If I were to pick my SEGA guests:


Joker(Persona): Speed;  Beat: Tech; BD Joe: Power

Bayonetta: Speed;  Ulala: Tech;  NiGHTS: Power


Accepting suggestions for both teams,  lol. 

If they decide to pick non-Sonic characters, I'd like to see Bayonetta, Jeanne and Rodin as a trio. I guess Rodin would be power, Bayonetta Technique and Jeanne Speed?

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On 6/4/2019 at 10:23 PM, jgcatindig said:

Basically the part of Sky Sanctuary closest to the Death Egg. Kinda would look like Sky Road,  but with the Death Egg in the bg & the start line is actually in the sky. 

@KHCast Maybe the Carnival stages can band together to form a trio? 

Carnival Complex

*Carnival Night

*Twinkle Park

*(another Carnival-theme stage, IDK) 

Oh, your name for the track itself! 


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So I went and sifted through Sonic Retro for carnival themed stages to match the other two I have... 


The candidates would be:

*Amazing Arena(Chaotix)

*Night Babylon(Battle)

*Toy Kingdom(Advance 3)

*Music Plant(Advance 3?)

*Spring Yard Zone(Sonic 1)


Who would match perfect to the other two?

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